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FALSE FLAG ALERT -- The NWO plan to attempt staging ANOTHER FAKE 'shooter' psyop FIRST WEEKEND in DEC -- West Coast

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ALERT MEMO -- Here is what multiple intel sources now say about the early DECEMBER fearporn FAKE SHOOTER plan... The psyop is reportedly set to transact DEC 2nd at a major chain-owned LOS ANGELES "downtown hotel". Again as we keep repeating it will NOT be a real event but another of these "hyper realistic" drills, presented thru MSM "as if" it is a real event occurring. The plot is for it to transpire INSIDE the hotel at a convention room for some kind of conference of ppl who design multi aspect media systems (or something of similar like, we do not have an exact name of the conference group). The planned number of FAKE VICTIMS (crisis actors) intended to be "impacted" will be in the dozens, to perhaps over a hundred.


WE HERE do not have specific contacts who can intercede to PRECLUDE this plot from transacting and thus we are hoping one or more than one person reading these postings has some covert pull to have countervailing operatives preclude the plot from transacting. Intel sources tell us it is VERY IMPORTANT this specific plan be thwarted, or the loss of ground to the gun grab advocates could be pivotally significant and irreversible. Good wishes and Good luck.



Winners and Losers in the tax bill now moving thru Congress

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NEW INFO further proves RUBY was part of the overall script of the JFK - DALLAS ... NWO psyop

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Jack Ruby, the who man played the PERP role in the psyop FAKE shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald, told an FBI informant to "watch the fireworks" on November 22, 1963.

New records - first highlighted by University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato - describe what an FBI informant later told officials about Ruby. The conversation wasn't officially relayed to the FBI until March 1977, and the informant was eventually revealed to be Bob Vanderslice of Dallas.

"The informant stated that on the morning of, Ruby contacted him and asked if he would 'like to watch the fireworks,'" an FBI record dated April 6, 1977, says. "He was with Jack Ruby and standing at the corner of the Postal Annex Building facing the Texas School Book Depository Building at the time of the staged JFK - Dealey PSYOP. Immediately after the 'event', Ruby left and headed toward the area of the Dallas Morning News Building."

Vanderslice told the FBI in 1977 that Ruby said nothing to him immediately after the 'event'. But the informant said that after Ruby was arrested 2 days later, Vanderslice got to know Ruby better thru conversations in the Dallas County Jail.

The National Archives has been releasing JFK assassination records in batches.

How VOICES OF DISSENT on the net are rapildy being put down by NWO manipulations

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A MASSIVE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL TERROR is ongoing right now as you read this. It was begun by the NWO some months ago and rages forth at an ever advancing pace. You could call it the homogenization of the web, that is, the elimination or marginalization of independent voices of skepticism and dissent.

There are four drivers of this homogenization:

1. The suppression of dissent under the guise of ridding the web of 'fake news'--in other words, dissent is labeled fake news as a cover for silencing critics and skeptics.

2. The sharp decline of advertising revenues flowing to web publishers, both major outlets and small independent publishers who are 'outside the box' of MSM promoted statist propaganda.

3. The majority of advert revenues now flow into the coffers of the quasi-monopolies Facebook and Google.

4. Publishers are increasingly dependent on these quasi-monopolies for readers and visibility: any publisher who runs afoul of Facebook and Google and is sent to Digital Siberia effectively vanishes.

The reason why publishers' advert incomes are plummeting are four-fold:

1. Most of the advert revenues in the digital market are being skimmed by Facebook and Google.

2. Ad blockers have become ubiquitous.

3. Few people click on the display ads that are the standard in desktop web publishing; in other words, these ads simply don't work very well, and much of the revenue being generated is click-fraud, i.e. bots not real people clicking on adverts because they're interested in the product/service. As a result, advertisers are pulling away from these type of ads as they search for advert models that aren't so vulnerable to click-fraud.

4. The web is increasingly shifting to mobile, which has fewer advert spots due to the small size of the display. In addition, major third-party advert services such as Google Adsense place restrictions on the number and size of ads being displayed on publishers' sites.

The systemic erosion of advert revenues for everyone other than FB and Google is evident everywhere: for example, digital publisher BuzzFeed is on track to miss its revenue target this year by a significant amount, the latest sign that troubles in the online-ad business are making it tough for new-media upstarts to live up to lofty expectations.

As a result of these two dynamics--the censorship of dissenting views under the excuse of limiting fake news, and the erosion of advert income--independent publishers are losing ground. While those posting on Facebook and other social media sites have little expectation of monetizing their content, many web publishers made enough income off adverts or affiliated income (from YouTube channels, for example) to justify the enormous time and effort they expended keeping their channel/site going.

As advert income has dwindled, there are only two other revenue models available to publishers: a subscription service or Patreon, i.e. the direct financial support of users/readers/viewers. Major publishers are struggling to build a subscription base large enough to fund their operations, a task made more difficult by the expectation that all content is free or should be free.

Patreon has been a boon for thousands of independent writers, journalists, cartoonists, filmmakers and other creators of content. The Patreon model (as I understand it, and yes I have a Patreon campaign) is not based on content that's behind a paywall available to subscribers only, but on providing incentives in the form of content or other rewards to those who choose to contribute.

The Patreon model only works if enough users/readers/viewers step up to support content creators they value. I think the success of Patreon suggests that many people are willing to support the content creators they value. But like all voluntary revenue models, there's the free-rider issue: people who may have the income to pay a bit for content choose not to, and in essence free-ride on those few who do contribute/pay for content.

Some people have advanced the model of micropayments as the solution to the problem of compensating content creators fairly. While this model has some obvious benefits--pennies charged for access to content might add up to a living for content creators if their audience was large enough--it would still be a voluntary system, and thus it would have the same free-rider issue as every other voluntary payment-for-content idea.

