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"Problem, Reaction, Solution" - why there is increasing suspicion SETH RICH is an NWO psyop, not even a real person

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KNOW THEM BY THE SOLUTIONS THEY OFFER! The best way to tell who's scamming you and why, is to take note of a social solution offered to an articulated social "problem". The fake MANCHESTER event brought out a move from Theresa May to basically effect a layer of martial law in UK, and France echoed by heightening its already red hot police state of martial law defacto. Those "solutions" are the reason the fake terror hoax was staged. OBVIOUSLY.

Over in the USA, the raging controversy of the past two weeks has been the scandal over the SETH RICH story. And within that mess, in the recent few days, a strong suspicion has risen that all political stripes are being played and the whole thing is a wicked NWO psyop.

Today arrived another brick on the side of BE SUSPICIOUS. The ever more dirty and diabolically run NEW YORK TIMES writes a propaganda opinion piece labeling the SETH RICH murder enquiry a silly fabrication of fake news. That's not itself a big standout because that's been the push back meme of all MSM in recent days. But what really pops out of the piece is this paragraph below. Fasten your seatbelt and read this section of the NYT piece. Its gonna grab ya, get ready

"If we can learn anything from the latest triple-bank-shot of a conspiracy theory coursing through the alt-reality media - this one involving the unsolved murder of a Democratic National Committee staff member named Seth Rich - it's this: Fake news dies hard. God knows people have tried. In the last few months, journalists, academics, technology experts, civic-minded foundations and well-intentioned politicos have devoted decades of collective brain hours to an all-hands effort to stanch the conspiracy theories and outright falsehoods roiling our democracy. Facebook and Google have worked up new computer formulas and dispatched dedicated teams of humans to push the corrosive stuff off their platforms or, at the very least, to let readers know when something doesn't look right. Ad makers are pulling their advertising from sites that run false items. And educators are working up "news literacy" programs to teach students how to tell the difference between real, corroborated journalism and naked lies dressed in the colors of veracity. But as the Seth Rich story shows, we're going to need a bigger algorithm."

WHAT ??? WHAAATTT ---????? ---- W-H-A-T ????.... The answer to a dirty political scandal is proposed as EVEN MORE DRACONIAN AND VICIOUS ONLINE NEWS CENSORSHIP than has already been wickedly rolled out in the last few months ??? WHAT ????--- Is this political correctness turning into a leftie online ISIS wanting to decapitate any news story identity-politics emo-leftie-snowflakes don't like hearing? APPARENTLY YES!

You know what folks....

We are increasingly increasingly increasingly hour by hour rather rather rather SUSPICIOUS... that maybe everyone is being played -on all parts of the political spectrum- on this SETH RICH STORY. Clues mount by the hour suggesting the conjecture that SETH RICH was *not a real person*. Was maybe created fiction like ADAM LANZA. And a huge additional brick of weight just dropped in today to escalate the theorizing that SETH RICH may be a psyop fiction. But for now we will just say, start thinking in this direction and see how this possibly begins to shape a new theory. IT HAS TO DO WITH--- PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION. What is the left TODAY proposing as the solution to the SETH RICH curiosity???-- More and deeper **INTERNET CENSORSHIP** !!!!!!!!!. Get it? CENSORSHIP, deeper algorhythms to =censor= alleged "fake news" and "hate speech" (they are trying to equate looking into SETH murder story with hate speech against his 'poor grieving family'. Can you even stomach this social madness? This is statism to the extreme. Zionist stye "you can't talk about this sensitive topic" propagandizing against free speech... )


READ THIS NYT PROPAGANDA ON THE LINK AND BE DULY SHOCKED AND DISTURBED BY WHAT IT PROPOSES. This should be enough to trigger your HEY WAIT A MINUTE mental mechanism... to consider MAYBE THE WHOLE SETH RICH STORY is a psyop. Because LOOK AT THE SOLUTION being proposed to the curiosity about his "murder":--- DEEPER MORE WICKED CENSORSHIP. This should trigger major alarm bells in everyone's minds who are awake. Think PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION. When the solution proposed seems mega-bad and outrageous, start to ask if the "problem" may be a psyop.

Our multiple 1st + 2nd page CURRENT NEWS items on this topic at http://daretoreadit.com suggest OTHER ADDITIONAL REASONS why SETH may be a psyop, including that possibly the DNC dropped their own emails to cloud and obfuscate HRC's very heinous crimes-- and as misdirection of "who did it" they gave Russia to left- and Seth to the right, so nobody suspects the wild possibility THEY DROPPED THEIR OWN EMAILS. Remember KimDotcom never met SETH, he only knew him by email correspondence and a code name. SETH could be FICTION like ADMA LANZA. Just a created fictional identity for a psyop. And the MURDER ON THE STREET an enactment with 3 crisis actors... one playing Seth, and two playing the perps. George Webb says a bodega CCTV cam caught the "incident" but the footage is being suppressed by DC PD. But that does not automatically prove it was REAL. It could be crisis actors. So keep suspicion high, because too many things about this story are wild and illogical....



