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Judge Napolitano - Agrees.... Sessions made big mistake recusing himself over basically nothing

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Editor's note - All if this drama and the reportage about it day to day fails to focus on the central point... which is that the whole RussiaRussia psyop is a ZioCon NWO operation. Its a Zio-CFR-NWO-CIA plot to defat the nationalist-populist MAGA agenda, keep destructive globalism advancing, and keep economic warfare going upon Russia -via brutal and unfounded trade sanctions. Its part of the NWO destroy-America and destroy-Russia... ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT --TAKEOVER PLOTTING. Weaken the superpowers so they can gradually be taken over by the Rothschild NWO central banking cartel and subsumed into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT [controlled by the ZioCon brutal predator bankers]. THE RUSSIARUSSIA fake news propaganda war is part of a much bigger plot. Its vital to see the big picture to understand what's happening and why such a massive propganda campaign was mounted, involving MSM, CIA, FBI, DEMS and Rino GOPers. It was moutned to keep the implosion fo American going, and to keep the weakening of Russia also in play. Brick by brick DESTRUCTION of MAJOR POWER NATIONS so they can be melted into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT run by the Zionist Rothschild cartel. SEE THE BIG PICTURE.

New book claims to expose how the roads intersected for TRUMP and BANNON to politically team up

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ARCHIVES just after the 2016 election

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Archives INTERVIEW with Bannon in FEB 2017


Here's how the DEMOCRATS see Bannon, this is the world thru their inferential filter


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