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REPORT -- DNC's Donna Brazile is said to be "running" the DC Police coverup of SETH RICH case

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Sources say millionaire DEM celebrity DONNA BRAZILE is directing the DC police coverup of the SETH RICH case. This is why she was installed as DNC chair in late July 2016, just days after SETH RICH was felled on the street. And immediately after scandal forced Debbie Wasserman out of the chair. IN HER ROLE AS DNC CHAIR she had complete power to run the entire political machinery of the Washington DC government.... WHAT? you say-- How is that possible?

The governance body of the Distinct of Columbia (not a state but a special district under federal control) the governance body of DC...is a 13 member council. And guess who CONTROLS THAT COUNCIL?......... take a deep breath and take a guess..... Not the White House nor the Executive Branch...The GOVERNING COUNCIL CONTROLLING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA is currently under full control ...of THE DNC.... the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE. How and why? Simple mathematics..of the 13 member council, 11 are DEMOCRATS, 2 are independents, NONE are GOP. So the DNC has full control of the city. A POLITICAL PARTY has full control of the city. THIS IS HOW they are suppressing and blunting and preventing a proper and REAL investigation of the SETH RICH CASE. Nothing more is needed than a call from the likes of Donna Brazile and the mayor or police chief will do whatever. AND YOU CAN BE SURE that brave TV reporter MARINA MARRACO was silenced by political pressure applied to her TV station manager IN DC. So there you have it. There's no big mystery as to WHY the big mystery of SETH RICH is not being solved by DC police. THEY ARE UNDER ORDERS not to solve it. Any questions?


And word is that even though she exited DNC chair role a couple months ago, DONNA is still "managing" the DC police COVERUP of the case.


BTW here is the ORIGINAL tv report of Ms. Marraco from MAY 16th. Note she promises much more detail with 24 hours ...but it was squashed.




Oh and yes, here's an ironic footnote. THE MSM in a frenzy of overdrive trying to counterspin, trivialize, and neuter the scandal.... are in rampage trying to tell you that enquiries into the SETH STORY are so far far fetched and looney as to be preposterous. Well now, get a taste of this rhetoric, read this juicy paragraph from the ---


"The consequences of the allegation [DNC emails were leaked by SETH not Russians]-- are staggering to contemplate. For the theory to be true, it means .....Seth Rich leaked to WikiLeaks, that someone in the DNC (or the Clinton camp) in turn had Rich murdered, that the D.C. police are intentionally slow-walking the investigation, that the major intelligence agencies (namely the CIA, FBI, and NSA) are together either deliberately concocting a story about Russian interference or too stupid to recognize an inside job, and finally, that the remainder of official Washington is either oblivious to or colluding with conspirators who've damaged relations with Russia in hopes of bringing down a president. Oh, and did I mention that the family of the slain young man is also either in on the conspiracy or unaware of its existence? But, sure, I suppose it's the New York Times that has a problem with compulsively spreading fake news."

They are trying to be sarcastic but guess what..THAT'S IT, they got it right. THAT's at least 90-98% accurate. THANKS NATIONAL REVIEW you just summed it up succinctly. Good job!

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Special Intel Report declares - EVIDENCE now hints the "shooting of SETH" was done by hit team from CIA or FBI

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INTEL REPORT -- Source says fierce COVERUP of HRC crimes + "shooting of SETH" is tied to an impending USA invasion of SYRIA --


One noted intel source says EVIDENCE EXISTS which suggests a possible answer to WHO WAS THE HIT TEAM in the SETH RICH incident. Source says... it was very possibly "DarkSide" operatives from either a section of the CIA, or from the 'section 5'/COINTELPRO sector of the FBI. Because, in aftermath "they had and have coverup being done at the highest possible levels of covert power and highest levels of government". And the coverup operatives are able to muzzle news media, politicians, the DC Mayor, and DC police department. THIS IS EXTREME POWER, so the hit team could not have just been some ad hoc team of hired hand contractors. It implies the Clintons got a section of a government agency to do the hit for them, on the put forth "grounds" that Hillary secrets must be preserved because "sensitive national security matters" are involved. MOST NOTABLY - Hillary's work in organizing the ISIS/Al Qaeda/Al Nusra proxy war ...against Assad in Syria.


