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The TRUMP UN SPEECH - all the reviews from discering ppl are BADDD !

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Globalist Oil War Plot Revealed in Trump United Nations Speech


Ex CIA Agents Claim Jewish Conspiracy to Start War with Iran


Proof Trump is a Globalist Warmonger On Behalf of the New World Order


Proof That Donald Trump is Deeply Connected to George Soros


Ann Coulter Reacts to President Trump UN Speech


BEYOND ABSURD, "NK" nonsense is all ~fake news~ psyop rhetoric false propaganda only for naive sleepwaking sheeple. Baaaa!

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NORTH KOREA is an NWO-CIA vassal state, a controlled boogeyman. A joke. Its NWO, controlled, controlled by the same zio-lunatics who control the USA. There's more chance Greenland will attack the USA than North Korea. Its all psyop hoaxing to fearporn the public and justify outrageous military expenditures and stupid shows of military psyopping. And PS-- North Korea does NOT have nuclear weapons. That's just a feaporn faux claim.





USA under NWO control


FIREFOX reveals its now NWO controlled and aims to become a censorship monster

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FIREFOX used to be perceived as a friend to the public... a "good browser". Now its clear they are NOT and are in fact an ENEMY of the public, and of free speech. FIREFOX has not only joined the NWO's horrific campaign to eliminate free speech thru (among other things), effecting draconian tyranny internet censorship.... FIREFOX has not only joined the fight to eliminate internet freedom and free speech in society, they boldly proclaim they want to be LEADING IT AT THE FOREFRONT. Anyone with a working brain knows this "time to clamp down on fake news" thing is nothing but political censorship. No thinking intelligent person wants any internet entity nor any governmental entity to decide what you can see and can't see on the net. That is BIG BROTHER dictatorship tyranny. Its partly (and a large part) of what we fought the revolutionary war to establish in this society. FREE SPEECH. There can be no such thing as "useful" censorship of the news. Because what one person labels fake news may in fact be very real and urgently important, and millions may wish and NEED to see it. And if you are of decent consciousness on this subject YOU ALREADY KNOW this whole anti-fake-news rhetorical argument is inside out. Its not vloggers and upstart news sites that are the key offenders of LIES and SCAMS and HOAXES in the "news" biz, its the monstrous, sprawling (so called) "mainstream" brand name news media. Of course nobody's asking for them to be censored or outlawed. We are happy to see them gradually self destruct on their own because people daily are waking up more and more to see- they are the actual Gov't infiltrated, propaganda hoax, FAKE NEWS media. So not only beware of FIREFOX's malicious intent, stand up and fight back, push back. Do some honework and learn how to help. Freedom undefended disappears.

And FYI if you wanna see the "announcement" of the FIREFOX plan to be tyranny censors, here it is.


(FORBES) -- Misinformation on the Internet isn't a new phenomenon by any means, but it's been in the spotlight nonstop ever since the 2016 Presidential campaign kicked off. There are more sites and social networking accounts spreading fake news today than ever before. It can be incredibly hard to tell what's real and what isn't. Fortunately some big names are joining the fight to make sure the truth prevails.

Yesterday, Mozilla announced the creation of the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative. Its stated goal: "to battle information pollution and so-called 'fake news' online" in order to restore public trust and make the Internet a healthier place. Why would the makers of one of the world's most popular web browsers choose to get involved? Because, according to Mozilla, "the spread of misinformation violates nearly every tenet of [...] our guiding doctrine."

In its announcement, Mozilla lays out several ways it plans to battle fake news. One of the first steps will be researching the problem of online misinformation. That will involve taking a deep dive into election-related fake news from the past year and gaining a thorough understanding of it and how it spreads. After that, users can be educated about the problem and trained to sniff out online deceptions.

To make that easier for Web users, Mozilla will look at ways to bring anti-misinformation functionality to existing offerings like Pocket (app that lets you maintain a list of articles to read later), Firefox Focus (a mobile private browsing app) and The Coral Project (which provides tools designed to "raise public trust in journalism" and make it more relevant).

Mozilla spokesperson Justin O'Kelly mentioned two particular Coral apps, Talk and Ask, which he said "provide a unique opportunity to think about civil discourse in relationship to reported news." Mozilla also wants to hear pitches for exiting new ways to tackle the problem and will assist with their development.
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Fighting fake news is too big a job to tackle alone, of course, which is why Mozilla is actively engaging with media organizations. That push will involve participating in journalism symposiums and conferences, as well as running hackathons where the focus will be on "exploring tools that could help users establish more trust with the information they're encountering online," according to O'Kelly.

Ultimately, it shouldn't come as a surprise to see Mozilla stepping up to lead the fight against fake news. Mozilla has always been laser-focused on user trust, privacy, and security, as well as fostering an open, healthy Internet. Helping netizens push back against misinformation is a natural extension of its mission.




While sheeple are sleepwalking, NWO is geoengineering monster hurricanes and monster earthquakes all around the world

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FYI following the 7.1 quake in MEXICO, there were no aftershocks but there was a volcanic eruption


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