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The Trump Feud with NBC's "news" division.... heats up

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[NEWSMAX] -- President Donald Trump renewed his feud with NBC News, and raised questions about challenging the "license" of that network....

(Editor's note --- there is no licensing system for networks. Only for their owned and operated stations)

The presidential tweets follow an NBC News report that claimed Trump had sought what amounted to a nearly tenfold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal during a summer meeting with national security leaders.

Trump on Wedneday blasted a new NBC News story claiming he had called for a tenfold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal. He writes on Twitter that with all the "Fake News" coming out of "NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License?"

The Federal Communications Commission mandates licenses for individual radio and television stations, but not for a content feeding program network.

Trump already had been pushing back against an earlier NBC News claim that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson considered resigning during the summer and that Tillerson had called Trump a "moron."

NWO worldwide DEEP STATE going berserk over OUTING of its Vegas shooting hoax

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As for who Steve Paddock is or was or if he was real at all - various theories swirl, but bottom line, he didn't shoot in Vegas, it was a staged hoax





AMBUSH TV gaming is NOT "journalism" ANCHORS browbeating guests demanding they "should say this" or "should say that", is not journalism ITS AGITPROP

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Also, the FACTS ARE, Soros sent paid agitators to Charlottesville to stage rioting, and his paid KKKers and paid ANTIFA arrived on the same buses! As for the CAR ATTACK it was a fake staged hoax. So what exactly is ABC NEWS worth? Not a farthing!

Mark Dice has video to prove it -- CNN and MSNBC are becoming more mentally delusional EVERY DAY... seriously NUTS

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Editor's note... nobody died at Charlottesville OR at Charleston Church Drama.. all of these nonsense tabloid events are STAGED PSYOP HOAXES run by the NWO for social agitation. THEY WANT TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER, have Americans fighting each other INSTEAD of fighting and dissolving the NWO cartel. Its sucker punch fearporn hoaxing.


Meanwhile MSNBC's certifiably demented host/propagandist RACHEL MADDOW, is still peddling the FAKE "DOSSIER" about Trump-Russia. DOES ANYBODY STILL NOT KNOW, it was proven to be a fake fabrication by gov't propaganda agents...Hmmmm? This woman is completely bonkers ... We only sample her occasionally and have to FORCE ourselves thru several minutes. She's many times worse to listen to than that MOST IRRITATING RELATIVE at a family holiday dinner.


Did you see FoxCable's THE FIVE Wed evening? IF NOT, catch it here, very entertaining and insightful commentary...

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GENERAL HUMOR - opening remarks


ABOUT TRUMP TUES RALLY -- begin video at 11:00





begin at 4:30



Meanwhile MSNBC's certifiably demented (yet popular) show host/propagandist RACHEL MADDOW, is still peddling the FAKE "DOSSIER" about Trump-Russia. DOES ANYBODY STILL NOT KNOW, it was proven to be a fake fabrication by gov't propaganda agents...Hmmmm? This woman is completely insane. And we constantly chortle at her presentation style... its like she's trying to do PAUL HARVEY, if Paul Harvey were a giddy lesbian, and someone intellectually-mentally demented. You yourself have to be mentally unstable to find this woman's disturbed prattle listenable and interesting... We only sample her occasionally and have to FORCE ourselves thru several minutes. She's many times worse to listen to than that MOST IRRITATING RELATIVE at a family holiday dinner. LOL


AND HERE'S MORE MSNBC mental hysteria (or as Mark Levin calls it, "MSDNC"...LOL).. --- which we present for your amusement only (Goodness knows WE sure don't take this network's content seriously -hope for your own mental clarity you don't either)

THE MERE BASIS OF THIS CLIP IS HILARIOUS.... Its unhinged ranting loose cannon CHRIS MATTHEWS... having a chat fest with writers for Politico and The Washington Post. The face value humor of that is conspicuous. Its like having a chat about how to eat well daily -with the makers of poisoned apples for the Wicked Witch of the West. LOL. Like we say, its for amusement only. Oh and we should warn you, these loons are chatting about (hold on to your hat) whether the Prez is mentally fit... LOL LOL.... AS IF THEYYYY have any qualifications whatsoever at all to judge whether ANYBODY..is mentally fit. LOL LOL.... They are the clear embodiment of Gutfeld's joke about seeking to have a Koala Bear perform in a Shakespearean play. Somehow.... its just not going to be time well spent for the audience.

begin at 3:35 -- https://youtu.be/mK_jRlC8JDo

PS -- Chris' statement that Trump will destroy the US economy by having a few days of gov't fiscal shutdown is nothing short of hysterical lying.

