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Video of "fleeing crowd" at VEGAS contrains multile proofs IT WAS A HOAX

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begin at 2:30 -- notice the unprecipitated fleeing of crisis actors --about a minute BEFORE the fake audio of rapid fire fake shooting commences


Also realize, the person recording this cellphone video, has no fear of gunfire and is just obviously there to record the fakery of the crowd of crisis actors

Notice also for the most part, most of the crisis actor herd, most of the time--- is just walking

Realize too... once outside the concert you could not hear any real 'gunfire' if it were coming from far away at Mandalay. THE FAKE AUDIO was coming from the concert sound speakers.

Notice also 6 minutes into the staged drama there were still no cop car sirens yet.

Also notice NO ONE in the exiting herd of crisis actors, was hit by any bullet

TEXAS SHOOTING HOAX further exposed as gov't STAGED DRAMA - get a load of this:

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The "EVENT" was reported as NEWS online, a full DAY BEFORE IT SUPPOSEDLY HAPPENED!!




Much of the TV footage of the supposed INCIDENT, was pre-recorded HOAX video -- recorded A WEEK AGO !!





MUCH MORE EXPOSE MATERIAL showing TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTING is fake news, just another government-staged absurdly un- believable psyop hoax


MEANWHILE msm LAMESTREAM media doubles, triples, and quadruples down on HAPPILY and KNOWINGLY selling you FAKE FEARPORN as if it were REAL NEWS



HOAX hoax HOAX yes the recent SUPPOSED "truck attack" in NYC was just another ridiculous PSYOP HOAX

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WATCH THIS WHOLE VIDEO but note particularly at 2:40 the radio transmit on city emergency channel calls the event AN ACTIVE SHOOTER "DRILL"





crisis actors parade - begin 5:50 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUhoEdvlP3s


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TEXAS??? ----Ahhh HA HA HA HA HA! The NWO are PANICKED because their dumb "shooter" & "vechicle attack" hoaxes are FAILING

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes TEXAS CHURCH another dumbass FAKE NEWS non real STAGED HOAX psyop FAKERY fabricated FAKE event


We Don't have Gun Problem. We have an NWO-Mossad CIA MK-Ultra and Crisis Actor Problem!

All these supposed shooters and supposed vehicle attackers are simply crisis actors pretending to be shooters/or/victims /or/relatives so the CIA-controlled mainstream media can be the mouthpiece to incite the some more fear, hysteria and ignorant confusion.










TRUMP IS NOW UNMISTAKABLE AS A CFR controlled SWAMP DEVIL selling these sick hoaxes along with msm media FOR THE CIA/NWO


Fake news fiction FAKE NEWS FICTION more stupid FAKE NEWS from our psycho unhinged lying government

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Fake news fiction FAKE NEWS FICTION more stupid FAKE NEWS from our psycho unhinged lying government operatives (Fed State and City levels all together)


"NYC truck attack" is total fabricated fiction, like an on location movie scene NOT REAL it was NOT REAL, its more psyop hoaxing nonsense CONTRIVED government fearporn -- IT WAS NOT A REAL EVENT just a staged hoax. DON'T BUY INTO THE HOAX, the TV news channels and newspapers are ALL IN ON THESE THINGS collaborating with the government to sell you FAKE FEAR to take your freedoms away with more and more DRACONIAN craziness of POLICE STATE. Don't believe the lies these are fake news fake events.

Government at all levels and mass media has become infiltrated and corrupted evilly by the ZioCon NWO Rothschild Cartel. This is a project of repeated fake news events to convince you you should let them take all your freedoms away and all your privacy away "in the name of safety"

All of these supposed LONE NUTS are just fabricated perp identities with crisis actors playing roles for BIG MONEY, these crisis actors get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for taking part in these hoaxes. That's why they commit treason and betray their nation and agree to do these horrible things. FOR THE MONEY.

WHY WOULD THEY TAKE PART IN EVIL HOAXES LIKE THIS? They do it for the money, everyone does it FOR BIG MONEY, even the ppl in government. BIG MONEY doled out to participants in these evil hoaxes.

BTW did you catch the name of the supposed perp in the hoax? Sayfullo Saipov, 29, of Paterson, N.J.---LOL The NWO love to use these ~goofy nonsense names~ to mock the public's naivete in believing these ridiculous hoaxes. Who's gonna be the next perp "Porque Peek"? "DahFaye Duhq"? "Farhidd Phlenstoan"? "Dylan Roof" -- Oh wait they already used Dylan Roof... LOL LOL LOL... You get the point? Its cartoonish and ridiculous, everything about these absurd pysop hoaxes. The NWO are laughing at the gross naivete of all who believe them to be real. LAUGHING AT PUBLIC NAIVETE, be sure of it!.... Sayfullo Saipov, 29, of Paterson, N.J.??--- Hey Wasn't Sayfullo Saipov the Philippine pop stay who's debut album was titled "SAY YOU, SAY ME, SAY--FULLO.... I be fullo myself but you will enjoy the music!!" .... LOL LOL LOL. The stories they present you in these psyops, every detail of them is absolutely ABSURRRRRD! How can anyone BEEE LIEEEVE this nonsense? truck driving on to bike path to intentionally rampage people. Why? Because he hates us for our freedoms and McDonald's french fries? LOL LOL.... So ridiculous... Hey guess what, since the Mossad-CIA 9/11 false flag psyop the POLICE STATE they imposed upon us leaves with no privacy and hardly any freedoms left ! Gee thanks Mossad and CIA. Hating us for our freedoms? What's to be resentful of? The government is spying on us in public, in private, everywhere-- 24/7. We're in a prison. We now have to show ID everywhere. That's a Stasi state. A police state. We're in a TECH CONTROLLED POLICE STATE now, run by the globalists of the NWO Ziocon Rothschild Central Banking Cartel (including CFR, UN, CIA and Goldman Sachs)

