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SCARAMUCCI trips and falls badly in Tapper interview by NOT BEING PREPARED

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begin at 4:30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGDV-QT_h44

Editor's note - its been evidentially proven MANY TIMES OVER the Russians DID NOT HACK the DNC and the FBI and intel agencies are lying to propagate a psyop against Russia and against Trump. THE INTEL and FBI claims are false. The FBI never even examined the DNC servers, how could they know WHO tampered with the servers IF ANYONE? All evidence shows the DNC emails were leaked by the DNC themselves to obscure Hillary's crimes. NO HACKING OCCURRED.

Also Tapper makes the claim RUSSIA is a geopolitical foe.. Really? Says whom and based on what? RUSSIA IS NOT A GEOPOLITICAL FOE that's psyop fiction. Nonsense. This CNN stuff is sickening tripe. But also Scaramucci failed miserably in this interview by being WOEFULLY unprepared and uninformed. Horrendous mess. He was SO not ready for this interview. Terribly embarrassing.

INTRIGUING vlogger musing - Is HILLARY (covertly- in tandem with Soros, Haas, CFR, Kissinger) running the Trump presidency via CFR "handlers" Kushner, Cohn, Powell ?

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Donald Trump Exposed | Zionist Front Man | Trump CIA And Mossad Connections


Is Donald Trump deliberately destroying his own presidency - Is this part of an NWO script to put Pence in and let DJT go back to NYC


Editor's note VOX is wrong about wiretaps of Trump tower, they were definitely DONE. Also wrong about Trump "leaking sensitive intel" to Russia. POTUS can declassify whatever he wants.


2016 Presidential Election was just another NWO/CFR Psyop


ARCHIVES - Trump's August 2016 - ZIONIST CRYPTIC - Foreign Policy Speech EXPOSED - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uyk-hLgYQ-w


Proof The Current Psyop Began 30 Years Ago


Video - SCARAMUCCI takes the podium - his first full presser after taking COMM DIRECTOR job at WH

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VIDEO - begin at 3:30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgofSxiHemw



TYT has no luv for Scaramucci



Scaramucci is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is the cosmetic front for the globalist NWO very evil Rothschild Cartel. He's former Goldman Sachs, and a Wall Street Loyalist



NBC's raving bulldog - Hallie Jackson, out to be a star



Kushner 'Inadvertently Omitted,' Discloses Additional $10M in Assets




Tomi Lahren - The corrupt RINO g-o-p rode into both-house majority on MAGA coat-tails but now shows it has no guts to do THE AGENDA

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Tomi on the REFUGEE myths






Rothschild NWO CFR front group publishes list of POLITICAL NATIONALISTS it wants followers to harass

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One of the more powerful liberal propaganda houses, known as the "Anti-Defamation League", published a murder hit list Tuesday on reported "extremists" in America..

Apparently the only qualifiers for "extremism" are patriotism, the belief in small government, and support for the current president. The report put a target on ALL Trump supporters - and activists mentioned in their report..

One of the more powerful Zionist-liberal propaganda houses, known as the "Anti-Defamation League", published a harassment targets list Tuesday on so-called "Alt-Right" and "Alt-Lite" "extremists" in America. So you see alt-lite? No matter how softish and cuckish and lite you are in order to be more mainstream and avoid being hated by the masses..... YOU ARE STILL HATED and included on this miserable hit list! Can you believe this?

Apparently the only qualifiers for "extremism" are patriotism, the belief in small government, and support for the current president (according to the left).

Make no mistake about it, the ADL posted this disgusting report as a hit on ALL Donald Trump supporters.

The report is full of slanderous statements and argues that the conservative movement leaders in America today are white supremacists and anti-Semites
The ADL included popular Trump supporters Mike Cernovich, Gavin McInnes and The Gateway Pundit's Lucian Wintrich in their list.

Mike Cernovich led the Trump movement in the run-up to the 2016 election and broke numerous anti-Hillary stories.

Gavin McInnes leads the Proud Boys (a patriotic American fraternity) movement and is an extremely popular radio host at both Rebel Media and Compound Media.

Popular New Right reporter Jack Posobiec also made the list. He actually held a rally AGAINST political violence.

Lucian Wintrich is The Gateway Pundit's White House Correspondent and made the list because of his skyrocketing popularity and charisma. Lucian is a popular campus speaker and media magnate, having been profiled in dozens of publications from The New Yorker and Hollywood Reporter to several papers internationally.