Posting "free" content on social media ends up driving advert revenues to the social media and search monopolies, leaving nothing for the content creators. There is only so much serious content that can be created for free.

If what we're left with is "free" content (i.e. the creator gets no income for creating and posting content), Facebook, Google and click-bait link farms of sensationalist headlines, we'll end up with a thoroughly homogenized web of "approved content" underwritten by lobbyists, the entertainment industry and elitist foundations/think tanks, and little in the way of real dissent or diversity of independent analysis.

In other words, we'll be left with officially generated and sanctioned fake news and "approved" dissent: unemployment is at record lows, inflation is near zero, the "recovery" is alive and well, Russia is the enemy and any suggestion to the contrary is propaganda that must be eradicated as fake news, etc.

Simply put, the web is becoming Orwellian. There's plenty of approved "diversity of opinion," but dissent is being sidelined to the fringes as a risk to the perfection of managed content.

(writer--Charles Hughes Smith - Blacklisted News)

Rapidly changing USA demographics -- SoCal becomes AN EXTENSION OF MEXICO

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Vlogger AnonCwd reports:


Demographics have RADICALLY changed in Southern California.
If you saw a photo of my elementary through high school class you would see 85% white and 13% Mexican and 2% other. Today in a typical SoCal school photo you would see 75% Mexican and 20% white and 5% other. ALSO: Currently at my job I'm one of the only white people. It's about 15% white.

Meet the new face of wicked war in SYRIA.... US boots on the ground. After essential defeat of ISIS, the USA boldly becomes SYRIA's new enemy

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The US does not consider itself constrained by the United Nations Security Council and has deployed many thousands of ground troops in Syria for its own purposes, Nikki Haley, stated Friday. The US took similar *ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL* action in Libya in 2011.

"With ... this council, or alone... we will continue ... in Syria," Haley said.

Haley's blistering and defiant remarks provoked an angry reaction from Moscow, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov calling it "fake diplomacy." Lavrov said that "it seems we are witnessing a new phenomenon in international relations, as now, apart from fake news, there is also fake diplomacy."


In 2011, the US immorally inserted itself into Libya. Under the pretext of a UN mandate to establish a no-fly zone in the country, the US-led NATO coalition waged a full-fledged war upon Libya that eventually resulted in the slaughter of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and many civilian deaths. Libya is still in tatters and localized war involving tribes and militants is ongoing.

Despite the UN ~~NOT~~ giving the greenlight for US war upon the government and people of Syria, US Secretary of War James Mattis has lied and has claimed that the UN sanctioned action there. Damascus has repeatedly blasted the US for operating on Syrian territory without its consent and in violation of international law, and clearly the US presence is an invasion of a sovereign country without provocation.



HOW BOGUS is the emotionalized anti-gun political wave? Oh gosh its SOOOOOO bogus... READ THIS:

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It's been just over eight weeks since the FAKE HOAX of the so called LAS VEGAS MASSACRE (a staged fake drama). And as expected the anti-gun rhetoric was hauled out one more time in the NWO's continuing assault oint eh second amendment.

THE FACTS HOWEVER CONTRACT THE ANTI-GUN PUSH EVEN IF YOU NAIVELY BELIEVED ALL THESE dime a dozen (in frequency) "mass shootings" were real (which they are not; 99.999999999% of them are government staged hoaxes that the media is IN ON presenting to you "as if" real)...

Nationally, violent crime has been on the decline for more than two decades. While the last two years have shown increases in the violent crime rate, The New York Times and others have concluded that this is primarily the result of significant spikes in violent crime in certain neighborhoods in specific cities including parts of Baltimore, Chicago, and Las Vegas. This isn't indicative of a less-safe America. Moreover, it's challenging to draw comparisons between gun-laws and public safety because places like Chicago feature some of the harshest gun-laws in the country and yet they simultaneously suffer from among the worst crime and gun violence rates in the nation.

ONE READER's INPUT AND COMMENTARY: -- Every intelligent person who has looked into Sandy Hook is aware it was a false flag event. To start with the school was not in use prior to the event. This can be proven by the "Way Back machine" and google maps. Secondly the way the electronic security doors were arranged somebody had to open them for (the fioctional, non-existed' FBI-faked) "Adam Lanza" to get in. Of those pictures released, two distinctly show the bullet holes coming from outside-in not inside out. Next we have to ask why federal police were immediately at the scene and why crisis actors were present and put on TV as representing the parents. Then why were all local police barred from the scene until all of the school was knocked down and hauled away. The coroner's reports are sealed and one of the tot girls supposedly shot was photographed a few days later cheerfully in the White House with Obama. All the families moved out of the area into new houses.

Then at the next false flag event, The Boston Marathon, at least 2 repeating crisis actors (from other events) are present. WTF?

The problem for the NWO is all of the false flags in this country have been so crudely staged that most people who see all of the videos and news reports very quickly find all of the false information that has been created. That's why there is a total blackout on the Las Vegas shootings because the acoustics and eye witnesses prove the official story as fake. People aren't stupid and when there is an anti-gun false flag nobody accepts the official or fake-news story anymore.

Calls rise for FRANKEN to exit Senate

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NWO evildoers trying to tear Lebanon and Yemen apart as they did to Syria

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Lebanon suffers intimidation attempts ... west trying to force it to cancel gas deal with Russia - Lebanese FM


Lebanese Minister for Foreign Affairs Gebran Bassil has said that there is currently an anti-Lebanon campaign in the Middle East, aimed at "intimidating" his country and forcing it to give up a joint gas project with Russia.



Dem SENATOR Al Franken the latest now in the national spotlight for sexual misconduct

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