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Got DEM friends hysterical & ranting over Trump? Play this vid then ask:

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WHY WERE YOU WANTING TO ELECT an extremely ill, unfit, psycho, traitorous, treasonous, lying criminal if you are so critical of people's personalities? - Where was your criticism of HILLARY thieving CLINTON?... a proven criminal, a sociopathic two-faced psychotic, compulsive liar? How come you failed to severely criticize her and say *NOT MY CANDIDATE*?



Desperate people out of work take SOROS MONEY to be paid marchers creating fabricated drama against Trump presidency. Just like the FAKE NEWS, its FAKE protests:


Trump Petitioned to Revoke George Soros' Citizenship:


Oh that leftie hysteria - OF COURSE Trump supports free press - come back to earth lefties

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Trump team unveils REVISED "travel pause" plan

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RUSH on TV Sunday - lucid and correct about establishment war with Trump

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How has Chris Wallace NEVER HEARD of DEEPSTATE before? Goodness where has his mind been pointing to?



ALSO - full interview Chris Wallace with Reince Priebus


Jeekers the more you listen to CHRIS WALLACE, the more he sounds like a DEM party embed-plant, inside Fox, eh?

EXPOSED! - (exclusive) 6 PPL named as the puppeteers behind the FAKE NEWS assaults upon Trump

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IN ADDITION to the GotNews report declaring White House staffer KATE WALSH has been a major purveyor of recent (unethical) LEAKS to the press...


... We at DRTI have exclusive news on another aspect of the political coup attempt transpiring in Washington...

A highly placed Intel Analyst asserts to us confidentially: There are SIX INDIVIDUALS running the campaign of FAKE NEWS ABOUT RUSSIA. Our source names them as: .... Zbigniew Brzezinski, Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan, Michael Chertoff, Michael Hayden and Richard Haas. And source says even though Nuland has left State Dept, she is still using her contacts/connections (and those of her husband Robert Kagan), to pull strings with the media and have the brand name news channels (plus NY Times etc) rant round the clock about fabricated fictions alleged of Russia. Source says Senators Graham and McCain are also under the influence of this cadre. And the unit is in covert collaboration with George Soros who is funding /organizing / deploying the domestic propaganda-gossip, and street violence, against Trump presidency.

Source says Nuland was instrumental in getting Obama to enact exec order before leaving which enabled 16 additional agencies to monitor phone calls of US citizens. Source says Bill Binney is 100% correct that NSA is monitoring every phone call of Trump and all his key staff, both landlines and cellphones.


Says Trump will not get control of this malevolent political coup attempt unless he immediately rescinds the Obama Exec order...


.... And puts the NSA firmly under his control.... Source reminds that the NSA is not a statue mandated operation. It grew like a weed from meager beginnings under the executive branch in 1917 (as merely a foreign-signals translation office). -- Theoretically president can do what he wants with NSA.

Source also notes that what the shills of CNN [et al] leave out of their ranting tirades about RUSSIA RUSSIA, is that for months NATO has been massing Troops On Russia's doorstep to provoke the Bear.... Of course... not a wise idea... but then again the NWO NEOCONS are hardly anything close to "wise". They are reckless, depraved, individuals. Smooth talking on TV, but in fact, away from the spotlights, they are simply power obsessed, two-faced, compulsively-lying psychotics.










== RELATED OTHER == Lionel Commentary - begin at 16:45



Gordon Duff - Israel plans to invade Lebanon w/help from Saudis & USA

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by Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook: (edited for length and clarity by DTRI)

There is a war going on in Washington, overtly between America's intelligence agencies, including the Pentagon.... and Trump. Trump is also at war with the press as well, stating that both the press and the intel groups are nothing but liars. Of course, Trump is absolutely correct, the press lies continually and intelligence agencies fabricate a world to justify the needs of their REAL clients, the globalists, the arms industry and big oil.

But things are even worse now, we have a president who calls them out for their lies and then turns around and fibs plenty himself. There is no really "clean" government, only hype artists accusing each other of lying while doing whatever each wants

There is strong evidence that intelligence agencies including some directly tied to the Pentagon, like the DIA, have collectively denied President Trump the info commensurate with his status level of security clearance.

ONE MAJOR REASON - Flynn "had to go", was his opposition to Netanyahu's planned upcoming invasion of Lebanon which will require not only Saudi finance but considerable logistics and even air support from the US, is what really brought about the firing of Flynn.

The orchestrated press attacks on Flynn originated from within the all-powerful Israel lobby, who has presented Trump with another US/Israeli dual citizen (like Chertoff), namely Stephen Feinberg, owner of disgraced private military contractor DynCorp, and now Feinberg is to oversee all American intelligence efforts worldwide. HOW DID THIS GET ACCOMPLISHED? We are also told that as agencies such as the DHS and FBI operate both outside the US and domestically, Feinburg will have more government employees and more guns under his command than the Secretary of Defense, but without the nasty accountability.


Feinburg's company, DynCorp, accused of human trafficking in Bosnia, is contracted by Saudi Arabia to train and supply (false flag militias) al Qaeda & ISIS in Syria and Iraq, from facilities in Jordan and the Saudi Kingdom, in concert with the Gulf States.


Seemingly a small thing but in reality a massive intelligence disaster, happened on February 13, 2017, when Trump along with advisor Steve Bannon, now fired Mike Flynn, Japanese President Abe, wives, restaurant staff and fellow diners, took part in what was an ad hoc emergency meeting of the National Security Council.

North Korea had just held a missile test violating Japan's airspace. Trump reacted with considerable drama, showing off for the crowd while he phoned military leaders and put the US on high alert.

Let's get some context on what the real problem with "airing dirty laundry" is. Back during the Cold War, the only way the US could get close to observing Soviet leaders under stress was from high value CIA assets, of which there were few. America waited each year from the Mayday parade to watch body language and position on the review stands and then wrote copious reports extrapolating each nuance into volumes.

Here, Trump gave any potential enemy "the family jewels." Trump already has a presidential advisor, Jared Kushner, who openly works for Israeli intelligence and lifelong business associates like Felix Sater who are among the world's most dangerous criminals.

On Capitol Hill what we have today is a congress that has, through feathering its own next, lost the respect of the American people, as Trump points out rather eloquently from time to time. The problem is, those in congress who stand with Trump are those he has fished from that swamp he claims he wants to clean out, the worst of the worst.

Others, who picture themselves as trusted leadership, though "trusted by whom" is never asked, are in actuality the survivors who have entrenched themselves in power typically by milking election cash from the corrupt elements that lead them to betray their offices decade after decade.

Another problem there, of course, is that Trump himself, with his record of money laundering for organized crime, parallels a lot that is bad about government.

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