Editor's note - A video is said to exist INCRIMINATING Hillary vis a vis her covert efforts for organizing operations + funding of the proxy war against Assad/Syria. She was the NWO's coordinator who coalesced the funding group, and political cooperative cabal involving... USA, Israel, Germany, UK, Turkey, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. FURTHER, this video MAY have been in Anthony Weiner's laptop under the section labeled "INSURANCE POLICY"..... because... the video had been recorded by Huma, and was Hillary mentioning names who would "assist" in the effort. The video reportedly was made by Huma, as a private communique from Hillary to the Saudi Royals. Huma, as we know, is a Saudi government "asset" embedded in the Clinton crime family.

ALSO to note, as we have reported more than once in recent days, the reason POTUS ....MADE A TRIP to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Italy ....was not for ceremonial diplomacy and document signing but rather for private talks about and impending invasion of of Syria. THIS IMPENDING INVASION OF SYRIA is what allows any and all coverup efforts protecting Hillary secrets, to have enormous [and generally succeeding]... power.



Pretty easy for a gov't to "know" a new terror attack is coming soon if THEY ARE FAKE hoaxes and YOU are staging them.

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Pretty easy for a gov't to "know" a new terror attack is coming soon if THEY ARE FAKE hoaxes and YOU are staging them. This is the story with UK, EU and USA "terror incidents" - since 2001 they are all FAKE inside job hoaxes. NO REAL CASUALTIES. Its all staged fearporn.


Now this morning THIS GOOFINESS


Oh please, stop, don't even. ANYONE WHO CANNOT SEE THIS IS ALL FAKERY needs to take a take cold shower. Its the same idiotic game over and over again. Just like the (also very fake) French psyops. Several days of faux hunting, taffy pull the fake drama. All these things are fake. Just drills presented as real. Silly stupid cartoonish nonsense narratives. DUMB DUMB nonsense. Do not take them seriously. These are NOT real events. Its fearporn staging. Nothing more. Mass brainwashing playing on naive emotions- and hence created to advance police state, ever more each time, layer by layer.

Problem, Reaction, Solution.

INTEL REPORT - Mossad + SERCO ran the FAKE "terror attack hoax" at Manchester - THERESA MAY deeply involved in the criminal fearporn terror conspiracy.

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begin at 1:20 -- https://youtu.be/GPaSb4EV86Y

MAY is guilty of treason for conspiring with Israel over the psyop

Plus -- William Mount reveals the USA gov't GSA is illegally funneling BIG $$$ USA money to SERCO to pay for staging fake terror psyps like MANCHESTER, BOSTON MARATHON etc... and there may be ANOTHER MACHESTER-like fake event coming up very quickly


BULLETIN -- David Brock is running ALL OF the organized oppo to SETH RICH enquiries

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INTEL SOURCE tells us -- David Brock at MEDIA MATTERS is running the entire DEM/MSM project to squash the enquiries into the SETH RICH story. Brock is Soros backed/funded and is closely connected with Podesta.





Various Sources -- Intel chatter is strong that a FOLLOW UP terror psyop hoax - after UK hoax--- WILL HAPPEN IN THE USA SOON

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Various Sources -- Intel chatter is strong that a FOLLOW UP terror psyop hoax - after Manchester hoax, will soon be staged in USA: -- NY, DC, Phila, Bos ?

FAKE NEWS Islamic Terror Is Being Used As Excuse To Advance Police State. Are you surprised?

begin a 12:45 - https://youtu.be/OXTlMReLhTw

INTEL REPORT --- Growing feeling in intel world SETH RICH may have been a faked psyop, fictional identity

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Confidential comments from major intel analyst.... --Here verbatim is what they said to us---

****There is a burgeoning theory that SETH RICH is a fictional identity, and the family is crisis actors. And perhaps the intent was to have him and the psyop around his purported KILLING represent subtle messages being communicated to various sectors and persons. It was a psyop of code. Again this is a working theory at the moment, but there are SIGNIFICANT reasons to consider this theory seriously. Some of the compelling reasons are the strange characterization of a family array, and their very strange behavior since the alleged death. SETH and the whole fmaily may be a black ops creation, as were all the "victims" at Sandy Hook. Notice that aside from a couple of still pics we have no other images of "SETH". No videos, selfies, family photos albums... Very odd.


