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THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY PSYOP --- latest madness in the fabricated ongoing soap opera

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LATEST contrived drama in ---The EVER MORE DIZZYING & chaotic 'Trump Presidency Psyop' (which is secretly controlled and run by the CFR/CIA/NWO).

President Donald Trump's amiability toward Russia is said by AP to be 'placing him at odds' with his national security and foreign policy advisers, who are CFR plants-infiltrators inside his regime.

Simple answer there would be, GET RID OF THEM, they should never have been hired in the first place.

AP claims 'Deep divisions are increasingly apparent within the administration' on foreign affairs. Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies and the DOJ as running a fabricated "witch hunt" with this RussiaRussia nonsense.

Meanwhile, he has pushed for cooperation between Moscow and Washington on various matters including the raging conflict in Syria.

In a highly unusual move at the recent G20, McMaster did not attend the bilateral meeting with Putin. Only Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and a translator made up the U.S. side.

Meetings with such critical national security implications typically include a broader team.

The session was scheduled for 30 minutes but stretched to more than two hours.

Judge Napolitano - Agrees.... Sessions made big mistake recusing himself over basically nothing

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Editor's note - All if this drama and the reportage about it day to day fails to focus on the central point... which is that the whole RussiaRussia psyop is a ZioCon NWO operation. Its a Zio-CFR-NWO-CIA plot to defat the nationalist-populist MAGA agenda, keep destructive globalism advancing, and keep economic warfare going upon Russia -via brutal and unfounded trade sanctions. Its part of the NWO destroy-America and destroy-Russia... ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT --TAKEOVER PLOTTING. Weaken the superpowers so they can gradually be taken over by the Rothschild NWO central banking cartel and subsumed into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT [controlled by the ZioCon brutal predator bankers]. THE RUSSIARUSSIA fake news propaganda war is part of a much bigger plot. Its vital to see the big picture to understand what's happening and why such a massive propganda campaign was mounted, involving MSM, CIA, FBI, DEMS and Rino GOPers. It was moutned to keep the implosion fo American going, and to keep the weakening of Russia also in play. Brick by brick DESTRUCTION of MAJOR POWER NATIONS so they can be melted into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT run by the Zionist Rothschild cartel. SEE THE BIG PICTURE.

The NWO is using FAKE NEWS and FAKE SCIENCE as propaganda

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Did you know that doctors and scientists can be corrupt or simply wrong?

People seem to give doctors and scientists the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their findings and opinions on things like global warming, genetically modified organisms, pesticides, chemicals, and how unhealthy certain foods and habits are.
EVER CONSIDERED that a rash of these "experts" you see on TV may be wrong ro bribed to LIE

"When the moon hits your eye with a big pizza pie" (that's amore) - WHEN TRUMP makes the inverted Pyramid - that's a confession

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Hey in case you have been in hibernation for the past 16 years, still think 9/11 was done by 19 jerky boys with boxcutters (not by Mossad and the CIA) and you STILL do not know about the NWO-Zionist-Rothshcild-ILLUMINATI, we'll just tell you ....One of the very psycho things about the NWO evildoers in high profile positions is-- they signal to their fellow cabal members when on TV appearances by making these stupid HAND SIGNALS of inverted pyramids... HERE in this clip you see at 2:00 Trump is doing that, and even goes further at 2:13 and makes a more DEFINITE pyramid... basically telling all those esoterically in the KNOW ..Yep, I'm a liar, pretender, not a populist-nationalist, I will not MAGA and I'm "with them" the illuminati globalists...... I'm JUST PLAYING A ROLE and will betray the public more each month. ITS A CONFESSION





DEAN MARTIN That's Amore - begin at :20 - https://youtu.be/69O4PXzAQ5Y

TRUMP should fire 'special counsel' MUELLER who's actually investigating a crime, he's on a witch hunt. WILL POTUS have the cajones to STOP THIS toxic goofiness, shut it down?

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LOU DOBBS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ35an0lAMQ

MORE - begin at 2:00 - https://youtu.be/Cz9H7wJMSPA

Vlogger NATASHA strong on the view - "TOSS MUELLER!!" - President Trump Should Fire Mueller 100% Right Now

MARK LEVIN - Mark Levin: The Mueller Investigation is Pretext to Impeachment



The new fabricated fictional meme trying to declare TRUMP is "unfit to hold office"

begin at 5:00 - https://youtu.be/69-v_Ffh2Sw

Ahhh the TRUE story leaks out, REAL reason Rothschilds are pushing Trump to start war with North Korea is scandalous

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They want to OVERTLY and FULLY take over North Korea (not just manipulate it anymore but fully take it over) for its SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF MINERALS. Is it only a matter of time before we hear about "weapons of mass destruction posting imminent threat", "babies in incubators".... and till Kim Jong Un is grabbed up in a backyard ditch?



