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NYT should change logo to "More of the news that never happened!" - Bronx Hospital Event? ANOTHER STAGED fake NWO fearporn hoax. ITS NOT REAL.

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Duping delight smile on DR. at 1:30



Hey guess what, BIG SURPRISE! - NYC just had an "active shooter" drill shortly before this psyop AT THE VERY SAME HOSPITAL .... oh gosh what a coincidence!


Supposed "cyber attack" on UK Parliment? Its more fearpon FAKE NEWS, its a hoax, a psyop.

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Its very easy to deduce its a hoax. IF the UK Parliment (the equivalent of USA Congress) REALLY DID get hacked by foreign sources THEY WOULD NOT ANNOUNCE IT, because it shows security vulnerability. They would keep quiet about it and investigate it discreetly. THE MERE FACT they boldly announce it with blaring horns and want the whole world to know means its a fearporn hoax. And is a distraction to take attention off the Grenfell Towers Scandal in UK. Why doesn't MSM tell you all this? Because they suck, they are absolute FAKE NEWS.

SOTN News Exclusive - BREAKING - Full facts of the 'Seth Rich Murder' finally disclosed. FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT

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In summary -- Seth Was A Mossad Agent playing a part, and he was NOT murdered.


Breaking: Seth Rich was a Mossad Operation?





More fake news More fake (so called) news - FAKE FAKE FAKE (yawn) its so OBVIOUS these things are staged hoax goofery

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FEARPORN ALERT --this is NOT a real event


Who did this one, Adam Lanza's teenage spurned gay lover? A transgender jihadist? Someone named Hodgepodge Storm Roofer Money Back Guarantee? Someone named Unreality Princess Leylah Loser? CAN ANYONE BE SO UNDISCERNING AND NAIVE AS TO ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS UTTER NONSENSE?.... live shootings on TV, people driving trucks and cars into crowds, neck stabbing cops, bombs in the lobby of concert halls, people spraying machine guns in dark auditorium of a movie theater. This nonsense would have even been rejected as a DICK TRACY comic strip story arc in the funny papers. Its too stupid and obtusely beyond any rational plausibility. ESPECIALLY as a narrative DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY. Goodness, people WAKE UP! Yes there IS an NWO and yes they ARE doing all this nonsense and yes they DO want to mind control you with fear, so they can take all your freedoms away. YES THESE fearporn fake news events are happening FOR A REASON.

FAKE fake FAKE fake FAKE - more phony fake fearporn FAKE NEWS - This time in Brussels (yawn, ho hum) SUCH NONSENSE!

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The central train station in the Belgian capital of Brussels was "evacuated" Tuesday after a special effects faux "explosion" was reported and police pretended to shoot a (crisis actor) suspect wearing a fake "explosive belt" who supposedly shouted "Allahu Akbar," in what officials described as "a foiled terror attack". Federal prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt said authorities are treating the incident "as a terrorist attack" that was foiled when the suspect was "neutralized."

(Gosh is Brussels ever the NWO's bitch for being a staging lokay for fearporn psyops!)

WE HERE AT DTRI are treating the 'incident" not as a "foiled terror attack" but rather instead as - what it actually is! - Another ridiculous stupid ludicrous cartoonish nonsense hoax fearporn psyop. ITS MORE FEARPORN contrived FAKE NEWS. You have to be shy on brain cell count to be taking these stupid hoaxes seriously after all this time; that is our opinion. You wanna believe it? Believe it. You wanna be worldly wise and well informed about all this nonsense, go look at:


All that's missing from these fake hoaxes is a commercial sponsorship. When they do these fake news fearporn reports they should make extra money off the faux dramas by saying "Today's fake fearporn drama is brought to you by__________". Because like its really getting to be that - obvious - to anyone with a brain- that these things are fearporn haoxes... being done relentlessly as the NWO tries to convince publics everywhere YOU MUST HAVE YOUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS REMOVED in the name of combatting terrorism. OH BE VERY AFRAID! These terrorists are everywhere, and we must try to stop them. But of course they never do stop them, yet YOU keep losing your liberties and get police state controlled more and more like a slave, more and more every day. GET THE GIST OF THIS YET PEOPLE? Do you discern the scam in this all yet? 9/11, the fake war on terror, all the supposed "lone nut mass shootings". THE GOAL OF ALL THESE STAGED PSYOPS is to use fear to make you allow installation of spy-state Big Brother police-state tyranny. TOTAL TECHNO CONTROL OF THE POPULATION. The ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IS EMERGING and they want to control you like rats. TERRORISM is the fake excuse they are gonna use to achieve that aim.

