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Starting Monday FOX NEWS will abandon their loyal viewers and begin maneuvering into globalist content

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There's a fearsome storm of COUPS overtaking America. But in this wave of "cooing" the only pigeons are the horribly naive, foolishly trusting American Sheeple.... who sadly won't see the handwriting on the wall, till the wall becomes an electrified prison of the New World Order.


COUP NUMBER ONE - The Political Coup

In recent weeks the populist nationalism which rode into Washington on Trump's coat-tails, was shown the door, as Team Trump deliberately fumbled the health insurance bill, wrote a travel pause order sure to be roadblocked in court, then fired rockets of betrayal against honesty, conscience and principle. Shockingly next, charges were immorally initiated upon courageous whistleblower Julian Assange, whose outing of Hillary's treason literally cleared the path for a Trump election victory...... Its really happening people, the NWO political coup at the White House. The clandestine NWO coup over the Trump presidency (led by Michael Glassner, Dina Powell, Gary Cohn, Jared Kushner, and the neocon faction of the CIA)... is many many weeks in progress now, and continuing daily.

FBI Whistle-Blower: Trump White House Has Been COMPROMISED ... "Jared Kushner is batting for the other team."

begin at 5:25 -- https://youtu.be/4qaVwFuCU28

When the NYT has shifted to doing PR for Trump, trying to make him look more "thoughtful & stable"... you KNOW something is really wrong in Denmark:









COUP NUMBER TWO - The News Media Coup

This campaign is transpiring in the Halls of FOX, and is run by James Murdoch, son of Rupert, and now the incumbent CEO of FOX. What you've been told you've been seeing is not what you've been seeing. When POTUS campaign debates began (2015) aging Rupert Murdoch covertly tasked Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Megyn Kelly with aiming GOTCHA arrows at Trump, conniving "slant" efforts to subvert Trump's viability. The trio of cash-spoiled anchors willingly whored and did as requested. .... In Spring 2016 James and Rupert Murdoch unethically ousted Andrea Tantaros for being "too positive about Trump". Shortly thereafter James Murdoch hired a Democrat Law Firm to build a smearing hit-piece blue-book on Roger Ailes, and force him out. The Law Firm's "investigation" never went so far as to even interview Ailes.

And now (just weeks ago), James Murdoch covertly conspired with the Soros left, instigated a scandal campaign, and once again formed a hit-piece blue-book, thus forcing Bill O'Reilly out(*). .... WHAT'S THE POINT OF ALL THIS? To screw the public which made FoxNews the top cable newser. Literally to betray and screw them over. You see at root, the Murdoch family ideology isn't too poetic or philosophical. Its merely about money, and power. And as populist nationalism has risen, they've decided to throw in with those more their ilk than- "the common man". They're aligning with the ruthless billionaire plutocrats. AKA--The globalist Big Brother New World Order Rothschild illuminati cartel..... Soooo... coming soon to a TV screen near you will be--- "FoxNews Channel 2.0 Reboot--Now supercharged with Orwellian Globalist Content --and totally transgender friendly". (We kid you not, Tucker Carlson will have Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner on as a guest Monday)... Guess James Murdoch rolls with the attitude, if you're gonna screw your public do it so brazenly and rapidly, when they get up off the side of the road, they won't even be sure what happened. Did Fox just batter them, or are they simply shocked to realize they are racist, sexist, conspiracy nut, white supremecist deplorables? Were they run over by betrayal, or have they had a rude awakening to see... they're wicked for not enthusing to hug, kiss, trade RESIST t-shirts, and share public restrooms with pre-therapy, acutely confused gender-neurotics. ---

Now-- UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED-- Fox distorts.... You decide!









(*) One intel source declares to us Bill O'Reilly has for a long time had a secret deal with CIA to "not attack them" on the air. And (if this is true) he is thus IN PART a controlled CIA asset, then it is assumable the reason he left the building calmly at Fox and took the payout without a fight- is because he was TOLD TO BY THE CIA.

