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The malaise of the SHEEPLE mindset and its foolish belief in Mainstream so- called NEWS MEDIA"

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DTRI Editorial comment....

First off we do not believe 82% of Americans are fearful of NUKE WAR possibility. That's bunk, and just more evidence of fake polls. We would estimate the number to be like 15%. Nobody rational believes we are heading for a global nuke war. If you are rational and well informed you realize instantly all this nonsense over NK is just a bogus psyop drama of fearporn. NK is controlled by the same ppl that control America, the Rothschild ZionCon NWO Banking Cartel (sometimes more glamorously called the illuminati). They failed to get public backing for a full scale USA assault on Syria so this is their new psyop toy of the moment. Its nonsense. Do yourself a favor --TURN OFF MSM, its nothing but NWO propaganda fearporn, whether left or right. Polls are fake to articulate false consensus imagery. And 95% of the fear inspiring news is simply psyop nonsense, fabricated fake news dramas. TUNE THAT MSM NONSENSE OUT. Please do yourself and the rest of the nation a favor and cleanse your mind. FLEE MSM. And STOP BELIEVING the nonsense they spew. Goodness! Its like still believing SANDY HOOK really happened. Please, that's like so 1950s...LOL.. Wake up ppl !! Wake up... The fearporn news is FAKE.

REGARDING THE NK PSYOP an intelligent reader writes:

Kim acts like a spoiled child and the world treats him as that spoiled child that should be set straight. He knows that and he uses that to his full advantage. The rest of the world is talking about him, not with him. Hmmmn Maybe we should stop doing that.

War impacts everyone and everything, loved ones, maybe your own life, economically, socially. It will not improve your life, just worsen it.