Fake FAKE false FAKE not a "real" identity - OTTO WAMBIER story is CIA psyop - and he did NOT "die in a coma"

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WAMBIER HOAX unmasks the ENORMOUS LIES about what the country of NORTH KOREA IS...

its simple to see and realize of the WAMBEIR story is a psyop that the NORTH KOREAN GOVERNMENT went along with, what is that telling you? NORTH KOREA and USA are not enemies, their ostensible tensions are are a psyop. A long form many decades psyop.... ITS REVEALING that NORTH KOREA is a CIA vassal state. A controlled fake boogeyman.

KIM JONG UN was trained at CIA training school (its documented).... There is no NUKE danger form North Korea, they do NOT have nuke weapons, that is all a massive hoax.

JAY DYER reports a detailed expose

North Korea is a Fake -CIA State


Fact is NORTH KOREA as you thought of it, does not it exist, the propaganda imagery portrayed to you is a 70 years+ psyop hoax


NWO in utter panic mode as news of USA invasion and launch of war upon Assad/SYRIA leaks out - and NWO fearporn psyops are INSTANTLY exposed in real time. Crazed & panicky NWO doubles & triples down on fearpon scams as "fake news distractions". Now, ANOTHER Euro hoax ...in- Paris

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FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS- this is NOT a real event, its another staged hoax


AND NOTE that ALLLLL "branded" media are assisting the NWO in selling this fake news fearporn as if real...Even so called indy / alt media (of high name profile). THEY ARE ALL SELLING YOU THESE LIES, that's pretty scary and disturbing. BECAUSE THEY ALLLL KNOW this stuff is fake news. THEY KNOW.

(London) - Fake Fearporn Alert - "LAUGHABLY PATHETIC" - wave of online comments ridicules the blatant plot-stupidity of these endless NWO feaporn hoaxes

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"LAUGHABLY PATHETIC" as more and more forensic exposure PROVES these fearporn events are staged hoaxes, NWO doubles down on -- staging hoaxes. Latest hoax lokay?- back to their personal psysop playground LONDON

ITS NOT REAL FOLKS ITS MORE "synthetic terror" fabricated FAKE NEWS

The NWO is obviously "working hard to keep crisis actors employed"


Beginning the online exposes of this LATEST hoax










This campaign will be "disguised" as anti-terrorism, but in fact it will be to target TRUTHER pages


INTEL ANALYST says - 'The List and the Story' of the ballpark perp are ABSOLUTELY FABRICATED the event was fake, was a hoax psyop

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Note - A second intel analyst says the BALLPARK DRAMA was a CIA run project, it has tell signs in it CIA ran the project, in conjunction with FBI's Andrew McCabe.... and the key purpose was to send a SCARE MESSAGE to Donald Trump

NWO psyop LIES keep coming undone, its totally HUMPTY DUMPTY time for the NWO - latest lie UNMASKED refers to SANDY HOAX

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Investigating citizen vloggers have discovered a THIRD Sandy Hook crisis actor "parent" who played dual roles in the fakery drama. His name (supposedly) is.... MARK BARDEN


















FAKE NEWS WATCHERS eagerly await NEXT DAY coverage of Wednesday shooter hoaxes to see...

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FAKE NEWS WATCHERS eagerly await NEXT DAY coverage of Wednesday shooter hoaxes to see what new RISING STAR crisis actors emerge from the fabricated Wednesday dramas






Meanwhile THIS UTTER NONSENSE returns

Trump-Russia inquiry: President 'probed for obstruction of justice'


This cuckoo headline is like a headline saying:

NYC Traffic Cop probed for 'manipulating vehicular movement'

Its mindless mindless emo nonsense. Even Comey admitted Trump was not under investigation. And Potus can fire FBI chief at any time for any reason. WHAT'S THE OBSTRUCTION? If theres no ACTUAL CRIME being investigated, there's no possible charge of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE... And RussiaRussia is an investigation IN SEARCH of a CRIME. There's no CRIME at the root of it. That's an illegitimate witch hunt to begin with, and no actions in relation to it could possibly be labeled OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE. Read a little law folks. And for gosh sake TURN OFF MSM.

