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USA's most courageous DEM: There is absolutely **NOTHING** "in evidence" to back up the accusations of Trump-Russia COLLUSION..... ** NOTHING**

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(Archives Rewind) --- Russia DID NOT hack DNC: Here's Proof


PS-- There is no evidence based conclusive FINDING by intel agencies that RUSSIA HACKED just a wild contention with no evidence provided. THAT IS WHAT THE GOVERNMENT GIVES YOU THESE DAYS.... a constant stream of misleading toxic absurd propaganda. Period.

MARK DICE puts some additional perspective on the above



Meanwhile... desperate to keep the FAKE NEWS "Russia" gossip game alive, the DEM elements of CIA, Soros and DEM party operatives have secretly moved into a proxy maneuver, getting a Dutch TV network to create a fake news "insinuation; likes and smear" documentary.... a vulgar and obvious HIT PIECE lie-ridden smear tactic. Cery reminiscent of the NBC hit piece "documentary" done in 1966 trying to discredit Jim Garrison work exposing crimes connected to Dallas-1963. This Dutch thing here was a boring and silly docu to go thru, all insinuations, distortions, lies and sarcasm. Boring!... but IN CASE you want to watch it here it is....


IRONICALLY.. DEMS and SOCIALISTS got bored with Benghazi, a REAL scandal, in 5 min, yet those same people are obsessed with RUSSIA RUSSIA a fake news meme NOT a real scandal.., and they have been obsessed with it for 8 months and counting