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Intel Source names KISSINGER as the puppetmaster behind the political coup of the Trump Presidency

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A Noted Intel Analyst tells us confidentially the following -- Condoleezza Rise personally brought the message to Trump that a gassing attack hoax was ready to go in Syria, and Trump was to blame it on Assad and rocket attack Syria.

Source also says the covert political COUP at the White House, of Trump and the Trump Presidency, is yes definitely using Jared and Ivanka to bring people in, but the puppet master fo the coup is Henry Kissinger, in tandem with Michael Glassner, Richard Haas and Bibi Netanyahu. Source says Kissinger is now calling the shots for foreign policy and military affairs in the Trump regime. And Kissinger controls Trump's National Security Council.






Trump's Neocon Conversion Almost Complete: Neocon monster Paul Wolfowitz has given Trump and his generals the thumbs up, and urges more aggressive acts of war in the Mideast.


(From: Fort-Russ.com) -- It should be understood that Russia's "right to decide" was not due to the fact that the United States was flexible, but because the events of recent years and the efforts of the leadership of the Russian Federation has forced Washington to reconsider their opinions and make concessions.

An important marker is the desire of the former "masters of the world" to share the burden of responsibility for Ukraine with Moscow, and return it to its dominant period, when this area was once the bridge between Europe and Russia. In fact, the U.S. is ready to retreat and lose half of its influence, until they lose everything.

It's the same thing in Syria. Six months ago it seemed that the days of the Assad regime were numbered, and the entire Middle East would remain not only as eternal pain for Europe and Russia, but also in full orbit of the political power of the United States. Six months later and there has been enormous change. An outpost of the U.S - Saudi Arabia - is on the verge of defeat. Turkey found itself in the situation of Ukraine two years ago, and may simply fall apart. At the same time, Russia and Iran are increasing their presence and influence by leaps and bounds in the Middle East, threatening in the medium term to squeeze the U.S. out of the strategic region.

But because of the mouth of Henry Kissinger, Vladimir Putin has apparently also heard the suggestion to "divide" the region. And this (according to the American political elite) must become a "model" for similar agreements in other parts of Eurasia.

What did the President of Russia say? I think he said he would think about it for another four years. Through which he will be able to offer Henry Kissinger, or someone else, to make Alaska a "bridge" between Russia and America, and will promise to consider also the interests of Washington and other major powers in Europe.

But if they are not satisfied with the American political elite, they will have to wait for the next offer, which is expected in four years. But it seems to me that it will be even worse for them.

Stunning news - Google is running ads for a "known terrorist" - but demonetizing youtube vids from USA investigative reporters

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begin at 3:30 - https://youtu.be/g9_mWPxhFU4


Editor's note... Anwar A.A. is a controlled asset of the NWO. He is part of "controlled opposition" run by the intel tripod of Mossad/CIA/Mi6. Also... Charlie Hebdo, Orlando Pulse and San Bernardino were all fake news hoaxes (as was Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook). Staged disaster drills presented as if real events. This is a recurrent a psyop tactic of the NWO


== THE "WAR ON TERROR" IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE TOLD IT IS===. In truth behind the fake cover story veneer, in truth... the NWO is both sides. WAR ON TERROR is a psychopathic global deception psyop run by the NWO. To help promote the advance of a global PERMEATING techno grid enslaving of humanity -into a global "Borg" POLICE STATE. WAR ON TERROR? Its fearporn to convince people that "to protect them" all governments need a massive, intrusive police state spying grid ("everywhere") FOISTED UPON ALL DOMESTIC POPULATIONS...... The WAR ON TERROR is a psyop tactic to walk humanity into Big Brother ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT police state control tyranny. Which, once fully in place, will be inescapable-- because all of of humanity will be locked into "the matrix" for all their daily needs, and will be surveilled/limited/controlled in all their daily actions and transactions.

The WAR ON TERROR is a very evil psychopathic deception.