H.A. GOODMAN REPORT: (begin at 3:00)


ONE OF THE MOST ILLOGICAL things is that a guy who would be responsible and conscionable enough to want to protect his country with a courageous act ---would be stupid and irresponsible enough to meander home 2 miles of walking, 2-4am, half drunk. That does not add up logically at face value. ANOTHER very suspicious thing is an ER doc supposedly coming forth (anon) to comment on what happened. There were only a few docs on duty in ER that nite, even coming forth anon and SAYING YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE FEW would put your life in danger. WHY WOULD SOMEONE who is a doctor be stupid enough not to know that? If they were going to come forth with info they should not indicate how they got this info.... Not give enough ID of yourself that bad guys could easily find out who you are. Again stuff not adding up to logic here.

Other odd things in the story.....We have almost no images of SETH. No video. Nobody speaking out who knew him. No social media snapshots coming forth. No info on the GF he was supposedly talking with for 89 min before being assaulted. We don't know anybody who knew who him socially or worked with him at DNC (shades of the James Holmes story). No college mates coming forth to say sad he died. NOTHING. Also.... No comments from the bodega clerks at crime scene or bar patrons from the bar. There are contradictions riddled thru the official story just like a psyop. One version has an anon call summoning cops, Another has a DC PD GUNSHOT MICROPHONE on the street alerted cops. One version says SETH pronounced dead at 557am. Another guy is saying he had successful ER surgery and went to ICU to rest. Another version says he died 8 hours later. One version says he gave wrong address to ER as his home address. These kinds of things are typical in psyops. Wafting changing details all over the plate like jello. VERY stylistically like a psyop.

And then the parents--- First they want to find out, then they don't. They behave on video EXACTLY like Sandy Hook crisis actor parents, and say the same kind of cuckoo scripted style things. And inadvertently emit duping delight smiles, almost giggles, in an interview just few days after the "murder". NOBODY NORMAL WOULD BE LIKE THAT. These are the tell signs which immediately exposed Sandy Hook as hoax fakery. Now this week the PARENTS have a DNC crisis manager as their spokeser. IF the DNC does not even care about this enough to offer a reward, and wants nothing to do with the story, why is THEIR crisis manager now the spokeser for the parents ? And why would the parents want him? The closer you look the more contradictions are riddled thru the narrative. And that is classic psyop.

Even the PI is suspicious. If he thought he was close to cracking he case, WHY did he go on TV and let himself get attacked by MSM? If he thought he was close to cracking the case, keep your mouth shut and finish the job. BLABBING too soon simply incurred blowback propaganda calling the whole investigation of SETH story- "hateful, conniving fake news to discredit the Russia collusion probes, and it is hurtful to the grieving family". And this blowback propaganda put pressure on FoxNews to retract their coverage of what the PI said. And to quash Hannity. Makes no sense. THIS STUFF DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. The more you examine, the more the unfolded narrative MAKES NO SENSE from any ordinary perspective. And then you thus have to get to the point--- that you have to consider.... the whole thing may be a fabricated psyop. AND THAT'S WHAT IT IS SMELLING LIKE NOW. So beware... they may be pulling us into a quicksand with this psyop. A quicksand allowing them to advocate for MORE POWERFUL AND PERVASIVE CENSORSHIP ALGORHYTHMS AGAINST FAKE NEWS AND HATE SPEECH.

Problem Reaction Solution.

#sethrichhoax #sethrichpsyop #sethrichmurder





EDITOR's note -- These reddit items are "interesting" but largely unconfirmed, and NEITHER =if= confirmed would necessarily negate the possibility the "SETH RICH" identity is a psyop creation. Of course in truth seeking we are looking for any trail of evidence which concretely fetches out the true story here. For the moment though, we think it MORE THAN 50% possible SETH RICH is a "character" created for an NWO-left faction elaborate psyop. If someone can conclusively prove he is a REAL identity, or is NOT, we'll be interested in proof either way. We just want the real facts of the story to surface. ALSO note, it is NOT AT THIS TIME confirmed that it was "Seth Rich" who sent that guy to Bernie Sanders (reddit item #2)

The wicked RUSSIA RUSSIA hysterical leftie propaganda surges on, public fogged by it

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So the NYT prints this for THURS...


WASHINGTON - American spies collected information last summer revealing that senior Russian intelligence and political officials were discussing how to exert influence over Donald J. Trump through his advisers, according to three current and former American officials familiar with the intelligence.

