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As expected - Republican Handel wins Georgia special House election - but the DC political battle rages on with the RussiaRussia LIES

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Running out of gas with the usual mouthpieces, the NWO/left flak moves now to bring in OTHER VOICES to tell the same RussiaRussia lies. Latest whore for the job will be that abjectly filthy political whore Jeh johnson. A ruthless soulless, criminal. HE WILL lie, just like Comey did and Brennan did claiming "IT WAS DETERMINED THE RUSSIANS HACKED DEM EMAILS". But he will offer for examination NO concrete proof. So it will be the same baloney just with a new podium speaker. Of course though his lying remarks will be echo-chambered by the NYT and all other presstitute media. And the LIES will continue to float on air.


COMMENTARY AND ANALYSIS - Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente - The Great American Political FREAK Show


WTF is going on in SYRIA - US troops & planes have illegally invaded - Russia threatens to shoot down SOME USA planes but not OTHERS? WTF? What kind of bizarre international chess game is being played?

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Are Russia & USA conspiring to give slow death to Syria and break it up?

ARCHIVES - background overview --

begin at 3:45 -- https://youtu.be/ztcryCOmxlI



Florida seems ready to ingore fearporn and pass pro 2nd amend bill

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Friday's "FAKE-HOAX" Lauderdale Airport "shooting" came as lawmakers in Florida were preparing to consider legislation that would loosen prohibitions on firearms in Florida by eliminating some of the state's gun-free zones, which currently include airport terminals, and expand open carry latitudes.

This is ironic for the NWO hat right after the second *fake major mass shooting* in Florida in about a half a year, they are ignoring the psyop nonsense and seem legislatively poised to be expanding gun rights. A bravo for courage in the face of NWO's relentless fearporn evil psyopping.

"Sobering News* - Hillary's "internal" polls predict-- MAJOR WIN by Trump

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Oops! Not a "theory" Hillary OBVIOUSLY.... has health issues

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ABC NEWS REPORTER declares Hillary HEALTH to now be a central issue in the campaign.

Mainstream media is controlled from the top down in various ways, some of them subtle, some not so subtle.

On a sensitive issue like Hillary's health crisis, most reporters and anchors take cues from the behavior of their peers. If the official line is Hillary really does not have Parkinson's or Vascular Dementia and she has allergies, or pneumonia, or over reaction to chocolate, or measles, or bee sting reaction...well, most will be sheep and go along with that.

But Monday morning here we saw the sketchy uncertainly that can be on an early morning news show right after a news drama on Sunday. It would a little obvious for news execs to call all all their air talent Sunday night and say COVER FOR HILLARY.

As a result, network news people came in raw for ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA, and one of them, CECELIA VEGA, doing a piece on Hillary's collapse...said the obvious. Hillary's health issue is not a conspiracy theory, its real and its now a central issue in the campaign.

Oops, did she know that's not what execs would want? Hmmmm...good look Cecelia.

MORE - http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/09/hillarys_health_is_a_media_scandal.html

The crime of DC's constant endless lies, gets more exposed ......daily

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