The RICH murder psyop transacted 5 days after the Comey presser letting Hillary off the hot seat. OUR WORKING SPECULATION at the moment is, ONE reason for the SETH psyop may have been to send a message to all within the ranks of the FBI-- Don't even think about leaking any of the CLINTON material the FBI has possession of. The FBI has possession of much more incriminating evidence, and much more severe/serious evidence on Hillary than was made mention of in public. THE SETH PSYOP MURDER was possibly constructed to be SEEM like an assassination to send a warning message of caution to all within the FBI. Also to send a message to people in the DNC.

Now ironically, as for the DNC emails leak, our current tentative theory is the DNC themselves may have dropped the emails to wikileaks. BECAUSE the DNC emails are mild in nature compared to the content of Hillary's emails, and the purpose of intentionally leaking them may have been to distract from and cloud over the impact of Hillary's quite serious crimes. IF this conjecture is correct, the "identity" of Seth Rich (who Kimdotcom never met) may have been a fictional ID used to pass the documents to wikileaks via megaupload.

Consider also the wickedly clever move it would have been to fake an assassination to keep anyone from even THINKING in the direction of what was really done (possibly). If the DNC leaked their own emails, nobody would EVER suspect it if they thought either Russians did it or some insider leaked them.

As for the Podesta emails we have no idea who grabbed and put them out but obviously it was easy because Podesta let his password be snared when he fell for a phishing scheme.****





NBC's DeepState whore Pete Williams tries to put the toothpaste back in the tube on the Seth Rich story, by doing a piece calling the Rich inquiry "wild conspiracy theory" and "fake news". Pretty lame and stupid. One should know that kind of harassment only gets a controversy to attract more views. Ah well, you don't hear us labeling NBC News... 'smart'... do you? AND BTW do you trust the word of the DC police, or the FBI? ...Right, and neither do we...




JOLTING POSSIBILITY -- The DNC dropped their own emails, to obfuscate the severity of Hillary's email-treason scandal

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People have been so emotionalized over this Seth Rich story, almost nobody is going to respond well to hearing this commentary.... But we must in good conscience say... There is emerging evidence that this ENTIRE Seth Rich story could be some kind of UNIPARTY staged fakery psyop. No less than TWO intel analysts have privately said to us in recent hours, SETH RICH seems like a SANDY HOOK STYLE PSYOP, particularly the parents and brother.

IS IT ALL ...POSSIBLE .....FAKERY...?.... Sure, knowing the NWO, its eminently POSSIBLE. Well then, what would be motive? If fakery, the purpose would (a) MAYBE be to control the GRASSY KNOLL side of the story, so it can be extinguished as a stupid conspiracy theory at some point.... and thus down the line, USED TO FURTHER SUPPORT and prolong the fiction of the main psyop.... alleged Russian collusion.

ANOTHER two possibilities for a controlled psyop are these:

.... (b) That the NWO & DNC deliberately created ADDITIONAL email leak narratives to confuse the public and obfuscate the treasonous severity of HILLARY's email scandal....


....So that the DNC supposed email leaks were milder in content and less shocking, and blurred the whole email story. AND THE EMAILS in the DNC created narratives were all faked, not really "sent" emails. [Note, Debbie Wasserman was immediately re-employed after removed from DNC, so she may be a controlled patsy].... And the Seth Rich aspect was POSSIBLY to give a false rabbit hole for devout conspiracy theorists to run down. [[[ Just as the GRASSY KNOLL was created as a false rabbit hole in the DALLAS 63 psyop. JFK was not shot IN DEALEY plaza, the limo veered off out of sight after the first turn.... DEALEY was a concept staged psyop segment, a controlled area with crisis actors. Zapruder was pre-filmed with Hollywood style FX and editing of the film. JFK's death was staged because he was ill and was going to be sent away. After the limo veered off JFK was replaced with a dummy for the run to the hospital. See "JFK SHORTY" vids on youtube. JFK was not in any limo emerging from under the underpass at DEALEY PLAZA.... Be aware folks even with triangulated crossfire upon a slow moving car, certainty of such a conceptual hit being successful was shaky. THE NWO DO NOT DESIGN psyops leaving things to chance success. That's why almost all of them are 100% mere simulated staging. And the ones which have real casualties include partial staging for successful narrative control, like 9/11, which had NO REAL PLANES. No planes was done, the holograms NY/ missile DC was done- because the chance of REAL hijacked planes hitting a road runner cartoon bullseye on the buildings was very remote. In NY.... FICTION with internal shape charges ...was much more controllable. In DC, a missile..... ALSO real planes could not have penetrated the WTC buildings due to the perimeter of steel beams.]]]....

