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Winners and Losers in the tax bill now moving thru Congress

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HOW BOGUS is the emotionalized anti-gun political wave? Oh gosh its SOOOOOO bogus... READ THIS:

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It's been just over eight weeks since the FAKE HOAX of the so called LAS VEGAS MASSACRE (a staged fake drama). And as expected the anti-gun rhetoric was hauled out one more time in the NWO's continuing assault oint eh second amendment.

THE FACTS HOWEVER CONTRACT THE ANTI-GUN PUSH EVEN IF YOU NAIVELY BELIEVED ALL THESE dime a dozen (in frequency) "mass shootings" were real (which they are not; 99.999999999% of them are government staged hoaxes that the media is IN ON presenting to you "as if" real)...

Nationally, violent crime has been on the decline for more than two decades. While the last two years have shown increases in the violent crime rate, The New York Times and others have concluded that this is primarily the result of significant spikes in violent crime in certain neighborhoods in specific cities including parts of Baltimore, Chicago, and Las Vegas. This isn't indicative of a less-safe America. Moreover, it's challenging to draw comparisons between gun-laws and public safety because places like Chicago feature some of the harshest gun-laws in the country and yet they simultaneously suffer from among the worst crime and gun violence rates in the nation.

ONE READER's INPUT AND COMMENTARY: -- Every intelligent person who has looked into Sandy Hook is aware it was a false flag event. To start with the school was not in use prior to the event. This can be proven by the "Way Back machine" and google maps. Secondly the way the electronic security doors were arranged somebody had to open them for (the fioctional, non-existed' FBI-faked) "Adam Lanza" to get in. Of those pictures released, two distinctly show the bullet holes coming from outside-in not inside out. Next we have to ask why federal police were immediately at the scene and why crisis actors were present and put on TV as representing the parents. Then why were all local police barred from the scene until all of the school was knocked down and hauled away. The coroner's reports are sealed and one of the tot girls supposedly shot was photographed a few days later cheerfully in the White House with Obama. All the families moved out of the area into new houses.

Then at the next false flag event, The Boston Marathon, at least 2 repeating crisis actors (from other events) are present. WTF?

The problem for the NWO is all of the false flags in this country have been so crudely staged that most people who see all of the videos and news reports very quickly find all of the false information that has been created. That's why there is a total blackout on the Las Vegas shootings because the acoustics and eye witnesses prove the official story as fake. People aren't stupid and when there is an anti-gun false flag nobody accepts the official or fake-news story anymore.

Calls rise for FRANKEN to exit Senate

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Roy Moore to Sean Hannity: 'These Allegations are Completely False'

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Twisting the fake news VEGAS "non-event" drama into WICKED PROPAGANDA against the 2nd Amendment

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First of all the VEGAS "shooting" was another government-staged hoax, NOT a real event... and Secondly, OF COURSE there's a reason the public must be allowed to own military style weapons.. Because the 2nd amendment is ALL ABOUT the public being able to fight back against and resist a tyrannical government. Its not about duck hunting.

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