"Radicalized domestically by ISIS" - What a ridiculous crazy statement for Andrew Cuomo to make.... What is he really SAYING?:

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What he's really saying is that HE and the federal government both are party to a fake news domestic terror PSYOP HOAX run Tuesday -jointly by NY State, NY City, NYPD, Mossad, FBI and CIA.... And how do we know this?

Well we KNOW this because ISIS is a mere proxy front of the CIA. And so saying some guy is ISIS means he is a CIA asset. And to say he was as radicalized by ONLINE CONTENT is laughable. Are they trying to say the US government cannot blocking or removing ISIS website content from the WEB? What a joke. They are then telling use they are not qualified to hold office. DOMESTICALLY RADICALIZED BY ISIS??? That is like saying someone was made into a baker by watching the giant Marshmallow man in GHOSTBUSTERS. "He was baker-vocationalized by GHOSTBUSTERS!" Gosh then we'd better shut down all comedy movies, eh?


Meanwhile the presstitute, equally ridiculous and non credible- lamestream media prattles this nonsense out as putative "news" GOOD GRIEF! Abject nonsense. OOOOOOOOOOOh but you'd better be SCARED! The government wants you SCARED! So they can remove more of your civil rights and privacy. So BE SCARED of this fake news. BE SCARED! Bahhhh SHEEPLE, keep believing these fake dramas are real and BE SCAREDDDD !


NOTE -- Whenever the word COWARD or COWARDLY is used in news narrative about such a tabloid drama, it means it is a CIA-run false flag operation.



COMMENT - Just gotta say it, if you don't know by now all these hyperbolic terror oriented jihad and mass shooting drams since 2002 are all FAKE hoaxes, YOU've got a psychological problem called denial because its plain as day THEY ARE STUPID FAKERY. And if you believe them because you see it on TV you are self hypnotizing BAAAAA sheeple. If you do not realize by now the people behind the shadow government that is running us are INSANE- what can be told to you? Your senses are clogged


To do what drive down a bicycle path? LOL This is nonsense. Utter stark nonsense. The only plotting was at the CIA, NYPD and FBI to orchestrate this absurd hoax.


If YOU BELIEVE that fake news about "terror in NYC" you are GROSSLY naive

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Guess what folks -- the ridiculously dirty ever more corrupt NWO-run *FBI* was ON SCENE before the "event" even happened. Duh? Can you figure out what that means? It was a hoax, a staged psyop


It was just another pathetically obvious STAGED HOAX run by our horrendously evil NWO controlled federal TYRANNY government. The ZioCon, monstrous (hijacked government) ROTHSCHILD regime. Its complete nonsense. Another absurd staged hoax. Oh please PLEASE do not tell us you believe this cartoonish tripe after all this time and all these things being factually and forensically exposed as hoaxes. PLEASE be awake and see thru it. ITS SYNTHETIC fake news TERROR ... just more repugnant crazy fakery, manufactured false flag hoaxing.



NOTICE IN THIS NEXT PHOTO no blood on the Truck... proof of hoax

MORE of the "official" fake story here:







begin at 2:00 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6zUP-dCK_8

begin at 1:30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__kbmosRNwY


"The American people don't believe anything until they see it on television. If the see it on TV they believe it." -- Richard Nixon



NYPD says-NYC Truck Attack is in fact a 'cowardly act of terror' LOL aka HOAX


"Cowardly' in news narrative is ALWAYS code indicating it is an INSIDE JOB psyop... in this case NOBODY was killed, nobody hurt, total staged hoax

Oh gosh HOW did this next video guy (next clip below) just HAPPEN to be filming the bus at right place right time, Eh? Hmmmm... And then cops and fire emergency squad there **WITHIN SECONDS** not minutes but SECONDS. Hmmm seems like a simulation drill.. HEY.. GUESS WHAT IT IS A fakery "DRILL". Just like the Eric Garner choking, Sandy Hook School, Boston Marathon, 'Hands Up' St Louis shooting, Freddie Gray Baltimore, DC Navy Yard, San Bernardino, Las Vegas concert. Hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax. ITS ALL GOVERNMENT-STAGED fake TERROR.