And a third possibility of SETH RICH being fiction- is that (c) the NWO wanted to assure Donald Trump got in so he could become the LOOSE CANNON red state prez that they could take down later -and blame his supposed missteps of on "looney right wing voters". This would provide a temporary lightening rod for RED STATE ANGER, then vilify nationalist thinking when Trump is removed.

What creates suspicion this ENTIRE "Seth Rich" story may be a scripted psyop? Some things in the INITIAL reportage. RICH WAS SUPPOSEDLY shot at 419am ON A NITE he should have likely been with his GF. It was a late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. Secondly, he supposedly left this BAR, alone, at 1:45am, rather tipsy. And walked almost 2 miles in meandering mode, talking on the phone. Arriving near his home after 4am. Weird behavior for an upscale yuppie, with a GF, who lives in a very nice section of DC. Behavior (if true) that suggests he is kinda cuckoo, not down to earth, and does not value his own safety.... Does not make sense.... Also he was supposedly phone-talking to his GF at 4am. On a Saturday nite? About what? Why? And she claims they were just having a "normal chat" -- At 4am? Doesn't make sense. Also WALKING THRU DC alone very late at nite after drinking between 2am-4am... doesn't make any sense at all. A TWO AND A HALF HOUR WALK while acutely tipsy? DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.... And the fact the DC police did not even question --ANYONE--- at the bar, is kind of off the rails even for a murder coverup. Sounds more like an element of a psyop ...that was overlooked.


Soooo then, is there... further suspicious stuff?... MOST DEFINITELY-- YES. The family seems preposterous. Both parents are large and bulky but supposedly Seth and a surviving brother are slender.

And in a TV interview shortly after the purported murder, there was no apparent grief, no apparent strain, no raw emotion, no tears..and both the mother and brother were breaking into duping delight smiles at certain points. HOW could this be in a real family? As you look at these clips (below) of the family RECORDED just 5 days after the incident note how strange their no-grieving body language is. With the mom, and brother even breaking into smiles/near giggles. Plus the language of parents is fishy. Sounds just like one of these scripted psyops like Sandy Hook. The mom saying OH HE WAS SUCH A GOOD HEARTED BOY AND WANTED THE WHOLE WORLD TO APPRECIATE EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY AS A GIFT OF SUNSHINE. Who talks like that 5 days after your kid was snuffed, unless you are a crisis actor pushing a tear jerker script? And the dad makes a remark that's weird about his poor soon who was just killed... The dad saying-- THEN HE TOOK TWO BULLETS IN THE BACK.... What??? That does not sound like a father talking, sounds like a cheesy line from a B-level western movie.

Usually when psyopping is suspected one or more investigative vloggers will check into gov't death records and social media history to see if that info looks real. Has anyone done that yet? It may be possible this guy is a fabricated entity, like all the "deceased" personages in the Sandy Hook story.







As for the ONGOING "Seth Rich Story" as being run in MOST alt media... here are latest links



David Horowitz - "We don't have a news media anymore; its a broken system."

begin at 5:15





Soros backed MEDIA MATTERS goes after HANNITY tries to remove sponsors; scores one



begin at 1:55 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZP09LziJ-0

VoiceOfAmerica NEWS -- The SOLE SOURCE of claims "Russia hacked DNC" has been proven grossly... NOT CREDIBLE

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begin at 1:30

The Supposed 'Russian' Hackers Finally Exposed! They are CROWDSTRIKE agents -who effected a false flag simulation....







...Tnx to Doug Hagmann for the tip on this...