The conversations focused on Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign chairman at the time, and Michael T. Flynn, a retired general who was advising Mr. Trump, the officials said. Both men had indirect ties to Russian officials, who appeared confident that each could be used to help shape Mr. Trump's opinions on Russia.


THIS IS LUDICROUS propagandist hysteria fomenting. Let's "unpack this" as they like to say on CNN. As a prez election is in play every nation is trying to think how it might cozy up to the winner. Is that a shock to you? Its real life. But that doesn't mean in each case its necessarily nefarious or illegal. But the way the media is RANTING about RUSSIA you'd think it was some hostile communist country and we should be wary of its every breath taken. That's complete fabricated hysteria. Russia is a capitalist nation & a friendly country.

You know who we should REALLY be afraid of? ISRAEL. Because they not only strategized how to put Donald Trump fully into their pocket... THEY SUCCEEDED. Look at his staff, listen to his words, look at his actions.... Who do you think owns Trump?... And BTW in case you didn't know, MOSSAD ran the 9/11 attacks.


The latest COMPLETELY COMPLETELY completely FAKE NEWS from WaPo



Meanwhile Soros funded MEDIA MATTERS is drawing blood from Sean Hannity, targeting his show for advertiser peel off...

Companies including Cars.com, Peloton, and Leesa Sleep have all given in to pressure to cease advertising on the show over Hannity's coverage of reports that murdered DNC employee Seth Rich had contact with Wikileaks before his death.

Ha ha ha! NICE TRY --- NWO psychos - NWO puts out fake poll results claiming world wants big brother ONE WORLD GOV'T tyranny

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Ha ha ha! NICE TRY --- NWO psychos - NWO puts out fake poll results claiming world wants big brother ONE WORLD GOV'T tyranny. Listen folks if you BELIEVE that fake poll check yourself into a nuthouse. THE MAJORITY of the world population wants an END to this chaotic "globalism". Most of the world's major ills derive from it or are aggravated by it.

Uh oh! - The psyop "Manchester" LIES get even worse! - Psyop hoax of STAGED FAKERY being used to "set up" predicate for USA invasion of SYRIA

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NWO/CFR ZioCon whores pile on to the psyop game.. setting up narrative to ILLEGALLY INVADE SYRIA



MEANWHILE - in the UK, the evil NOW gov't will use MANCHESTER HOAX to justify SOFT ROLL OUT of martial law




Editor's note - The meme that OIL IS RUNNING OUT is an NWO/Rothschild Cartel Psyop hoax... OIL is not in short supply. Its very plentiful; the myth that its scarce a promoted fiction. OIL IS NOT A FOSSIL FUEL. Fletcher Prouty outed that fact.



NWO flips out over S-RICH / DNC exposes, stages GRANDE (uk) CONCERT CHAOS psyop as distraction.... (it is unquestionably another COMPLETLEY FAKE nwo hoax)

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NOBODY DEAD AND NOBODY INJURED at Manchester UK - its another freaking effing fearporn HOAX. Surprised?---HEAR THIS CLEARLY FOLKS, nobody died!


ALL THE VIDEO CLIPS ARE VERY OBVIOUSLY A PYSOP, the usual video formatting, usual scripting narrative, all the usual nonsense...









ANOTHER MENTAL OBSCENITY OF SHAMELESSLY PSYCHOTIC, NONSENSE SPECTACLE, dog and pony show psyopping from the CFR-NWO.... nobody died, nobody injured, just more psyopping hoax-o-rama nonsense as usual, like Hebdo, Orlando Pulse, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon-- etc etc etc etc.. You know the drill.... Utter nonsense of psyopping from these NWO psychopaths, doing relentless fearporn hoaxing distractions. THIS OBVIOUSLY MEANS they are in a state of hysteria at Council of 33 over the details surfacing on S-RICH assassination. This is clearly a staged NEWS DISTRACTION, because SETH RICH assassination details are pouring out rapidly in recent days. RIGHT DOWN TO THE EXACT PERSON who offed Rich, the DC cop with potential Podesta connections.


MEANWHILE -- the famed psyop expose site NODISINFO.com has fully outed that the so called "TIMES SQUARE CAR RAMPAGE" last week was just a staged psyop hoax, exactly as we all thought from the getgo. THE Rothschild Cartel CFR-NWO PSYCHOS are just sooo psycho its incredible. So psycho and so obsessed with power / control over the public ...thru fear and deception. But you see the more this is all outed the worse things become for them because their MAIN tools are MSM media and staged fearporn "spectacle" events. Destroy the faux credibility of both....take that away from them ....and they are limping. You take away their first line of aggressive public manipulation.

Fake News media now touts Fake Spin Polls trying to suggest as Trump betrays base he's gaining approval. REALLY?