ALSO NOTE even in the face of Very Honest testimony the wicked MSM comics & pundits feel compelled to spin HATRED TOWARD TRUMP PRESIDENCY, with lies and undeserved ridicule


NWO stages FAKE HOAX "pretend" terror pysop in Paris to advance anti Assad sentiments, as US forces covertly & illegally are invading Syria to fight WITH ISIS against Assad

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Notice how well known media immediately made this a TOP STORY despite the fact that EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE it would be a minor local crime story, not a STOP THE WORLDWIDE PRESSES major event. This hyping is a tell sign of staged propaganda from the NWO.


"London Terror" HOAX so glaringly obvious in falsehood this time, the world laughs at this pathetic propaganda

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After so many years of these staged terrorism hoaxes in USA and elsewhere, anyone who does not YET realize they are hoaxes, deserves the dizziness of their own naivete and ignorance. HOW COULD ANYONE BELIEVE this sick comicbook farcical propaganda?? Especially with all these ridiculous posed photos and faked video scenes. ITS SO CONSPICUOUSLY --FAKE NEWS STAGING...


And these stupid kinds of fearporn tabloid headlines - "TERROR IN LONDON: Cops arrest 12 in East London raids after attacks that left at least 7 dead, nearly 50 injured" -- after years and years of this cartoonish nonsense, you don't smell something fishy? Suspect its phony? LISTEN you already know (don't you) how pervasively sweeping the communications global surveillance net is, if somebody even DISCUSSES the possibly of some act like this intel services pick it up and the communication is flagged. So how come they do not (supposedly) catch these (supposed) evildoers before the acts are done? SIMPLE ANSWER- because its all staged. The NWO are hoaxing you with fear. Counting on the concept YOU BELIEVE EVERY such purported event is REAL because you actually saw towers go down and know people died on 9/11. Well 9/11 was real terror but it was enacted by Mossad/CIA/Mi6, not 19 feckless morons with boxcutters. And everything SINCE then has been fake terror staged by NWO/CIA/Mossad/Mi6. WHY FAKE? -so they can completely control the news narrative and the purported reactions of people at the scene. Its staged like a movie. HOW COULD ANYONE NOT GET THAT YET?


The flowers, the candles, the slogans, the police with machine guns, the trite overpitched maudlin tear jerker MSM media hype. Haven't you seen the same goofy nonsense just one too many times, the EXACT SAME goofy stuff just one too many times, to believe it all at face value any more? Hasn't it jumped the shark for you yet? How many TELL SIGNS that its staged do you need- in order to see thru it all? THE GLOBAL MSM NEWS MEDIA IS CONTROLLED BY THE NWO, and they are presenting you... FALSEHOODS, DECEPTION, FEARPORN, LIES. Can you finally tell yet? Its the fake moon landing on sick steroids. ITS FAKERY. Mass shootings. Trucks and cars mowing people down. Bombings against civilians. ISIS creepy videos. You're being made a naive fool of thru your trusting naivete. Thru your belief that ALL THESE OFFICIALS AND ALL THIS MEDIA cannot be wrong, all of them, they cannot, all these people -be lying. Guess, what, YES THEY CAN. That is how sick and twisted things have become in realms of power all around you (governmental AND media power). YES THEY CAN, and they are. That is what you should be shocked and concerned about. THEY ARE ALL LYING, yes they can be and yes they are. (They are lying about climate change too. Its not caused by hairspray, its caused by U.N. geoengineering with HAARP and Chemtrails). YOU ARE BEING PLAYED FOR A FOOL every every every day by the controlled propagandist MSM media. And that includes so called 'conservative' media.


They are in bed with the NWO too. They are all on board with selling you these DeepState NWO LIES. Deceptions. DECEPTION is how they control you like nave sheeple. MEDIA and government DECEPTIONS. Deception was how they hypnotized millions of naively "trusting of their governments" people into 2 barbaric world wars. You think those world wars were the only alternative to difficult diplomacy? PEOPLE ARE BRAINWASHED into hysterical, irrational thinking every day -by governments and media.

And yes the corrupt MSM news media is in on the deception. All of it including Fox, Newsmax, OANN and Breitbart. They know they are lying to you, presenting false terror events as if real. Sure there are some radical crazy mentally nutty people who exist, but these DRAMAS, no no no, they are too surreal and absurd to be real. GRASP THAT. Also grasp that ISIS is a controlled thing. ISIS is a small militia, controlled by NWO/Mossad/CIA/Mi6/NATO. And they are crude and raw, but the VIDEOS of their atrocities are fake. ITS ALL NWO fearporn GRASP THAT. You're being played. Your emotions are being played.