The TERROR groups we are supposedly fighting are all run (by Rothschild Cartel-NWO's Mossad/CIA/Mi6)... run as controlled boogeymen, controlled opposition-- TO JUSTIFY Mideast incursions (and destruction of semite Arab/Persian governments) and to justify ever increasing POLICE STATE within the USA, UK and Europe. Its all part of the gradual walking of naive sheeple into a one world government total police state. Its a massive longform psyop. War On Terror?? --THE NWO IS....both sides. Until you grasp that, you see nothing clearly.

And until you grasp that at the upper tier NATIONAL LEVEL in the US there is no TWO PARTY SYSTEM-- until you accept that it is IN FACT a uniparty run by the Rothschild Cartel/CFR.NWO...until you realize that you continue to "believe in" two party party political conflicts -- which are ... merely a faked circus to confuse and distract you and keep you naively dreaming you have a "democracy".... You no longer have anything of the kind.






Fake News media now touts Fake Spin Polls trying to suggest- as Trump betrays base he's gaining approval. REALLY?

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...Latest FAKE polling falsely claims 96% of Trump voters have no buyers remorse. This is totally false and is part of a psyop narrative run by the sector of the CIA involved in and promoting the NWO-neocon coup of the Trump Presidency (of which Jared Kushner is an integral part). ABC News and WaPo are under NWO/CIA control and serve as spin machines of propaganda for them. Their current psyop task is to fabricate the fake "appearance" of a new consensus rising..that "Trump is moving toward 'okay' "-- now that he is embracing establishment views, ill-informed biases and propagandized-impulses. This is completely in contradiction to reality, because independent call out polls and online polls show between 68% - 72% of Trump voters acutely disturbed by recent Trump behavior and very disappointed. The perception level is high among Turmp voters..that he's betraying his platform agenda and his promises. That he's sold out behind the scenes to the establishment globalists and is betraying his base.

Keep in mind what has already been proven about "brand name polls". They are as fake as the fake news media which touts and flaunts them as "significant". If that were not so, Hillary Clinton (as those brand name polls had predicted) would have won in November "by a landslide". So hold in mind what you already know; these brand name polls are NWO-spun, FAKE NEWS... trying to shape your mind falsely, not inform it accurately.




"Barbie Goes To Washington" to help the bankers create more wars. The wickedness of- IVANKA AT THE WHITE HOUSE

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The ongoing and escalating COUP of the Trump presidency surges onward. IVANKA TRUMP has named a chief of staff. Again brought to her from the ultra-toxic swamp of the (NWO) Goldman Sachs world....WHAT?

First off... for Ivanka Trump to even HAVE a staff, or to even be sitting in the the White House with an office and a pompous-puff, absurdly-contrived "role", is politically maniacal. The ever more robotic barbie-doll leftie millenial globalist IVANKA, a fashion marketer, and real estate biz trainee ...has absolutely no credentials, resume, portfolio, what have you- to merit being an advisor on anything IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Let alone have a national security briefing clearance. And A STAFF. The public should voice up and demand the removal of both her and Jared forthwith. And let's be very sober, Donald is a big boy and successful businessman. If he really thinks he can't be a viable POTUS without his family cheerleaders at his office door every ten minutes to bolster his ego and validate his impulses, he has a serious psychological problem. Everything you can think of as a rational consideration goes sideways when you try to evaluate the merit of Ivanka and Jared in the WH. It adds up to "no soap" any way you look at it. Ivanka has no more qualifications to be politically advising the President of the USA than she has to be advising FAMOUS AMOS bakers on how best to sell cookies. In their case, they should know. And in Donald Trump's case, he should certainly, automatically, have better judgment on any political issue than his naive 30-something globalist daughter. What can she contribute to the conversation? Its beyond ridiculous that she have an office --or any role whatsoever-- at the WH.

Of course now.... its increasingly obvious - she and Jared are simply there for--- funnelling the fuel and ideation of the CFR/Neocon/Globalist/Goldman Sachs/Rothschild Cabal- into daily WH thinking and decision making. In other words they are intermediaries for Donald Trump's puppeteering zio-Neocon/NWO HANDLERS... Those handlers in fact being... Michael Glassner, Henry Kissinger, Bibi Netanyahu, and (down the street from the WH) Wilbur Ross.