SethGate - ONGOING COVERAGE -- latest info update.... Sue Duclos has more details to add

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begin at 3:30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCkffuNPNRs

Duclos: -- "Assange practically drew a map leading us to - 'Seth Rich was the leaker' ..."

MORE - Judicial Watch investigates Seth Rich murder


B-A-S Podcast - John Podesta Attacks Seth Rich Murder Investigators


Special Report from - Larry Klayman


David Seaman - Did Hillary Clinton & John Podesta Authorize Seth Rich's Murder? The Internet Thinks So.


Doug Hagmann with overview & commentary. Seasoned PI says HE BELIEVES... Seth Rich WAS --the leaker.


GOOGLE has installed many and HEAVILY CENSORING filters against searches for points of info about Seth Rich murder

FOR EXAMPLE a google search for -- "seth rich was pronounced dead at " seeking time of death ---produces NOTHING. Look for yourself NOTHING. But GOOGLE is now run by AI, there should be MANY pages showing that info. ITS FILTERED OUT.

Of note is that there is major discrepancy about time of death. One source says it was about an hour after he arrived at hospital. Other sources say he had successful ER surgery, was doing well, put into ICU and was offed several hours later by a DC cop. So its highly suspect that google affords no TIME OF DEATH INFO.

begin at 1:30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhRw39wMUPk

Fox & Sean MUZZLED! -- DeepState privately THREATENS Hannity and FoxNews over S-RICH coverup exposes - Both cower and agree to back off

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----- "Ok TO BE CLEAR, I am closer to the TRUTH than ever. Not only am I not stopping, I am working harder. Updates when available. Stay tuned!" -----

FoxNews TV anchor SEAN HANNITY nevertheless said Tuesday night that 'for now' he would not further discuss the Seth Rich case. --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PSXQJ9jujk

"Out of respect for the family's wishes, for now, I am not discussing this matter at this time," Fox News' 10 p.m. host announced-after using his radio and television programs in previous days to expose that Rich was VERY MUCH MOST LIKELY whacked as payback for leaking the politically damaging DNC emails to WikiLeaks during last year's presidential campaign. Rich was found shot to death on a sidewalk near his Washington home on July 10, 2016.


Meanwhile his cable network, the FoxNewsChannel, had officially mitigated its reportage of the Seth Rich story earlier Tuesday. The network now saying -- A May 16 article posted on the FoxNews website "was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny (they) require for all reporting," the network declared in a statement. "Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed."

The original article which sparked Hannity's crusade had claimed that "sources in the FBI" said they'd seen Rich's computer containing evidence of him corresponding with WikiLeaks prior to his murder.

"Retracted. Wow," a former Fox executive, remarked to The Daily Beast on Tuesday. FoxNews founder Roger Ailes "would brag at meetings how he was proud Fox never had to print a retraction," the former executive said.

Hannity's recent bold reporting had prompted a demand for his dismissal by the left-leaning Soros proxy group Media Matters.

The Seth Rich story had made its way to Fox's airwaves as Hannity repeatedly exposed that evidence strongly suggests -- DNC apparatchiks murdered Rich for leaking emails about Clinton and the Democratic establishment.

Hannity and FoxNews certainly aren't the only ones to report on the Seth Rich assassination "cover-up". Former Republican House speaker and Donald Trump adviser Newt Gingrich and major players in media-including Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and The Drudge Report have all given coverage too.

But Hannity suggested his own original motivation on Twitter recently: "Is it possible that one greatest lies ever told is soon exposed?" he fired off in one tweet. "If Seth was wiki source, no Trump/Russia collusion," he wrote in another.

Steele --- ZioCon NWO has taken control of Trump ...and from the shadows & CHENEY is now running the Trump presidency

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UNFOLDING MORE EACH DAY - the very sad disquieting revelation - TRUMP IS NOT independent, HE IS CONTROLLED.

ROBERT STEELE - former CIA agent: Trump is NOT in control of his administration. Zionists/CFR/NWO/Rothschild Cartel has seized the reigns...

begin at 2:45 - https://youtu.be/9YYOCNlmzAw


HOW MAY TIMES MUST TRUMP make the illuminati hand signal in public, before folks accept that this means HE'S WITH THE NWO... He's controlled.


