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HERE's the NWO's main tool they will use to enable genocide of most humans on earth

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begin at 2:30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg_tJvCA8zw








US Gov't announces it is going to ban travel to North Korea

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The US government is set to ban all citizens from traveling to North Korea, according to two agencies that operate tours there. Koryo Tours and Young Pioneer Tours said the ban would be announced on 27 July to come into effect 30 days later, the BBC reported. "After the 30-day grace period any US national that travels to North Korea will have their passport invalidated by their government." The ban comes one month after US student Otto Warmbier died following his imprisonment by the Kim regime.

The U.S. embassy in the South Korean capital, Seoul, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Rowan Beard said that the 30-day grace period would "give leeway for any [Americans] currently in the country as tourists or on humanitarian work". Simon Cockerill, of Koryo Tours, said: "It remains to be seen what the exact text is, but the indication is it's just a straight up ban on Americans going." Mr Cockerill told the BBC the agency would still conduct tours and take Americans until the ban came into effect.

Additionally, Rowan Beard of Young Pioneer Tours, told the BBC the embassy was urging all US nationals to depart immediately. He said the embassy was trying to check on the number of US tourists left in the country.

For now there has been no official confirmation from the US: the state department continues to have an alert dated 9 May strongly warning US citizens not to travel to North Korea.

As the BBC adds, there has been movement towards a ban for a while in the US.

In May, two congressmen introduced the North Korea Travel Control bill to cut off the foreign currency the country earns from American tourists. The House foreign affairs subcommittee is scheduled to take up the draft legislation on 27 July but it would still have to go to the Senate. So there could be an executive order.

Source: Zero Hedge

ECONOMY Headlines - Thursday -- starting wtih new job creation...

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"Nightmare on Main Street" -- coast to coast T-mobile network customers have tech problems of severe nature, driving its customers CRAZY

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Editor's note --- the problem has ABSOLUTELY NOTE been solved, and is reportedly getting worse by the day, especially in northeast USA.

HERE IS BULLETIN BOARD OF LATEST T-mobile tech problem reports from T-mobile customers


As far as we knwo the follwign other companies also sue teh T-mobile toward network

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Fmr. WH staffer says a "thermonuclear devices" were detonated beneath two WTC towers on 9/11/01

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Editor's note - THREE TYPES OF MEANS were used to fell and disintegrate the first two WTC towers which were demolished 9/11/01 -- thermite, bomb detonation from beneath, and directed energy laser beams from above to pulverise the collapse-debris into dust. If the latter had not also been done there would have been a debris pile at each pit about ten stories high. .

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