Rachel Maddow is a deranged loon infecting the public with an hysterical "victimization" ...neurotic-obsession

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This woman is insane, she can't even read the tea laves in an obvious situation


On his FoxNews show Friday, Tucker Carlson was quick to point out that the Venezuelan people are actually upset about the poverty, and lack of food since the NWO-created a 'race to the bottom' price war over oil prices, a price war the launched deliberately to harm Russia and Venezuela in any and every way possible. And that advocates for Venezuela now seek to remove oppressive sanctions Obama imposed, which are harming their economy.

"There's no toilet paper or meat there. The currency is worthless. The murder rate is perhaps the highest in the world." Tucker said. "It's a disaster in Venezuela."

"So given all of this, who did MSNBC blame for the turmoil there? If you guessed Donald Trump, give yourself a prize."


Meanwhile, elsewhere on the TV dial, neurotically effeminized Bill Maher is on a campaign to promote the NWO-Zionist social agenda of castrating the American culture


And CNN's Arwa Damon (an NWO/Zionist embed propgandist) promotes the absurd myth that the USA's evil corporatocracy-driven meddling in the Mideast is due to ... "humanitarian" concerns...


MSM is ever more nauseating to an extreme degree...

Its official --- Fox's O'REILLY FACTOR goes off the air.... Fox is cutting BILL O' loose

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The salacious hidden details of the Bill O'Reilly phone sex



Was O'Reilly forced out by a harassment campaign run by George Soros?




The lamestream press has gone absolutely unequivocally MAD looney raving nuts

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WATTERS -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuKF_D8skww

Other weekend news clips:

Outrage over sanctuary cities heats up

COULTER - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VucxR16eIO4

PIRRO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPZUZ-CiuuE

Kellyanne Conway talks progress made by President Trump

CONWAY - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meCraYvJKF4

ROGER STONE TURNS BACK 13 minutes of nonstop lying by Bill Maher


Archives - BOLLING - the left's socialist / globalist agenda


Ted Koppel versus America's Public common sense.... the fight heats up

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Koppel vs Hannity


Loesch: Ted Koppel one of the most biased anchors in America


Malkin: Koppel interview exposed the liberal media elitists


Koppel vs O'Reilly

Archives 2016 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpIsIcH-eBE

Koppel vs Trump





ABC News "covers" for Hillary Clinton's connection to Pedogate

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In talking about Pizzagate/Pedogate scandal today, ABC radio network news called Pizzagate an imaginary conspiracy theory "falsely liked to Hillary Clinton". Hmm is that like the pay for play scandal "falsely linked" to Hillary Clinton.


Geesh.... How do you spell -- PRESSTITUDES ?!

And crappy network ABC was just ripping and reading from Reuters - look:

(Reuters) - A North Carolina man pleaded guilty on Friday to opening fire in a Washington pizzeria that fake news reports claimed housed a child sex ring linked to 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

*AND in case you didn't know, REUTERS is owned/controlled by the NWO Rothschilds. Get the picture? The FAKE NEWS is the coverup, of which the fake "shooting" was/is a part. PSYOPS! So complicated. Layers inside of layers of lies and deceptions.



Lionel: "Mainstream News" is trying to tell you the REAL FACTS of the CIA spying scandal are impossible to be true

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begin at 23:40 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmBXjUd2I8U


PROJECT CLARITY - Wikileak Mindblowing Vault 7 Dump: Trump Knew Before His Tweet. This Is Horrifying! MSM Media Downplays, walks from quickly!


BILL BINNEY - The NSA is spying on all Americans at all times every day. but the "permission" for this can be removed by Trump rescinding merely one part of ONE EXECUTIVE ORDER

begin at 7:50 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLVh7EJ5pMI

RELATED OTHER - Kellyanne battles Chris Wallace over corruption and madness of the "mainstream" media


Even so called objective "news about FAKE NEWS, is tainted. GOOODNESS!

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The Newsmax summary of the poll goes like this:

More than one in three Americans agree with President Donald Trump's assertions that the media is the enemy of the people, according to the latest Suffolk University/USA Today poll.

Further, more than four in 10 agree with the president that the media is biased against him, according to the poll.