PPS -- Clapper is an NWO criminal who is known for a fact to have boldly lied to congress about domestic spying, and thus committed perjury, for which he was never prosecuted.

"Brand name media" -so whacked, even in reporting on FAKE NEWS, they create... MORE FAKE NEWS

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EVEN NEWSMAX and FOX are full of a lotta fake news like the rest of 'em!

A "By Wanda Carruthers" piece on Newsmax says this today, Monday:

***President Donald Trump tweeted his displeasure with "fake news" as he neared the end of what he had called his "working vacation," The Hill reported. "Heading back to Washington after working hard and watching some of the worst and most dishonest Fake News reporting I have ever seen!" Trump tweeted.

The president's "working vacation" turned out to be amply eventful as he dismissed chief strategist Steve Bannon, responded to the violent protests that took place last weekend in Charlottesville, Va., and contended with North Korea's continued threat involving their nuclear weapons program. Bannon was let go on Friday following reports of infighting with other White House staff. He returned to his previous position as head of conservative news website Breitbart. In Charlottesville, one woman was killed when an alt-right activist drove his car into leftist protesters. Trump was soundly criticized for not providing a harsh enough response to the white supremacists' participation in the event. ***

NOW ACTUALLY everything in this "report" except for Trump's tweet, is absurd fake news. Here we go one by one

1) Trump did not dismiss Bannon, Bannon resigned two weeks earlier. That's why he was already back at Breitbart Friday. It had been planned for 2 weeks. Yes Bannon had been having friction with others in the WH but he was not "dismissed" and nobody at the WH said he was "dismissed". FAKE NEWS.

2) In Charlottesville NOBODY WAS KILLED... The supposed car attack was an NWO psyop hoax (proven forensically, see multiple stories about it here on DTRI under the tab- psyops). The relentlessly repeated meme that somebody was killed by a car is absolutely-- FAKE NEWS.

3) Even in the false narrative given by NWO-MSM media, its not accurate that the alleged driver of the car was alt-right. Just to mind scramble the public the actual allegation in the psyop narrative provided was that he was a leftie, Hillary Supporter. But either way, the car attack was a staged hoax. Not a real event. The whole topic is FAKE NEWS.

4) The news writer implies it is or was some kind of DUTY or OBLIGATION for a POTUS to provide a "sufficiently harsh" rhetorical response to news events that are controversial (be they real news events or fake news). No such duty or obligation is incumbent on the office holder. He can say nothing about a controversial news event, he is under no obligaiton to comment. And frankly we think any sitting POTUS should valiantly resist the lure to comment on ANY news events, on ANY. He is an adminstrator, not a pundit. Unless campaigning for election or re-election, we think he should leave the punditry about unfolding news events to others. Why do we need his opinion or interpretation, don't we have minds of our own. Don't you? And of course its the MSM propagandists who want to drag a POTUS into the pundit game, then slam him for not saying what they want him to say. This is another propagandist device of the FAKE NEWS media. Its ridiculous nonsense for the purpose of emotionally hysterical propagandizing.

4) The MSM FAKE NEWS media-- every time they use the term WHITE SUPREMACISTS are spreading fake news propaganda. The existence of actual WHITE SUPREMACISTS as a political advocacy faction is infinitesimally infinitesimally small. Statistically negligible. Just like the sovereign citizen movement. Statistically negligible. The FAKE NEWS media just wants to emotionalize and confuse you in using the term, and when they use the term of course they are implying it means antagonistic racism.


THIS IS ALL FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA. In fact, at Charlottesville, a rally about one thing was poisoned into something else when "radical" far right protesters were coaxed to undermine it by showing up with agitation signs. Then the FAKE NEWS media used this as an excuse to portray the original marchers as hateful racists. All of this is NWO agitation propaganda. IN FACT, what is a real "conservative" view in the nation at this time (held by many) is cultural preservation, not racism advocacy. Its not about skin color its about resisting cultural dilution from excessive immigration from foreign and divergent cultures. But the FAKE NEWS media never tells you this and in fact, propagandistically, constantly asserts the opposite. FAKE FAKE NEWS!

Its rampant in ALL flavors of brand name media. So beware, and be discerning and do your own homework on controversial topics


MICHAEL SAVAGE news analysis and commentary


A Saturday Report says Bannon wasting no time in re-championing POPULIST NATIONALISM thru media - says he plans BREITBART NEWS TV channel

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MEANWHILE - Today the Bolshevik MSM Media showed who their next target is: Evangelical Christians on Pres Trump's team...


