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Steele / Hagmann -- Is DJT Team making mistake to square off against Libs instead of courting 'em to collaborate on reform?

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Note -- 'THE MEMO' means a specific proposal that Steele has issued


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Steele with Greg Hunter: MUST HEAR:







VERY VERY ill-advised ... Trump's dance with Bibi around the crazy vain JERUSALEM fantasy

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Trump is soooooo wrong to even CONSIDER bolstering Netanyahu's lustful rampage against the Arab world... JERUSALEM is considered a sacred city for both Arabs and Jews, and if JERUSALEM is seized and named CAPITOL of the Jewish government, it could touch off such an Arab backlash it could start world war 3 in the Mideast.

WHY is Trump being so hypnotized by evil whack job NWO agent (and 9/11 co-planner) Netanyahu.


TRUMP IS PLAYING WITH FIRE and courting extreme danger to even CONSIDER this JERUSALEM as CAPITOL thing. Totally on the cliff with this. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS?


THE ISRAEL DECEPTION - compelling & informative interview with historian



Major intel agent says - DeepState is trying to "set Trump up" to attack ASSAD

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A high level INTEL ANALYST says to us confidentially.... THEY BELIEVE.... X22*NEWS has the big picture correctly in assessing WHY Google/Youtube & Twitter are downgrading many news sites, and blocking / deleting hundreds of others....AT THIS TIME.


Source says it is very likely an ADVANCE "mitigating of alternative voices" preparing for such moment as the US military gets manipulated to enact a major assault in Syria.


Source says it seems that CURRENTLY the Trump regime is being deceived by various sectors in the INTEL realm and the MILITARY realm -- coaxing the WH to think BOOTS ON THE GROUND IS necessary to "finish off ISIS in Syria".



Source says this is a deception...


....and WH will be lured to think they are acting against ISIS when in reality the US troops will be POSITIONED in Syria for an assault upon ASSAD. Simultaneously (opines our source) NATO troops have been massed in a threatening way toward Russia, and multiple Russian diplomats have been recently assassinated, to send an advance message to RUSSIA to "stand down" when the USA "moves on Assad". Of course this is insanely dangerous and abjectly crazy, but who ever said the DeepState is anything but psychotic, ruthless, and reckless.


Source also opines the REASON for the ongoing MSM-media war insinuating POTUS TRUMP is "off his rocker" to doubt our own INTEL agencies, is to "set up" the moment when the INTEL agencies accuse ASSAD of some "big drama" and DeepState hopes to then have Trump in such a "defensive" posture domestically vis a vis the fabricated propaganda, that to save his own approval ratings he will go along with an "attack against Assad". Also, the tsunami of recent anti-Russia propaganda in MSM is to enable accusing Trump of being a collaborationist with Russia, if he fails to move on ASSAD after DeepState stages some provocative "false flag psyop" and blames Assad for it.

MORE INFO - http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2017/02/victurus-libertas-2-16-17-huge-exclusive-interview-with-dhs-insider-3481803.html?currentSplittedPage=0

Source says the DeepState has invested so much time and money in its false flag war trying to TAKEOVER SYRIA (so it can use Syria for energy pipelines), DeepState does not want to walk away in defeat at this juncture.


And they see they have a rapidly closing time window within which to launch a direct move upon the Assad government.


Source also says this BIG PICTURE VIEW also seems to explain the plot uncovered wherein DeepState is planning (in late March and in April) a series of GEO-ENGINEERED (by HAARP+Chemtrails) "mega storms" in the USA south, and in central USA....designed to effect dramatic devastation and draw/absorb attention of the US public into such dramas, while the covert "set up" is being militarily maneuvered in Syria.



Then at "just the right moment" some type of false flag psyop provocation will be Intel-staged in Syria to "justify" USA forces acting against Assad. Most likely another hoax-claim of human rights evils- OR -a fabricated allegation that an assault upon US forces has been enacted by the Assad regime.

Source also notes, all psyops on a large scale have multiple purposes, and the geo-engineered mega storms would set the Trump WH back in its aim to conserve federal monies and in its desire work with The Hill on legislative initiatives. Disaster relief would drain off massive funds and manpower attention.... from the Trump administration.




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