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New Strain of VD going around for which there is reportedly NO CURE

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The clap is clapping back.


A new strain of gonorrhea is infecting patients all over the world - and the World Health Organization is sending a warning that this mutant "super gonorrhea" is not treatable by current means.

About 78 million people catch gonorrhea every year - but the new antibiotic-resistant strain developed through a mistreatment of gonorrhea bacteria left in the throat after oral sex. Gonorrhea in the throat often looks like strep throat, so doctors prescribe standard antibiotics, which then mix with the bacteria, creating antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea.

Both of the current antibiotics used to treat gonorrhea - ceftriaxone and azithromycin - are becoming increasingly ineffective against the new strain.

"The bacteria evolve(d) to resist them," said agency Medical Officer Dr. Teodora Wi.

U.S. authorities have had some success against gonorrhea by using both ceftriaxone and azithromycin - but it's unclear how long such a regimen will deter the super gonorrhea.

NWO's chemically toxinated & GMO bastardized food - causing cancer epidemic in young Americans

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