Steele-- Israel is considerably in control of Trump and large portions of the US government. [And Israel is a wholly controlled property of the NWO Rothschild Cartel]...TRUMP IS SHOWING ALL SIGNS FOR BEING COMPLICIT WITH THE DEEP STATE. And for the ZioCons, CHENEY is now steering the White House.



*** ONGOING COVERAGE *** Truth Showdown --- War between TRUTHERS and deranged DEEP-STATE psychos - "spills out of the saloon and gets wicked in the street" so to speak... NWO in absolute panic over how the SETH RICH STORY is unraveling--

By from DTRI, Posted in Conspiracies / Conspiracy Theories

-- This unraveling destroys the whole RUSSIA RUSSIA 8 month old fiction-- and implicates in murder conspiracy... and murder coverup conspiracy... the likes of

Loretta Lynch, John Podesta, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, John Brennan, James Comey, Jim Clapper, the DC Mayor, the DC Police Chief, the Hospital where Seth Rich died, the FBI and more...

Its a heated mess so brutal and dissolute its already beyond comprehension of the politically naive.


Including another big problem for the CFR-NWO; its been exposed VIDEO FOOTAGE EXISTS at the FBI in Washington, showing a missile hit the Pentagon, NOT A PLANE.


SETEH RICH assassination story now moving so fast and hard in social media - MSM forced to try counterspinning

By from VARIOUS SOURCES, Posted in Conspiracies / Conspiracy Theories

THIS IS FROM NEWSWEEK ONLINE -- we will insert comments with "===" interruptions


Right-wing media outlets and conservative personalities-

==first off this expose story is not sole possession of conservative alt media, its a possession of TRUTHER MEDIA, let's get that straight from the start, this is truth versus coverup, not left versus right, its public versus DeepState, citizenry versus CFR-NWO Rothschild Cartel.

Right-wing media outlets and conservative personalities- many of which often have the president's ears and full attention-are demanding Donald Trump order a full investigation into the murder of Seth Rich, a former staffer for the Democratic National Convention who was fatally shot in July last year during the 2016 presidential election.

===He was not fatally shot on the street, he easily survived those injuries, he was snuffed later at the Hospital by DC police, under orders

"Anyone who doesn't suspect a political assassination, a murder with political motive, is painfully naïve," Roger Stone, said on his radio show Monday. "The question is really why the president has not ordered the FBI to take over the investigation from the D.C. Metropolitan Police. The truth is the president controls both entities, although he controls the D.C. Metropolitan Police indirectly perhaps. And it's time for a real investigation."

====This comment is itself inadvertently naive naive and misleading. FBI should take over?--the FBI is intimately involved with this whole wicked dirty coverup ALREADY, they will just do more coverup if you give them the reigns...

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, said this past week that Rich had grown wary of alleged corruption within the DNC and decided to pass along data to WikiLeaks.

===[KIM DOTCOM has said this is true, and MEGAUPLOAD was used to pass the DNC emails to wikileaks, that the whole RUSSIA HACKED story is a big lie made up by the DeepState DEM flank.]

"We have this very strange story now, this young man who worked for the Democratic National Committee who apparently was assassinated at 4 in the morning," Gingrich said Sunday. "Nobody's investigating that. And what does that tell you about what was going on? Because, it turns out it wasn't the Russians, it was this young guy who, I suspect, was disgusted by the corruption of the Democratic National Committee. He's been killed, and apparently nothing serious has been done to investigate his murder."

====NOTE: The FBI Is Not Probing DNC Staffer Seth Rich's Murder

A Fox News report last week revealed the law enforcement agents performed an analysis of the staffer's computer in the days after his shooting, revealing he had transferred over 44,000 DNC emails to someone affiliated with WikiLeaks. That exact number of emails were dumped online by wikileaks two weeks after Rich was killed.


====Note it was the DC POLICE who initially saw the emails not the FBI, so MSM is trying to squash this detail by talking about the FBI DID NOT SEE INITIALLY, you dig?--But you can be sure BY NOW they saw, and they saw plenty.

DC Metro police are trying to claim Rich's death was a robbery gone wrong. Yet he still had his phone, watch and wallet on his person when he was found by officers.