The results among registered voters:

34 percent agree media is the enemy of the people.
59 percent disagree.
42 percent say media biased against Trump.
48 percent think media holding Trump accountable.

Another positive for Trump is that 52 percent said they believe the economy is in a state of recovery - up 9 points since December and 18 points since September.

"While that may not seem like a milestone finding, it actually is," wrote David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center for USA Today. "Back in September, only a third of voters chose economic recovery from a list of responses to a question about the state of the economy.

"In December, the number swelled to 43 percent, but it never rose to or above 50 percent, despite repeated claims by economists that the Great Recession ended in March 2009."

Further, 55 percent of those surveyed said the president has shown leadership in his first 40 days in office.

Though Trump has an approval rating of 47 percent, according to the poll, voters are nearly dead even on approval of his policies.

Those results:

46.3 percent approve of his polices.
45.8 percent disapprove of his policies.
7.9 percent are undecided.

The nationwide survey of 1,000 voters was conducted March 1-5 using live telephone interviews of households where respondents indicated they were registered to vote. The margin of error is +/-3 percentage points at a 95 percent level of confidence.

=== HERE's the first obvious problem: -- Mr. Trump NEVER SAID "The media is the enemy of the people" --he said FAKE NEWS in media was. IF the pollsters had asked the question as -- IS FAKE NEWS IN MEDIA AN ENEMY OF THE POLE, result would likely have been 96% yes. So another greatly disquieting distortion...

The new version of "yellowcake / Niger" fake news... is the fake news about 'Russia hacking' & 'subverting'... Its all FAKE 'intel' and FAKE 'news'

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The absurdity of the RUSSIA TAMPERED story is self -evident to a critical thinking mind. But not to crying snowflakes who just cannot get over the HRC loss. RUSSIA MANIPULATED THE ELECTION? Really? SO when DJT kept getting rally crowds of 30,000 ppl while HRC could not even fill a gymnasium with handfuls of hundreds, so those 30,000 person crowds were all Russians??? And as for the hacking accusation - there was nothing to hack vis a vis the election. The computers used to tabulate voting are not activated till the nite of the vote. In point of fact... the only successful attempt to distort election results which has been proven is the fact of the DEMS pushing into the system over 3 million imprints of registered voters... who were names of deceased people. SO isn't it time to articulate the *reasons* the 'RUSSIA interfered' nonsense --is abject absurdity? And also to indicate how this nonsense is being injected and perpetuated in the MSN? Its being processed thru renegade sections of the CIA and their Op Mockingbird embeds in key MSM positions. Sad to say its past high-time to call all that all out...




And BTW a note of reminder: We at DTRI said way back months ago during the election campaign, NYT, WaPo, CNN, NBC needed to be exposed as fake news. SO our point here is the sooner America takes its uncomfortable medicine of realizing what's actually going on, the better. Treating the CIA as if its sacrosanct and is ONE CIA is wrong and misleading There are 7 subclusters of cadres in the CIA and the majority of them have become subversive entities operating as a shadow realm for their own purposes, not in service to America. The sooner that uncomfortable fact is faced and addressed/remedialized -the better.

https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4659065/sen-al-franken-questioning-attorney-general-nominee-jeff-sessions-russia-influence-2016-elections -- (as for references made by Franken to accusations of 'matters' in an "intel dossier"... such alleged matters have since been proven to be- unquestionably "fake" intel)

Because not only are those rogue sections promoting the lies about Russia, they are also trying to walk the USA (on the back of false claims) back into full blown wars in Iraq and Syria.


WHY? Moneymaking... War is a business.

Also an obvious question not being voiced enough these days is... If the DEMS are so OUT FOR JUSTICE why do they not want HRC tried & convicted and not want to LOCK HER UP? In the forum of public exposure she's been proven guilty of treason about 50 times over already. Why is that not disturbing the DEMS more than vague, unsubstantiated, wild, vague accusations aimed at the sitting prez?

Oh that's right because the DEMS are only about HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE. That is how maniacal, subjective, self justifying and blind they have become.

NWO run NSA / CIA have been corrupting MSM news for decades to merely be evil propganda

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