Fans of lies & hateful fantasy ~~FAKE NEWS TV~~ ... surge ratings for MSNBC

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A steady diet of CFR-CIA-NWO-DeepState **PROPAGANDA"" and lies

This next video below is the muddled menu of distortions, gossip, innuendo, slander, hate propaganda, and flat out lies... that people watching MSNBC are feeding on. The entire content of the network can be boiled down to one thing. Hour after hour after hour ALL of its content boils down to one implied statement it just keeps saying over and over and over and over... the calumnious accusation - HE's A RACIST ! -- HE's A RACIST ! -- HE's A RACIST ! -- HE's A RACIST ! -- HE's A RACIST ! -- HE's A RACIST ! -- HE's A RACIST ! --

That's all they say all day. And they are still, one can be sure, trying to figure out a way to imply that not wanting to start a war with Russia, ALSO means, HE's A RACIST ! --

You have to live in a warped emotional mindset if you want to feed on this nonsense, but FYI here is a sample of it - RACHEL MADDOW 8/16/17


Notice that the network obviously doesn't give a hang in heck whether Americans have jobs and income to put food on the table, they would rather do an all day version of WEEKLY WORLD NEWS tabloid fantasy



What's worse than stupid about this TV fan base feeding on this nonsense is there is no logical point to their fervor. Because, what do they really want in seeking a Trump ouster?-- to have PRESIDENT PENCE?-- a neocon war machine cuck who will bring horrific new ZioCon warfare into play? Is that the mad aim they have? Or are they just simply.. NOT THINKING. Hmmmmm


PS--A quick reminder CHARLOTTESVILLE CAR ATTACK was not a real event, as you should already realize, it was just another absurd agitprop psyop hoax. Nobody died, nobody was injured, CAR ATTACK was just a movie with special effects, a psyop hoax. AND BTW so was Barcelona, a staged psyop hoax.

====== A NOTE NEWS CLARIFICATION THOUGH.... just because a hate-America unwitting-Bolshevik fan base has swelled around MSNBC do not erroneously construe this represents a majority sentiment in the nation. IT DOES NOT...

PBS Just Did A Poll on Confederate Monuments And Were Jolted By What Americans Really Think

Once again, without the help of manufactured dissent and Soros funded protesters, the Leftists are sent reeling by what the vast majorities really think. [Unwitting marxists are like spoiled children throwing tantrums STILL, 9 months after the lost election].

There has been a recently renewed vigor in the debate regarding whether monuments and statues commemorating the Confederacy have any business being in the public sphere, as some people find them offensive and others view them as historical relics.

While the left - with help from the media - would have you believe that virtually "everybody" in the country wants to see the Confederate statues taken down, or at least moved to a museum or some other site, a recent poll from Marist, NPR and PBS NewsHour fully indicates otherwise.

The August 2017 Marist poll asked "Do you think statues honoring leaders of the Confederacy should: Remain as a historical symbol, Be removed because they are offensive, or are Unsure."

Far from the impression that media has provided, 62 percent of adults think the statues should remain, while only 27 percent think they should be removed and 11 percent remained unsure on the topic...."


The malaise of the SHEEPLE mindset and its foolish belief in Mainstream so- called NEWS MEDIA"

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DTRI Editorial comment....

First off we do not believe 82% of Americans are fearful of NUKE WAR possibility. That's bunk, and just more evidence of fake polls. We would estimate the number to be like 15%. Nobody rational believes we are heading for a global nuke war. If you are rational and well informed you realize instantly all this nonsense over NK is just a bogus psyop drama of fearporn. NK is controlled by the same ppl that control America, the Rothschild ZionCon NWO Banking Cartel (sometimes more glamorously called the illuminati). They failed to get public backing for a full scale USA assault on Syria so this is their new psyop toy of the moment. Its nonsense. Do yourself a favor --TURN OFF MSM, its nothing but NWO propaganda fearporn, whether left or right. Polls are fake to articulate false consensus imagery. And 95% of the fear inspiring news is simply psyop nonsense, fabricated fake news dramas. TUNE THAT MSM NONSENSE OUT. Please do yourself and the rest of the nation a favor and cleanse your mind. FLEE MSM. And STOP BELIEVING the nonsense they spew. Goodness! Its like still believing SANDY HOOK really happened. Please, that's like so 1950s...LOL.. Wake up ppl !! Wake up... The fearporn news is FAKE.

REGARDING THE NK PSYOP an intelligent reader writes:

Kim acts like a spoiled child and the world treats him as that spoiled child that should be set straight. He knows that and he uses that to his full advantage. The rest of the world is talking about him, not with him. Hmmmn Maybe we should stop doing that.

War impacts everyone and everything, loved ones, maybe your own life, economically, socially. It will not improve your life, just worsen it.

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