==Check this out now, despite all these weird facts brought out, THEN ....MSM DeepState whore NEWSWEEK.... goes on to outrageously say....

Still, it wouldn't be the first time someone demanded a full investigation based on a completely unfounded conspiracy theory. For example the president has repeatedly announced his intention to launch an investigation into his claim that upwards of three million people-most of them in California and other blue states-illegally voted in the 2016 election.

===Actually that's a proven fact.

Mr. Trump also spent years questioning former President Barack Obama's birth certificate despite the overwhelming evidence that the 44th president was born in Hawaii.

==="overwhelming evidence ... was born in Hawaii"??? --- Ha ha ha LOL LOL... Actually not the case at all.. and the REAL fact-- outed in 2011 by investigator Steve Sindoni, is that OBAMA has been a controlled CIA asset since youth, and he is THAI in origin, not Hawaiian nor Kenyan..... The NWO as it manifests thru its puppet MSM media is simply a massive relentless LIE machine.

THINGS are so crazy in the news lately, there is such a power war going on between Good Guys and Bad Guys, Public and DeepState, daily life is starting to feel like Mickey Rourke's 1965 movie YEAR OF THE DRAGON.

You know? Its CRAZYYYY in the streets all over the western world now cause DeepState gets more exposed each day and they are trying to fight back to retain power.

FBI has CCTV footage showing CRUISE MISSILE hit the Pentagon NOT a plane. FBI also knows "planes" at WTC were deception, were actually HOLOGRAMS. Real reason MUELLER returning to DC -is to DELETE evidence of NWO crimes- all over town

By from net, Posted in Conspiracies / Conspiracy Theories

begin at 7:15 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60G79-TLpds



Limbaugh + Others: --- FACTS OF the Seth Rich murder create suspicion COMEY conspired with CIA to promote FAKE "Russia" meme

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begin at 6:15 --- COMEY section begins at - 7:45


INCLUDED IN ABOVE CLIP is info indicating DC POLICE department was told (by whom?) to STAND DOWN on the investigation. A private investigator believes DNC and DC Mayor conspired to suppress the investigation.

ALSO INCLUDED in above clip - THE BASIS for the RUSSIA HACKING STORY is complete hearsay madness.

TM news: -- MORE ON COMEY as "Mr. Fix It". Comey is part of the DeepState oppo to Trump and has been enabling/supporting the LIE meme that "RUSSIA HACKED".



BREAKING bulletin - SHOCKING DISPATCH from Glenn Canady:

Kim Dotcom says SETH RICH used MEGA-UPLOAD to park the stolen emails before giving them to wikileaks. CCTV cams from the crime scene area have had footage wiped. A source for Glenn Canady says DNC was able to figure out SETH RICH had accessed and lifted documents from DNC because of secret "watermarks" on documents as they print out. Allegedly ONE REASON Bill Clinton and Lynch met on a plane tarmac was for Lynch to give "watermark" tracing materials to Bill. Source purportedly declares that SETH RICH was murdered by a cop who responded to the shooting scene. Said cop (who allegedly has a "Podesta connection") knew the scene was a DNC "HIT", and was ordered to finish off the wounded RICH at the hospital later on. RICH was "ok" after surgery in the ER, but the cop had the RICH recuperation room sealed off after ER surgery, and "something was done" to snuff RICH in that room. Attending doctor in the ER said Rich's initially treated wounds were "non lethal". This hacker source of Glenn's claims to have SEEN documents proving DNC had Seth Rich murdered, in conjunction with DC Mayor & DC Metro Police... and that FBI + DOJ are covering up the murder, and FBI is enabling/supporting the fake meme of RUSSIA HACKED by failing to access DNC servers and instead letting "a Ukrainian consultant of the DNC make the only claim as to what happened.". Meanwhile, as the hacker source has been inputting reporter Glenn Canady - GOV'T AGENTS have infiltrated CANDAY's computer and are deleting materials.



MORE CLIPS - Julian Assange / Rod Wheeler / Attending Physician


Luke Rudkowski:


DTRI Editor's note - A KEY REASON Mueller was appointed as the special counsel, is to protect Comey and the secret dirty crimes of the DOJ and FBI.

DNC fears "a third rate (non) robbery" may bring down the whole DNC national political machine.



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