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FAKE NEWS WARNING - Colorado (metro) "shooting" incident smells of being ANOTHER gun-grab psyop HOAX

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ALSO NEW JERSEY 'mass shooting' story smells of being psyop hoax





"Train Derailment" (story) near Spokane --already effuses clues it is almost certainly A STAGED HOAX

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THE WAY ITS BEING reported and hyped is a tell sign, also THE STORY ITSELF is implausible... not at all likely to happen.



WKND CHAOS: Atlanta Airport Power Outage Grounds Flights, Traps Travelers; Evacution was effected

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Editor's note -- As you can readily infor this was MOST LIKELY not accident and is MOST LIKELY an NWO created psyop to test crowd reaction and mass evacuation


NYC 'pipe bomb' drama -- Obviously another hoax, a faked event, mere simulated drama psyop

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NYC pipe bomb terror hoax on 42nd in Hell's Kitchen, Dec. 11, 2017 +There's no ISIS


Tell tale signs of a fake psyop stage drama include... SURVEILLANCE VIDEO too grainy to discern much... IN TODAY'S ERA why would video look like it was recorded thru a fish tank? That's phony faking...

Conveniently both Mayor and Albany's GUV were in Manhattan ready to comment on the fake hoax to make it seem real


AND WICKEDLY CORRUPT MSM NEWS MEDIA AGAIN SPIN THE LIE AS IF ITS TRUE.... NYC 'subway attack' just an evil fraud, another hoax drama from the NWO





Mathematical PROOF the so called BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING was a hoax, and Hollywood Smoke and Plume devices were used, not pressure cooker IED's


Nobody injured in Boston nobody died, it was fake news

PSYOP EXPOSES - TxGiving 'Texas Shooter' story SCREAMS of being an NWO fake news staged psyop hoax

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NWO keeps selling spinoff fictions from VEGAS fake 'shooting' psyop... THERE WERE NO VICTIMS it was a staged psyop hoax at VEGAS


Various intel sources -- say that EGYPTIAN MOSQUE attack drama is MOSSAD false flag operation

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DORSEY REPORT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD25pVWLaSU

HUBBARD REPORT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oux-WcKiC0E

Suspicious are strong NO ONE WAS KILLED and drama was just another SIMULATION hoax psyop.

NOTICE in this photo--


-- this is supposedly showing an array of injured people, who are bleeding from wounds... but NOTICE, these bodies of 'injured' ppl had to be dragged into this room across the carpet. DO YOU SEE ANY BLOOD ON THE RUG? No. That indicates its a staged hoax.


Listen to this absurd narrative, DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE random home grown crazies do such ridiculous dramas as this narrative FOR REAL?


Dozens of men wearing military combat uniforms and carrying (fake or real) machine guns performed as "attack" actors in for the on a Sufi mosque PSYOP HOAX in northern Sinai.

Twenty-five to 30 crisis actor 'attackers' arrived in five SUVs at the al Rawdah Sufi mosque in Bir al-Abed on Friday. Some wore masks and at least one was carrying an ISIS flag, the state prosecutor told state-run Nile TV in a statement. THE TOUCH OF THE ISIS FLAG gave the fake event drama a clear signature the HOAX was perpetrated by Mossad and CIA.

The FAKE attackers positioned themselves at the building's entrances and the front of the mosque shortly before the sounds of FAKE gunfire and FAKE explosions rang out.


USA intel sources comment to us-- this hoax was PROBABLY staged as a precursor to the planned USA psyop which the NWO has been organizing for DEC 2 on the USA west coast... To make the CALIF DEC 2 hoax seem more 'REAL'... The ZioCon NWO clearly plan to ruin the USA Christmas Season again as they did with the Sandy Hook Hoax in 2012... Observe that the NWO staged a HIGH VICTIM COUNT fake drama at Vegas a few weeks ago (500) and another such high victim count (200+) in Egypt Thanksgiving weekend... IF ONE BELIEVES BOTH TO BE REAL one is then primed to believe as real, the psyop mass shooter HOAX the NWO have planned for USA in SoCal on DEC 2.

Here's info on the 12/2/17 plan:


THE insidiously misused PROPAGANDA TOOL of PSYOPS -- exposed... PSYOP: The Invisible Sword -- a 1996 US Army Training Film; Psychological Operations


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