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WHY are USA + Israel planning a new False Flag PSYOP to encourage US ground war upon Assad by July?

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Simple answer: .... Because the devious NWO "western allied" powers involved in Syria (Israel, USA, UK, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia)....who have been trying to remove Assad via their proxy armies (ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra).... are LOSING THE WAR. The Assad regime has surged in recent months with a major "comeback" -retaking town after town.

Let us note too FYI --- While USA's sycophantic MSM relentlessly characterizes the Syria chaos as a "civil war" that is a totally misleading frame...


...Tribal conflicts were CLIPPED ON TO by western nations infusing money, weapons, intel, command and control. And the "rebels" are literally a disguised bulldog for the west, which is trying to depose Assad and takeover the nation of Syria for pipeline land usage.

Frustrated, frenzied and desperate, the NWO(west-cabal) fears total loss of its evil endeavor in Syria. And so in desperation to still score a win they will stage yet ANOTHER false flag psyop provocation within weeks (likely a fabricated downing of a plane). And will call that "justification" to INVADE Syria for a ground war takeover.

Now here are two horrible extra points. Various intel sources say it looks like BOTH Trump and Putin are "in for the fix" and have made a deal for Russia to stand down and let this all happen.


And along this line of discussion, the indications suggesting Trump and Putin have a "deal" for Syria to be broken up, implies..... BOTH men are----- ZioCon "controlled" ---by the NWO.

For example WHY has Russia not opposed nor acted against the "secret" infusion of US troops in Syria that's already taking place under Trump?


Although the Syrian army, with its ally Russia, has made significant gains against ISIS in recent months, it was (WaPo) reported IN EARLY MARCH (a month before the "gassing" Hoax Mossad staged) -that President Trump has for the first time sent regular US military personnel into that country in combat positions. AN ILLEGAL ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE SOVEREIGN ASSAD REGIME. This is an unprecedented escalation of US involvement in the Syrian war and it comes without Congressional authorization, without UN authorization, and without the authorization of the government of Syria. In short it is three ways illegal.


As Mideast Expert -- Tony Cartalucci -- points out in his recent reportage:

The presence of US troops (which are already in Syria by the thousands) is entirely unsolicited by the Syrian government and constitutes a clear violation of Syria's national sovereignty under international law.

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad scoffed at the pretenses of and questioned US actions in Syria, calling American troops deploying to the country "invaders" because he hadn't given permission for them to enter the country and saying (that despite Trump's rhetorical promises) there's been no "concrete action" from the Trump soldiers, against ISIS forces.


The fact that US policy remains absolutely unchanged despite a new US president taking office is no surprise. Its further Evidence of Continuity of Agenda in the WH [and revelation that no matter who ascends to the Oval office they are ultimately NWO/Rothschild ZioCon controlled].

With Israel occupying Syria's Golan Heights and Turkish troops occupying a northern "buffer zone" stretching from Azaz in the west to Jarabulus on the Euphrates River in the east, US troops continuing to carve out a permanent presence in Syria's eastern most regions threatens to fulfill a decades old conspiracy to divide and destroy the Syrian state.

Recently declassified documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency reveal that as early as 1983, the US was engaged in virtually identical covert and overt operations aimed at destabilizing and overthrowing the Syria government.




NINE REASONS the US gov't SHOULD NOT launch ground war upon Assad:

1-There is no vital national security threat to the United States nor to Israel, Turkey, Kurdistan, or Jordan. Assad has not threatened any of them or America, so there is NO national security threat existing for the USA regarding Syria. And since (its well known)- ISIS is actually in covert fact CONTROLLED by CIA+Mossad, the "ISIS" excuse ...is ridiculous and invalid.

2-Overthrowing the Syrian Regime will not make Americans any safer and it will put thousands to millions of innocent people in harms way.

3-If USA ousted Assad, members of the Al-Nursa Front, and other Islamic extremists would grab regional power as a weak central government tried to form. Turkey would seize land in the north that they otherwise already occupy and the Kurds in the north will attempt to break away permanently to create a subset nation state with Northern Iraq.

4-It would cost billions of dollars that we don't have. We would literally be borrowing billions from the Chinese to bomb the Syrians, only then to borrow more money to help them rebuild their country. A sick and stupid plan.

5-Syrian involvement is exactly what Trump campaigned against. He was the first major Republican candidate for president besides Ron and Rand Paul to condemn the Iraq War as a giant mistake. He slammed Hillary Clinton, in general, for destabilizing Libya. And he repeatedly promised to keep "hands off" Syria.

6-The power vacuum caused by Assad's fall would lead to chaos and anarchy just like it did in Iraq & Libya.

7-It will lead to intense conflict with Russia, China and Iran.

8-As a weak post-Assad government falters (as it most assuredly would), America will own the mess and be forced to spend another trillion dollars and a decade of time trying to repair a region of the world we have no business being in.

9-Going to war with Assad and the Russians will help radical terrorists, who will gain new recruits, and who will loudly declare and denounce that the Americans are AGAIN brutalizing, disrespecting, and occupying Muslim territory... It would also kill thousands in Assad's military who'd otherwise be fighting to eliminate ISIS.