Lucian Wintrich is also an open gay conservative and the grandson of a Nazi occupation survivor. Lucian's grandfather, a Jew, fled the Nazis in Poland and came to America penniless. Again - Lucian is the grandson of a Nazi occupation survivor - and yet the ADL is claiming that he is racist, anti-Semite and right-wing extremist. That is how crazy the current incarnation of the left is. If you are a patriotic American who believes in conservative values - progressives label that as "extremism".

The Jewish Zionists who infect our country, media, and government like a cancer cannot stand it when whites stand up for themselves. Calls them "White Supremacists" and "Anti-Semites".

Why is it OK for a black man to be proud of his heritage, but a white person is a "racist White Supremacist" if he/she is proud of his/her heritage and wants to see it conserved? This is the hypocrisy and insanity of the Left - and the Left is distinctly Jewish.

The end goal is the destruction of Western Christianity, and the White race in general. It's all laid out in the Kalergi-Cloudhoven Plan - people just have to take the time to research it for themselves.

The good people of the world need to wake up to the poison that is right in their midst - and stop it before it's too late. The TRUTH is anti-Semitic. Antisemitism is an informed position - a position that comes from knowing REAL history - not one built on ignorance. The fact that the ADL can publish a "hit list" exposing personal information of certain people - and there is no legal or ethical outcry - tells you all you need to know.



Author, historian & radio host Michael Savage - Blasts Trump and Bannon for failure to lead once in office

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Conservative radio host Michael Savage is slamming Steve Bannon, saying the White House chief strategist is not the architect of President Donald Trump's real message to America.

Savage's remarks came in a posting on his website.

"A new book is out detailing Bannon's effect on the campaign and the White House. Bannon is portrayed as the voice that preached nationalism, made Trump address immigration as the forefront of his candidacy, and connected him to the working class," Savage said

"Well, that's the big lie. You, my audience know the truth. Let's look at the timeline. Donald Trump first appeared on the Savage Nation, for many years. In a 2011 interview on my show, he addressed much of what he ran on; the economic unfairness of China, getting control of North Korea, the disaster that was happening in Iraq and the Middle East, how healthcare was destroying business... He was crafting his message on this program as far back as six years ago."

Savage said Bannon was in Hollywood making documentaries at the time. He noted a year later, Bannon started working for Breitbart News.

"Why do I bring this up?" Savage said. "Because we are watching the Trump administration implode right now and there's a reason for it. He's following the 'pragmatic' advice of Bannon and abandoning what he said he would do on the 'Savage Nation' radio show. I know that Donald Trump was influenced by the books I worked so hard on, particularly 'Government Zero' and 'Scorched Earth.' But now, Steve Bannon has his ear, and he's steering him in the wrong direction. Bannon's encouraging his Twitter usage, he's muddling the message, holding Trump back from true inspiring leadership."

Savage said Trump needs to get back to his earlier messages.

"Build the wall, stop all immigration for a few years, fight ISIS to the very end, stop meddling in the Middle East and get back to building America with jobs and infrastructure, attack the drug epidemic by cracking out on drug manufacturers and drug peddlers," he said. "But we're stuck on Russia, and the GOP is lost on healthcare and taxes. This is not the leadership you voted for and it's a result of listening to bad advice and ignoring what got you there."

And Savage added - "While I worked very hard to back Trump because I knew he was the only candidate who could beat Hillary [Clinton], I was very aware of [his basic] metropolitan liberal political orientation," he said. "But I believed he actually saw what the average Eddie and Edith wanted and realized their wants were in many ways the same as his. Secure borders, a healthy economy being foremost."

A shifting in legal team roles at WH for those addressing the RussiaRussia psyop

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The spokesman for President Trump's personal legal team resigned Thursday, as part of what may be a wave of changes for the president's inner circle.

The attorney who had been leading the charge for Trump's outside counsel team on the Russia investigation also will now take a lower-profile role. And there are reports that Anthony Scaramucci could be tapped for communications director -- he was meeting with the president Friday morning.


Conway on Probing Mueller Conflicts: 'What's Fair is Fair'


FAKE POLLING is part of the Anti Trump psyop... these "bad polls" are as fake as the 2016 polls


The suave side of Trump is flexed in NYT interview where he deftly deflates the puff of the RussiaRussia political psyop

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How the NWO is using Turmp presidency psyop to screw USA - "New Defections Signal end to Health Ins Bill"

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BY NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING-ts ben apparent for a while the Trump presidency is a "strategy of tension" NWO psyop







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