"NYC terrorist attack Raw footage with truck killing multiple people"

No regular citizen would put a headline up like that

"Raw footage truck killing multiple people" --THAT's GRUESOME CLICK BAIT


Notice the guy filming is more concerned about FILMING than the supposed hurt kids because instead of calling 911 on his own phone he keeps filming and asks someone else to. ANOTHER SIGN of staged hoax. And do you mean to tell me a BUS DRIVER in today's NYC does not have a cellphone on him and cannot call 911 himself? Or that an NYC elementary school bus driver can barely speak English? NONSENSE; dumb psyop scripting.

DUPLICATE OF ABOVE VIDEO IN CASE THE "exposed fakery" is deleted from youtube










BLOOD EVERYWHERE? Uh, not really...


Actually the various news photos depict NO BLOOD on the truck and NO BLOOD on the ground. Just shows to go ya, MSM like USA TODAY are not real journalists and do not look with their eyes, only print what they are told to print. Good ole MSM, happy to propagandize for the NWO any day of the week!



And... here's another BIG clue it was NWO staged psyop... ABC's George Stephanopoulos was ON THE AIR LIVE reporting it... after 3pm. Just like he was with Boston Marathon Hoax. WHY is that a big clue? Because Georgie boy is a 'made man' NWO insider and they like him to 'handle' these psyops on air. But you see, GEORGE has a 'SHOW AND GO' early morning gig with ABC TV (Good Morning America), and he he normally leaves work each day by appx 11am. So he would ONLY be at ABC TV at 2pm, or 3pm if PRE PLANNED. In other words if he was CLUED in advance a psyop was going to happen in the afternoon. Get it?



Just the latest in a disgraceful 16 years series of heinous NYPD crimes of- COLLABORATING with NWO -CIA -FBI and-Mossad to create TERRORIZING psyop-hoax *FAKE NEWS events*


THE NYPD IS SO DIRTY AND CORRUPT SINCE 2001, we suspect... they would have gladly helped perpetrate the SANDY HOOK hoax if they could have. Just for the criminal thrill of getting over on the public one with one more disgusting FAKE news event.

THEY ARE SO INTO HELPING CREATE FAKE NEWS we now even suspect THIS latest NOV 1 story from NYPD is fake




Once more it saliently reveals that ALL mainstream media, ALL OF IT from Msnbc, NYT, AP, Reuters, Bloomberg... on the left to Fox, Breitbart, CNS, Newsmax... on the right, are ALL - all of them, ALL OF THEM- secretly NWO/ZioCon/deep-state controlled (via CIA connects to their ownership) and they SELL YOU AS IF REAL -over and over and over again, all these FAKE mass shooting hoaxes and FAKE mass jihad hoaxes, which are so obviously fake a fifth grader can see thru them. ALL MAINSTREAM 'news' media is corrupt, under the government thumb. That's why they have never seriously investigated nor told you the truth about 9/11 (it was false flag and Mossad and CIA did it). They can't tell you the truth because -- they are CONTROLLED media. They are not allowed to expose the hardcore truth about big things. Six oligarch corporations control 96% of media in the nation. GET THE PICTURE?



Even much of the so called 'alternative media' is secretly controlled to be 'limited hangouts' exposing small lies only but keeping big ones concealed...



**** WHY ARE THESE evil fake news HOAX THINGS BEING DONE by the government? ****

begin at 5:45 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJg7y8aLfAI



Where and when is NEXT fake terrorizing drama COMING?



Chiarini --- Proof after proof after PROOF - Nobody died at Vegas "mass shooting" was a total STAGED HOAX

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MOST OF USE PUBLIC IS NOT AWARE... the gov't agents who FAKED the Vegas shooting POSTED NEWS ARTICLES ONLINE ABOUT IT.... 2 days BEFORE the "incident" -- yeah this was noticed, caught

(+ Duping delight alert - see at 17:15 that creeping nervous smile/smirk-- plus again at 19:00)


A 'cast of thousands'?.. of laughable insipid crisis actors

CHIARINI - begin next at 2:00 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo9h8R87lvw

More from - ITB VLOGGER newswatch -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpFrRZsyjHw

MEANWHILE msm lamestream media tries to offset the truth telling-- with more lies lies lies




This staged event was so stupidly lame it makes Kevin Spacey declaring he's gay seem dramatic by contrast


begin at 31:30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8V5aFut02yg

OVERLOOKED HISTORY -- Soviet KGB said it knew instantly in 1963 --- WHO removed JFK as POTUS

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Within 2 hours of the "event" KGB issued a statement that JFK was "eliminated" by "extreme right wing elements" -- WHICH IS EXACTLY CORRECT, it was CIA operatives and Mossad assets which "did the job", with some assistance from recruited Mafia assets.

begin at 2:04 -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pPCuxuJWbc

REPORT - Reporters in Dealey Plaza -- Hoaxes


RELATED - June Oswald interview -- A STAGED EVENT

begin at 1:00 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xETD_67Z-Mg

Howard Hunt



Did JFK ... NOT REALLY get killed in Dealey Plaza? The Mathis theory


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