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NBC's news division not only now RUN BY a fruitcake Zio-Gay, but a toxic workplace of obscenity and bullying

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NBC Nitely News has lost top ratings tier to ABC's Muir, and the morning shows are lately in recurring scandals... thank a zionist fruitcake DeepState gatekeeper for the bad management



NBC execs & staffers are LYING -- many knew for a long time... about LAUER

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TODAY Co Hosts Knew About Matt Lauer Allegations, Variety Reporter Tells CNN



Of course in obsessive fashion, nutty MSM will now to rewind every interview Lauer ever did and find some untoward spin to it.





NBC suddenly fires MATT LAUER ~ wild details immediately surface - OVERVIEW & QUESTIONS RAISED

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UPDATE - Lauer was fired suddenly and quickly because when confronted with various "accusations" (according to NBC) he did not deny them. AMONG THE ACCUSATIONS now unfurling are charges of rape:

Begin at 3:20 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuMhTb2rxpY








[Newsmax] -- NBC News fired "Today" show host Matt Lauer for what it said Wednesday was "inappropriate sexual behavior" with a colleague, making him perhaps the most familiar figure in America brought down so far by the misconduct allegations that have swept through Hollywood and the media over the past two months. At NBC, news chief Andrew Lack said in a memo to the staff that NBC received a complaint about Lauer's behavior on Monday and determined it was a clear violation of company standards. NBC said the misconduct started when Lauer and a network employee were stationed at the Sochi Olympics in 2014 and continued beyond that assignment. Lauer becomes the second TV morning host in a week to lose his job over sexual misconduct allegations. CBS News fired morning host Charlie Rose after several women who worked for him complained about his behavior. Messages to Lauer and his agent were not immediately returned, and the network did not say whether he denied or admitted to any wrongdoing.





Lauer, 59, has essentially been the king of television morning news since first being paired with Katie Couric on "Today" in 1997 and is one of the highest-paid figures in the industry. Ari Wilkenfeld, the lawyer for Lauer's accuser, praised NBC for acting "quickly and responsibly" in response to the morning host's "egregious acts of sexual harassment and misconduct." The attorney did not identify his client. There were reports that, before the firing, some media organizations were looking into Lauer's behavior. He is married with three children. According to NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik, Lauer's alleged misconduct for which NBC fired him, reportedly occurred during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.



DISH NATION on Lauer losing popularity over recent years


[USA TODAY] -- MEANWHILE: Hours after Lauer's announced firing, Variety published results of a two-month investigation focusing on three women who identified themselves as victims of sexual harassment. The women wish to remain anonymous for fear of professional repercussion. They are said to detail how Lauer used his position of power over NBC employees who would be reticent to complain because of his prominent position at NBC. Variety interviewed dozens of former and current staff, and reports "work and sex were intertwined" for Lauer, who developed a pattern of inviting women late at night to his hotel room while covering the Olympics over the years, and to his secluded office within 30 Rockefeller Center. In one instance, Lauer allegedly summoned a female employee to his office and exposed himself to her, before reprimanding her for declining to engage in a sexual act.



NIKKI SWIFT's 6min review of the 'DOUBLE SIDED story' of Matt Lauer:


[DTRI] -- ONE HAUNTING QUESTION IS -- Did Hillary Clinton possibly have investigators dig up dirt on Matt, leak the dirt, and consequently get Matt fired? SHE WAS KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN LIVID over the confrontational interview Matt did with her during the 2016 prez campaign.








(Note - Its been solidly revealed RUSSIA did NOT hack DNC emails, the DNC leaked its own emails to cloud the email controversy)



AND -- was Charlie Rose possibly targeted because after the Trump win in 2016, Rose gave Bernie Sanders a forum to pitch that HE Sanders (not Clinton) should be the ideological compass of the DEM party's future?



During the above interview, Sanders strongly implied that CLINTON lacked the ideological and moral grounding to shape the party's near term future.



Its well known sexual misconduct has long been rampant in the halls of power and prominence. Any array among HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of male abusers-- COULD have recently been brought forth. So logically one must ask WHY THESE specific people.... are recently being taken out of big media positions... SIMULTANEOUS to the much talked about recent campaigns of 'news & current affairs' censorship at Google and Youtube?

Let's review: --- Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly get fired. Megyn Kelly gets bought out, shuttles from Fox over to NBC and is now interviewing cake bakers in a tepid talkfest. Sean Hannity gets put on notice and on the defensive. Scott Pelley gets removed (with no explanation- Who knows why?). Kevin Spacey, star of a show constantly exposing DC corruption, gets taken down. Then two top 'mainstream' news and interview anchors get taken out - Rose and Lauer...

