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As the RINOS wimp to the left, and the LEFT goes ever more insane, and as TRUMP betrays the agenda...JIMMY reminds what THE PUBLIC ... actually wants

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JIMMY DORE, STEF, AND RON - https://youtu.be/o7C_R06LhWI


Feckless RINOS, in trying to court DEM approval, are simply selling the MAGA AGENDA down the river... Cernovich/Jones -


Dick Morris: -- Trump, Assassination By Leak


Dr. Jerome Corsi: You Can't Defeat Disinformation With Facts


Lee Stranahan - What will be the effect of Mueller coming back to DC?

begin at 3:00 - https://youtu.be/CiH4miUVUhk

Gingrich - US Intel community, US Gov't Exec Branch and USA's "mainstream media" are all totally OUT OF CONTROL (begin at 5:30)


Laura Ingraham - Someone in intel community wants to hurt Trump (begin at 2:40)