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Did you know.... the US military is Now B-O-M-B-I-N-G in Somalia..... Guess Why?

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Jimmy Dore clearly explain the USA's bogus WAR ON TERROR is actually the reverse of what it pretends to be.. This "campaign" is actually the biggest project of organized global TERRORISM to ever exist.


HERE next, FoxNews shows it is fundamentally as much a part of MSM as CNN, by promoting fake news WAR ON TERROR hoaxes. The PARIS "event" was another Zion/NWO staged hoax. But sure enough here is fox promoting it as if REAL. And then says ISIS claimed responsibility. That's a sick joke, ISIS is a proxy arm of Mossad + CIA. So who is responsible for the non-event ... "event"? As usual, Mossad and CIA.


And its all SPIN INSIDE OF SPIN, layer inside of layer of deception. PARIS was only TERROR in the sense naive sheeple who believe MSM were terrorized. But IN FACT the 'event' was just a fake news staged hoax.


IS THE USA UNDER A TERRORIST ATTACK CAMPAIGN? Yes, but primarily from NWO, CFR, Mossad, CIA ...false flagging. THEY... are the controllers and promoters of the global terrorism: