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A blogger wonders aloud - Did the NWO intentionally design US suburbia to be an emotional desert?

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I was sharing some photos of the suburban town where I grew up, with my sister yesterday... for nostalgic purposes... but I want to share in a blogging that----

HERE IS ONE THING WHICH STRUCK MY SENSES in looking at all these pictures....

In promulgating America's suburban sprawl after WW2 - as suburbs were developed there was NO EFFORT AT ALL TO put any CULTURE in 98% of them. The overwhelming majority were just developed to effect a very non-thinking, emotionally bland, merely physical human existence. Work, eat, buy, sell. There was no sense of a CULTURE being spread from the urban metropolis into the suburbs. No spiritual sense, no sense of art or music or theater or ideals or intellectual development or philosophy. Towns, homes and stores were built with the same non-cultural blandness as feed barns in the old west. 100% BLAH!

No wonder mental and intellectual boredom was the main malaise of teen life in Suburbia. WHAT was there to be interested in or excited about?-- except going to some store to window-shop OR to buy something. That was your whole WHOP DEE DO thrill for any day. Go window shop or buy something (anything). No wonder mom bought a Kirby vacuum from a door to door salesman. It was probably the most exciting, unusual day she'd had in years..... And the town library was no big adventure. It lacked fascinating books... Cat In The Hat -was pretty much their speed.

My friend Howard and I used to make pizzas at his house. His mom bought home-made pizza kits and we made pizzas all the time. It was something to do. Thin crust with lots of sauce, lots of parmesan cheese and oregano. BTW I luved how my dad used to call that powdered cheese PAHR MEEJ YAHN ...versus parma-zahn. I liked dad's pronunciation better.

At my friend Bobby's house they had the backyard pool. That was very exciting at first. But after a while it became like having a cool bath. Been there done that.

SAT afternoon bus ride trips to the city of our county seat was a big thing with me and Howard-- JUST FOR CHANGE OF SCENERY. Not like there was all that much to DO there. All we did was window shop and and walk about.

Is it any wonder me and my siblings were elated when our aunt and uncle came to visit. Not only because we luved them and enjoyed seeing them, but also because they brought excitement and adventure. New conversation. Gifts. And always they were emotionally upbeat and fun.

Usual daily life in Suburbia? --- Gosh going down to the CIGAR STORE or DOWNTOWN STATIONERY STORE were some of the big adventure moments--- because they had soda, gum, candy, comics, and magazines with photos from all over the world. VERRRRRY FASCINATING! Plus those two stores were early ones to be-- AIR CONDITIONED! Many stores on Main Street had nothing but ceiling fans right up thru the mid 60's.

Even going to the shopping center mall was an adventure. Just to walk about and window shop. Suburban life was .... BORRRRRING boring boring boring. No intellectual stimulation whatsoever, and no substantive emotional stimulation to speak of. (Except for the county-seat city) there were --- No museums. No classical or jazz concerts. No live theater. No public seminars, speeches, public discussions. No poetry readings. Nothing.... Just physical existence. Work, eat, buy, sell. And yet we lived just 40 min outside the major cultural center of NYC. Quite ironic when you think about it, that the suburbs (only rare exceptions) were mostly developed with fundamentally NO THOUGHT to providing intellectual or emotional stimulation... of any real value. Think about that on a large scale nationally. Suburban life was about as emotionally dry as living on a military base, only the units were larger, more nicely furnished --and were called homes. Yet emotionally and intellectually, life in the suburbs was as bland as the Mojave Desert. It was for many- like doing time in emotional prison. You just could hardly wait to get out. It was rather tantamount to living in a barracks. YOU HAD ALMOST NO EMOTIONAL LIFE AND NO INTELLECTUAL LIFE....No wonder TV boomed up and became such a big thing in America in the 50's. The nation was emotionally starved with BOREDOM. Watching Yogi Bear at least made you laugh. Everyday life otherwise just kept you in a perpetual daze of boredom. Waiting for the next nite of Tuna casserole, because at least Tuna casserole was a zingy, great tasting -MEAL ADVENTURE.

But life was not like this during America's late 1800's and early 1900's. Friends and family were important and were a big part of your emotional and mental life. So what happened in the 50's? THE POST WW-2 MATERIAL PROSPERITY PHASE emphasized technology over inner life, and aspirational advancement for the household income, over a rich emotional life for the family. We were sold aspirational materialism, and we were de-sold the importance of having a healthy and well-developed emotional life/family life.

Trending - mindless, widespread CELLPHONE ADDICTION is truly turning millions into literal ZOMBIES

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Dramatic BLOG commentary from man in CELLPHONE INDUSTRY - must read:

.... The way people Think/Behave/Respond has changed in the last 3 years ....

Being in the Cell phone repair industry in Pittsburgh PA as well as retail for the last 9 years of my life, I see people of all types all day everyday. And I see a change in people that no one seems to notice. More and more people are subliminally becoming victims of an obviously torn Economy which has a directed effect on all aspects of human behavior.

People are now more faithless, jealous, angry and confused in America then I have ever seen in my whole life. I really think that when this next big fabricated "Event" or whatever you want to call it hits.... Its gonna be a f*cking bloodbath. What I mean by that is that we are at the point in most Major US cities were even the homeless have some sort of access to smart phones or basic communication tech. This a Script for disaster

We are already at the point where if cell phones or the internet were to go down for more then one day. People would go absolutely fucking insane.

I am a millenial. For most everyone in the entire US its the same story. The worse things get, the more people look to social media/Mindless cell phones for comfort. It Is Make Believe though. The more people stare at there smart phones the more they will be torn from Reality.

This creepy phenom was so bad the other day when I was in public talking with some strangers about random stuff for about a half hour.... Almost 90% of the time I spent in a starbucks I watched in horror as everyone around me, "Standing up, Sitting Down" - whatever - just went silent and started starring at there cell phones. Like its some bad itch that has to be satisfied. Another thing I notice is that in the last 4 weeks, I haven't talked to anyone who could look me directly in the eye for more then a few seconds before there eyes wandered. Not even some of my closet and best of friends . I don't understand what is so bad about simple eye contact.

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Driverless vehicles will be the worst public health threat this country has ever faced.

Have you heard about those driverless vehicles that everyone is talking about that will be everywhere in the next ten years?

Guess how they will be controlled?

Wireless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or 5G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any idea how many positive ions you will be exposed to when this happens!

What about people who have pacemakers or other electronics inside their body?

If you have even the slightest bit of inflammation anywhere in your body, you can look forward to major and frequent flare ups. You know that sinus headache you get every so often. It could become daily.

The same with migraines, arthritis, PMS, you name it.

We are effing toast if this happens. People are going to feel so sick and exhausted. A lot of us will be exhibiting all sorts of symptoms that can make a person bedridden.

This is holocaust extinction stuff we are talking about.


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SOCIAL SNAPSHOT - If you can stand it, this is a slice of the MASS inter-conflcited HYSTERIA the NWO has instigated in our nation with the Divide & Conquer PSYOPPING

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CAN YOU handle --More mental delusiona and hysteria - CAN YOU HANDLE MORE QUEASY STOMACH? In this next pitiful convo exchange Breitbart Editor pathetically AGREES with Maher that the ASSERTION that "RUSSIA MEDDLED"... is 'fact", when its not fact at all -and the claims are all based on conjecture and ungrounded hearsay --Not on any direct proof-evidence. And 17 agencies DID NOT agree, only 2 agencies make the specious claim and it was echoed by DNI. That's it. All this RussiaRussia stuff is a fabricated delusional meme. And shame on the Breitbart Editor for NOT OUTING THIS AS A LIE.


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