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...Falsely claims 96% of Trump voters have no buyers remorse. This is totally false and is part of a psyop narrative run by the sector of the CIA involved in and promoting the NWO-neocon coup of the Trump Presidency (of which Jared Kushner is an integral part). ABC News and WaPo are under NWO/CIA control and serve as spin machines of propaganda for them. Their current psyop task is to fabricate the fake "appearance" of a new consensus rising..that "Trump is moving toward 'okay' "-- now that he is embracing establishment views, ill-informed biases and propagandized-impulses. This is completely in contradiciton to reality, because independent call out polls and online polls show between 68% - 72% of Trump voters acutely disturbed by recent Trump behavior and very disappointed. The perception level is high among Turmp voters..that he's betraying his platform agenda and his promises. That he's sold out behind the scenes to the establishment globalists and is betraying his base.

Keep in mind what has already been proven about "brand name polls". They are as fake as the fake news media which touts and flaunts them as "significant". If that were not so, Hillary Clinton (as those brand name polls had predicted) would have won in November "by a landslide". So hold in mind what you already know; these brand name polls are NWO-spun, FAKE NEWS... trying to shape your mind falsely, not inform it accurately.


HERE is what the govt's constant spraying of CHEMTRAILS is doing to your body. Recognize any of the symptoms?

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DRAMATIC INTERVIEW - famed Ex-CIA man -- ROBERT STEELE with new bold statements

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In Sunday podcast interview.... STEELE SAYS


* Google, Youtube and Twitter have launched NET CENSORSHIP TYRANNY, must be stopped

* Says SYRIA GASSING story is absolutely a lie, a false flag pysop hoax

* Trump has gone wildly wrong by cooperating with NWO and staging Syria fake news, and Trump MAY FAIL as a president

* Steele declares there is a rabid conspiracy going on involving Gov't Intel Agencies, Mainstream Media, and Social Media,,, to suppress real info and simultaneously PROMOTE THE DeepState's TOXIC PROPAGANDA... which is abjectly evil NEO NAZI -- PRO ZIONIST - anti populist... brainwashing.

* Says FBI is nothing more than a theatrical circus to provide cover for DeepState organized crime.

US govt's wicked aims to destory Syria exposed - Those wise in USA call for counteracting Trump's evil betrayals

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"Stop making excuses for Donald and conveniently blaming Jared and Ivanka. Doanld is the man at the center, the decision maker. And he's rapidly at lighting speed evincing himself to be a ruthless and deceitful traitor. Selling out his nation, the principles he promised to uphold, his voters, national conscience pride and welfare. He's obviously a whore, a ruthless two-faced whore who has possibly been a trojan horse all along (look at his top 100 advisors / funders and look at his cabinet and staff. Its 85% Zio-Rothschild-NWO... including the smooth talking ex-Rothschild VP Wilbur Ross). Too many people have been giving DJT too much benefit of the doubt all along. Its time for conscionable political activists and concerned citizens to address this horror head on. Donald is obviously is a lying deceitful traitor who just handed the car keys to the Rothschild Cartel. And began, one by one, dismantling promises and core principles of the campaign. Sure the Kushner relationship cannot be ignored/underestimated; its a business-based family to family relationship that goes back many many years..."

(insert from separate commentator - begin at 12:30 - https://youtu.be/c9bXg6BJccQ )

RESUMING FIRST COMMENTATOR: -- "And yes Jared is AIAPC/Mossad/NWO controlled (its glaringly obvious). But the cause of our betrayal is not key right now. Addressing it remedially and fast and is key. Political (and legal) action must be taken to blunt this terrible/dangerous betrayal and reverse the tide. And careful political action at that. There is no benefit at the moment in getting Mike Pence as President, he's a pantywaist neocon cuck. Better to box Donald in for a while as, simultaneously, a broad and careful strategy is devised to reverse this horrific political betrayal. Otherwise the ship of state will brazenly (at breakneck speed) be navigated once again as ISRAEL FIRST and we'll be rapidly back to more economically-draining, diabolical, barbaric, needless, deceptive--- NWO globalist ...wars."


*** DOCUMENTS REVEAL USA GOVERNMENT CONSPIRED AS OF YEARS AGO TO DESTROY AND TAKEOVER SYRIA.... for Israel and for Banking / Energy Industry interests. Documents now in the public domain. You just gotta read 'em






INCONVENIENT TRUTH - Returning after Syria visit Gabbard says -ASSAD HAS widespread support from his public.


UPDATE - http://www.daretoreadit.com/56629/syria-hook-syria-hoax-evidence-surges-that-there-was-no-gas-incident-it-was-faked-staged-drama-just-like-sandy-hook-total-fakery-nobody-died


WHAT REALLY HAPPENED - Flynn was forced out after stopping Venezuela Drug Ring! - Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan report:


General Flynn was Taken Out For Stopping the Bush Drug Flow:


Report - McCain Funding of ISIS is Blown Open:


Archives - CIA and NSA Go To War - Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb report:









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