Were O'Reilly, Lauer, Spacey, Ailes, Weinstein, Bolling, and Rose all guilty as charged? Possibly. Maybe even probably. BUT so far none of the charges voiced has been subjected to full due process ... AND WHY ARE THESE SPECIFIC PEOPLE getting taken down and bunched together in a purge so recently? MOST OF THESE WOMEN COMING FORWARD are not just some totally spontaneous random swell of 'female courage' surging forth. To believe that would be acute naivete. Most female victims of misconduct abuse do NOT want to go public and prefer to let sleeping dogs lie. Coming forward is very painful and brings a lot of collateral damage along with it. IT TAKES SOME KIND OF PUSH to get women to come forward. Somehow certain women have been coaxed forward to target CERTAIN celebrities in recent weeks/months. If you are a good Sherlock Holmes, your detective mind must AT LEAST ask -- WHY THESE SPECIFIC PEOPLE -- recently? WHY THEM, WHY NOW? Why not target a bunch of big execs at devious and bloated BANKS on Wall Street? Hmmm?...


THE HOT 17 swept up in the MOST RECENT accusation tsunami: -- 17. David Sweeney - National Public Radio Chief News Editor ~ 16. Garrison Keillor - National Public Radio Icon ~ 15. Matt Lauer - NBC News Anchor ~ 14. Charlie Rose - CBS/PBS News Anchor ~ 13. Glenn Thrush - New York Times White House Correspondent ~ 12. Mark Halperin - Bloomberg/NBC News Commentator ~ 11. Lockhart Steele - Editorial Director Vox Media ~ 10. Unnamed Employee - Vox Media ~ 9. David Corn - MSNBC Contributor/Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones ~ 8. Michael Oreskes - Senior Vice President and Editorial Director for NPR ~ 7. Leon Wiesletier - Three Decades as Literary Editor at the New Republic ~ 6. Hamilton Fish - Publisher New Republic ~ 5. Matt Taibbi - Rolling Stone ~ 4. Jann Wenner - Rolling Stone Owner ~ 3. Ian Prior - Senior Editor the Guardian ~ 2. Unnamed Guardian Employee ~ 1. Matt Sullivan - Guardian


Could it be some kind of 'establishment powers that be in the shadows' are purging TV/film celebs who render air-time/film-time to anti-establishment views? The question begs to be asked. The mere selection of WHO has been recently scandalized strongly suggests .... someone (likely some cadre of people) has an agenda, and a hit list. The Sherlock Homes curiosity would be... Who is it? And to what purpose(s)?

THE PURGE likely has the intent to abet MULTIPLE purposes, some of which may be righteous and some of which may be the opposite. Because the best way to conceal evil aims is to connect and frost them with obviously righteous issues. As for evil/hidden purposes afoot -- one seems an aim to create an hysterical emotionalism in society wherein A MERE ACCUSATION renders you guilty in the popular view. ....And impacts you with the consequences of the accusation (which is not yet proven). It seems clear and salient that ONE PURPOSE of the the "agenda" we are seeing 'will out', is to demean and damage due process for addressing criminal accusations.



THE PROMOTED EMOTIONALISM IS: ---- Once you're accused, you're automatically guilty in the public view. That is obviously SOMEBODY's aim here. One aim in a bucket of aims which make up an "agenda" we are seeing play out. Certainly abused women deserve proper response and society deserves protection from misconduct. But one can easily smell here, this JUSTICE FOR WOMEN issue is being deviously clipped on like a bow tie, over and above a conspicuous aim to promote the idea of "guilty upon accusation".

POTUS levels more Twitter blasts at CNN, Time Warner, and AT&T

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President Trump praised Fox News and ripped CNN on over the weekend, saying on Twitter that Fox News is more credible and important than CNN ... IN THE USA.

"Fox News is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside of the U.S., CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth from them!" the president said in a tweet.

Trump's tweet is his latest attack on CNN, which he branded earlier this year as as a rampant purveyor of "fake news."

The tweet comes amid tensions over a potential merger between AT&T and CNN parent company Time Warner. The Justice Department allegedly told AT&T to sell off either CNN's parent company or DirecTV as a condition of approving the merger. The department formally sued AT&T to block the $85 billion merger on Monday, arguing that it would hurt competition and consumers. AT&T has denied it has offered to sell the cable network, or that it would in the future.

Trump railed against the merger on Tuesday, telling reporters it would be bad for the U.S. "Personally, I've always felt that that was a deal that's not good for the country," the president said.

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