By endless recurring headlines and stories like: (its fearporn!)--

What we know about the attacks so far | Stories of victims, survivors emerge
VIDEOS: London terror attack: How things unfolded | Oliver North: Terrorist safe havens must be eliminated
VIDEOS: Police: 3 attack suspects shot and killed | Witness describes horror as van mowed down pedestrians
VIDEOS: How will London terror impact the UK general election? | The country needs to come together, May says
'It was terrifying': Witness describes London Bridge terror attack | London terror attacks: Witnesses tell their stories
BELLWETHER: Islamic terror attacks a tipping point in campaign to destroy the West
VIDEOS: Terror attacks in Europe: A timeline | Can a London Bridge-style attack be prevented?
Timeline of recent terror attacks against the West
TODD STARNES: You can't destroy the jihadists with candlelight vigils and benefit concerts




The NWO wants you fearing for safety so you allow them to surveil you and control you like cattle, ramp up police state around the world, doing it under the guises of PREVENTING TERRORISM. Which they never seem to prevent because these things are happening more and more. WAKE UP NAIVE ONES. Look at http://nodisinfo.com Staged fearporn events are a massive ongoing NWO scam to keep escalating all around you a TOTAL SURVEILLANCE, TOTAL CONTROL BIG BROTHER POLICE STATE. Control you like a controlled "subject" of the state, not a free citizen. They are making you "subject" to total police state control, no longer a -free to live as you please- citizen. Look at what they do to you at the airport! Do you feel like a free-to-live-as-you-please citizen who controls your government, or that your government now controls you? Get the picture of the transformation? Don't you see what's really happening, the deception, and the motivation behind it all?

Watch the movie - "SNOWDEN" and be shocked at what it reveals. -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlSAiI3xMh4

And be aware, SNOWDEN, who exposed to you what you NEED TO KNOW, is called a bad guy and the US government wants to arrest and execute him. Not praise & protect him for being a brave whistlerblower. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? Your government is now a rogue hostile entity (run by the NWO DeepState) and is acting AGAINST YOUR BEST INTERESTS -seeking to ever more enslave & control you in its POLICE STATE grid each day. Because when it acts to against someone telling you what you should know, its showing you who it is. Its real character. Its real intentions toward you.

Want MORE PROOF "London Terror" was a hoax?.... LOOK FOR- Usage in official comments from any government official anywhere of the word COWARDLY... When the word COWARDLY is used in speaking about a supposed terror attack, that is an NWO illuminati code world (meaning to communicate to other insiders) that the "event" was a staged false flag staged by intel services. ALWAYS WATCH for the word COWARDLY in news reports, that's a "tell" sign of staged false flags. Its ironic NEWSPEAK, an NWO mockery of public naivete because a real terror attack is brazen, not cowardly.


EXPOSED - Original live CNN footage exposes that the "BOSTON BOMBING" was a fake event

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CNN's first "break in report" had the correspondent indicating the "explosion" near him took place in a trash bin, not on the sidewalk edge from a knapsack

begin at 1:30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0EFYK0sjCY

THE FULL EXPOSE on how FAKE the so called "Boston Marathon Bombing" was...

POOF the "explosions" were nothing but Movie Set style -- Special Effects "SMOKE BOMBS"...placed in trash bins


More videos




==== LONDON === ITS FAKE !!!!!!!!! --- wake up sheeple you're being played; its another psyop hoax - FAKE NEWS

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2 Fake Terror Attacks In 1 - London Bridge Hoax






HOW do they stage these fake terror 'NEWS' events? Just exactly like they film a move scene - LOOK

begin at 2:00 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SkKkS14m54



MATTY D - Report





In case you didn't know ALL of the London "terror attacks" are hoaxes, just histrionic FAKE NEWS

Replete with fake witnesses, everything... its a DRILL, ppl


Bells and whistles, fake cellphone footage, its a dog and pony show



ALLLL well known "name" media is so bugus on this stuff, even RT, Infowars, Intellihub, OANN, Newsmax, Breitbart, Blacklisted News -etc ...PROMOTE THE FAKE TERROR scams as if they are REAL events. Pretty disgraceful excuse for journalism. These things are all just fake BS


Fake fake fakery


GET READY UK - this hoax will be used as excuse to REMOVE MORE OF YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS - "problem/reaction/solution"...


Caught red handed -- "MANCHESTER BOMBING" was faked hoax not real, VIDEO shows crisis actors REHEARSING FOR IT

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THE "radical terror events" in western nations 2002 thru now- have ALL BEEN.... Mossad/CIA/Mi6 "productions"... STAGED psyop HOAXES --





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