Ho Hum... Another weekend, another Soros-sponsored, fake protest of paid marchers, voicing fake (alternative) false 'facts' for the climate change hoax.... Are you amused?

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COMMENTARY - Pat Buchanan:


Editor's note - Bringing democracy down is EXACTLY the aim of the Zio-NWO, which is WHY they use mass media to whip up hysterical partisan bickering amidst the populace. The divide and conquer strategy.... . Its age old.... and.... IT WORKS, time and time and time again. Because broad masses have a short memory and don't hold their lessons well in mind. Broad masses are easily "played" by epithet-driven, hysterical / emotionalized propaganda.

Intel Analyst opines - The next MEGA psyop in USA to advance NWO agenda will be - HOOVER DAM

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begin at 16:00 - https://youtu.be/Ht1r5GXHPyQ







(CONFIDENTIAL REPORT) Noted Intel analyst says its likely Trump campaign phrase DRAIN THE SWAMP was illuminati coded disclosure indicating next 9/11 will be staged false flag terror event focused upon Hoover Dam





INTEL source says - KISSINGER is behind the plan to walk USA into WW3

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A noted intel agent confidentially tells us..... THE PLAN TO MARCH THE USA INTO WORLD WAR THREE, via a ground invasion of Syria (which will be pushed for after more FAKE NEWS staged pysops blaming Assad for "atrocities")..... Intel source says this diabolical plan to use Syria as a wick that will touch off WW3... is the design of HENRY KISSINGER-- on behalf to the Rothschild Banking Cartel and CFR. Source says Kissinger controls HR McMaster, and assisting Kissinger with the war provocation project are... BiBi Netanyahu, Zbig, Richard Haas, Harlan Ullman, Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland, John Brennan, John McCain, Michael Glassner, Dina Powell, Jared Kushner, David Petraeus, and Gary Cohn.


Jimmy Dore explains that EVERYTHING literally EVERYTHING mainstream media has been telling you about the SYRIAN war..is..a... lie

Just watch the first 15 min of this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fye6Q-aDbAU

Next is really hardcore news... brace yourself for stunning raw political truth about Syria, DC, and the march toward World War 3 (#ww3)






Assad directly - his latest TV interview:


Archives -Jeff Rense spotted the Trump betrayal as early as FEB 10th

begin at 1:30 - https://youtu.be/l906ezuIXps


WHERE IS THIS MADNESS ALL GOING? - Dave Hodges, special report:


Was George Soros behind the ORGANIZED CAMPAIGN to oust Bill O'Reilly?

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Maybe the Murdochs even were? Because if they ousted him as damaged goods no competing network would pick him up and draw viewers away from FoxNewsChannel...

Some interesting possibilities to reflect upon in the intrigue ....




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Expose - The UN is effecting massive refugee INVASION of USA -and CIRCUMVENTING fed, state, local govts- to fly them in and insert them

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Exclusive Jill Noble MIND BLOWING Interview - Refugee Takeover, Redistribution of Wealth. & More

THE UN is sending hordes of diseased migrants into USA and BYPASSING any vetting process. THE FLOWN-IN MIGRANTS ARE NOT VETTED IN ANY WAY. The UN is violating our constitution and illegally INSERTING a refugee invasion.


Editor's note - the evil man running this scam program is PETER SUTHERLAND


And he is being broadly assisted in the shadows by George Soros, Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland, Peter Thiel, Chelsea Clinton, and many other NWO agents.





WHERE IS THIS ALL GOING? - Dave Hodges report


Special Commentary - How NWO is using MSNBC to try and start a war with Russia

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Or to politely put it another way, the extent to which Rachel Maddow now seems like she belongs in a straight jacket.... is extraordinary.


MADDOW and MSNBC conducting a propaganda "exercise of ...mass hysteria."



Editor's note - A Rothschild Cartel/CFR/Zionist unit of the CIA masterminded Trump's WH win.


Prescient news site PREDICTED Trump caving to coup - and his rockets upon Syria - TWO MONTHS BEFORE

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Zio coup of Trump WH used same method as Hillary coup of Obama WH



Its seems the whole "Trump-Russia Collusion" case was nothing but FAKE NEWS made up for a psyop

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