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REPORT -- DNC's Donna Brazile is said to be "running" the DC Police coverup of SETH RICH case

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Sources say millionaire DEM celebrity DONNA BRAZILE is directing the DC police coverup of the SETH RICH case. This is why she was installed as DNC chair in late July 2016, just days after SETH RICH was felled on the street. And immediately after scandal forced Debbie Wasserman out of the chair. IN HER ROLE AS DNC CHAIR she had complete power to run the entire political machinery of the Washington DC government.... WHAT? you say-- How is that possible?

The governance body of the Distinct of Columbia (not a state but a special district under federal control) the governance body of DC...is a 13 member council. And guess who CONTROLS THAT COUNCIL?......... take a deep breath and take a guess..... Not the White House nor the Executive Branch...The GOVERNING COUNCIL CONTROLLING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA is currently under full control ...of THE DNC.... the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE. How and why? Simple mathematics..of the 13 member council, 11 are DEMOCRATS, 2 are independents, NONE are GOP. So the DNC has full control of the city. A POLITICAL PARTY has full control of the city. THIS IS HOW they are suppressing and blunting and preventing a proper and REAL investigation of the SETH RICH CASE. Nothing more is needed than a call from the likes of Donna Brazile and the mayor or police chief will do whatever. AND YOU CAN BE SURE that brave TV reporter MARINA MARRACO was silenced by political pressure applied to her TV station manager IN DC. So there you have it. There's no big mystery as to WHY the big mystery of SETH RICH is not being solved by DC police. THEY ARE UNDER ORDERS not to solve it. Any questions?


And word is that even though she exited DNC chair role a couple months ago, DONNA is still "managing" the DC police COVERUP of the case.


BTW here is the ORIGINAL tv report of Ms. Marraco from MAY 16th. Note she promises much more detail with 24 hours ...but it was squashed.




Oh and yes, here's an ironic footnote. THE MSM in a frenzy of overdrive trying to counterspin, trivialize, and neuter the scandal.... are in rampage trying to tell you that enquiries into the SETH STORY are so far far fetched and looney as to be preposterous. Well now, get a taste of this rhetoric, read this juicy paragraph from the ---


"The consequences of the allegation [DNC emails were leaked by SETH not Russians]-- are staggering to contemplate. For the theory to be true, it means .....Seth Rich leaked to WikiLeaks, that someone in the DNC (or the Clinton camp) in turn had Rich murdered, that the D.C. police are intentionally slow-walking the investigation, that the major intelligence agencies (namely the CIA, FBI, and NSA) are together either deliberately concocting a story about Russian interference or too stupid to recognize an inside job, and finally, that the remainder of official Washington is either oblivious to or colluding with conspirators who've damaged relations with Russia in hopes of bringing down a president. Oh, and did I mention that the family of the slain young man is also either in on the conspiracy or unaware of its existence? But, sure, I suppose it's the New York Times that has a problem with compulsively spreading fake news."

They are trying to be sarcastic but guess what..THAT'S IT, they got it right. THAT's at least 90-98% accurate. THANKS NATIONAL REVIEW you just summed it up succinctly. Good job!

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