UN Abassador Nikki Haley: Who compelled Trump to appoint another warmonger to UN post, and why?


Anwser on the WHO? Rothschild/NWO-CFR... On WHY? To propagandize for and sell NEW WARS

BREAKING - THE LOST TAPES - here's what MSM is NOT showing you about history of Mika and Donald - SEE THIS

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THE GOOD DAYS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uttxscMBQwk

Now here's where things turned sour between MIKA & JOE and DONALD - May 2016 - begin at 10:20




begin at 1:45 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se-zjJaCSZo

begin at 1:00 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE1vkBvkVNI

It was when Trump denounced DeepState NWO whore Bob Gates and his ilk. And it was strange when Mike tried to get Trump to praise her dad, one of the most two faced, evil, NWO war criminals ever


MIKA on TRUMP in August 2016


begin at 2:00 - https://youtu.be/sQyqd-qbby4

Heating up AUG 22 2016

begin at 5:00 - https://youtu.be/nnFBsjBrKkw

begin at 5:00 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVH1fMHi4vM

EARLY JUNE 2017 - MIKE AND JOE call Trump "too stupid to help himself" and "mentally ill", "unfit for office"


APRIL 2017 -- tense moment on MORNING JOE as JOE upbraids MIKE for being


FACT - The USA economy could be collapsed by the next "black swan event". HERE's WHY"

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KRUGMAN's EXPLAINER WAS GIVEN 8 years ago... but hey who listened?

begin at 2:30 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W7BpPnCw4M

Editor's note - What krugman says si NECSSARY in thsi clip, was neevr doen udner Obama and is nto being tlaked abtou nwo by Turmp. this siw hy teh USA eocnomy is on the evrgae fo total colapse at the enxt black sawn event.

Hypothesis Rising -- TIME TO CONSIDER the possibility - Russia & USA have done a secret dirty deal on SYRIA

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Let's listen to this hypothesis from vlogger "GENERAL STRIKE".... the preface has some rehashing of obvious points to if you wan to skip that and get to the guts of the hypothesis... jump to: 3:00 --


Editor's note--- the APRIL so called GAS ATTACK in Syria was a NON REAL event it was a staged psyop hoax run by Mossad. As for the vlogger's theory that PUTIN and TRUMP are secret close co-operators there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE of that being the case, no evidence anywhere. NO EVIDENCE. the "TRUMP-RUSSIA TIES" meme is a complete myth, as the Veritas-CNN tapes prove conclusively. Yet at the same time there is the possibility that Trump, now controlled by the ZioCons, has put the USA into SOME KIND Of DIRTY DEAL with Russia to hang the Damascus government. That is what is interesting and contemplation worthy.


Today's PUTIN is not the real original Putin

REAL ORIGINAL PUTIN is seen on this video from 1:52-1:55 with dotted colored lights behind him. Other images in video are of REPLACEMENT PUTIN


DAY 2 - Veritas releases another video about CNN - Van Jones on hidden camera confesses THERE'S NOTHING TO THE RussiaRussia nonsense... NOTHING

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******** FAKE IS THE NEW- "TRUTH"...? **********

MEANWHILE the DeepState LEFT "counter-spin-lies" have begun. using classic Orwellian "new-speak" Chuck Todd and other lying geeks in tow... now are saying FAKE NEWS- is "real" news and FAKE is the new truth. Uh, is this gonna work? Duh?


WH Presser clip


Apparently if you are a leftie shill, lying, self delusion, and being arrogantly psycho -is the new normal

HILARIOUSLY, two-faced Chuck Todd MONTHS AGO was denouncing BUZZFEED for spreading fake news (the fake Christopher Steele "dossier") but now he defends it and calls FAKE the new truth


If you STILL don't realize CNN is NOT "real news" and is just a DeepState propaganda channel.. watch this:


And one more time let us just note RUSSIA DID NOT HACK THE DNC EMAILS it was a leak from INSIDE the DNC.




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