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Foolish America - NOT GIVING PUSH BACK to over-tech madness, not putting a stop to it

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MSM said NO HILLARY HEALTH probelm BUT THERE WAS, now MSM says NO SETH RICH intrigue, but there is

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begin at 33:30 - https://youtu.be/De8N_wwzx3U



One thing really fishy to note though, while MSM ostensibly keeps saying STOP TALKING ABOUT SETH RICH, it seems like they subliminally want the opposite. The ostensible "denouncer hit pieces" seem subliminally designed to make people mad enough to keep looking into and talking about the mystery. LISTEN:


WHY --- the obsessive "RUSSIA INVESTIGATION" indicates a national state of mental neurosis

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++++ The lunatic among us. Is it YOU, or the person next to you?++++


After the Novemeber elecion, Jared Kushner and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak [last year] discussed creating a possible secret communications system between Donald Trump's transition team and Moscow that could not be monitored, according to news reports quoting U.S. officials briefed on intelligence data.

DTRI comments

====That's mildly improper but not catastrophic. A bit overzealous. DJT did not need to be in any MAJOR kind of contact with Russian officials in the roughly 10 week period before inauguration. It could have been useful to have some rapport building and yet it certainly was not an automatic sign of some kind of cagey deviousness. It seems a normal impulse, but well... overzealous


Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law who is now a senior White House adviser, proffered the idea during a meeting in early December at Trump Tower in New York, The Washington Post reports. The channel apparently would have used Russian diplomatic operations to circumvent monitoring - and Kislyak reported the suggestion to his superiors in Moscow, according to the Post.

DTRI comments

====That's it? ....That's what they've got? After 8 months of national hysteria, the "thing" they are investigating is... THIS? Seriously? This is nothing. It indicates nothing, it proves nothing. And it didn't even happen... it was just a conversation.

====THIS IS WHAT THEY HAVE???--- to focus on after 8 months of hysterical ranting which whipped half the nation into an irrational and obsessive mania?....THIS.... is it?

begin at 14:00 - https://youtu.be/aIB-zzcM-fo

====This would be merely hilarious if it were not ever so serious and shocking. The nation (well half of it, plus most of DC) has literally lost its ever luvin' mind. It scares me to think almost half the nation around me is so out of their gourd as to buy into and promulgate this rank hysteria. ITS SHEER LUNACY. There's absolutely no THERE .....there. And by continuing to rave and rant and advocate the "need for ongoing investigations" our body politic has truly disconnected from reality. There's nothing to investigate. There's no probable cause to investigate anything. THIS IS.... INSANITY.

====I should also comment that I personally DO NOT LIKE either KUSHNER or FLYNN and cried no tears when Flynn left. I see him as a smooth talking con artist/embed on the Mossad payroll...and see Kushner the same way. But that notwithstanding...

====This nonsense about Russia investigations is international as well as domestic ---political chaos. A delusional travesty and national disgrace. A global self humiliation. A gross lapse of self respect as a society. ITS LUNACY.

====Understand too very clearly -what the maniacal DEMS and MSM media have put into play. A mass hysteria of psychological tribalism / identity politics --with irrational animus directed toward the sitting POTUS...... Wherein they feel its fine to become morally and socially lawless -- and advocate that the sitting PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES... BE PUBLICLY HUMILIATED DAILY, AND NATIONALLY CONSIDERED GUILTY of unknown possible crimes, until potentially proven innocent (of unknown crimes) at some incalculable future date..... This is blatant social and political... madness ..... Utter mass hysteria, national -MADNESS. If the nation had any sense of shame it would wake up and snap out of this daze. Meanwhile the rest of the world looks on in bewilderment... A formerly esteemed neighbor has gone berserk in his own back yard.




WSJ reports major staff shakeup coming for Trump Team

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President Donald Trump is considering making some major changes to his White House team, according to a new report. The Wall Street Journal says that Trump has spent much of his free time on his current overseas trip strategizing for when he returns to Washington. He has meetings scheduled for next week that will begin to address the issue.

WSJ reports that options include changing up the communications team, meeting with outside lawyers to put together a legal response to the Russia claims, holding fewer White House press conferences, and even vetting Trump's tweets before he posts them.

"Everything is in play," a Trump adviser told the Journal.

There have also been rumors that Trump may bring back two of his former campaign officials, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, to help manage communications.

Regarding the White House press briefings, the Journal also reports that communications director Sean Spicer may be relieved of his briefing duties and replaced with his deputy Sarah Sanders.

Hypocritical snowflake media only cares about grieving family members who fit their politics. All grieving others-- be dammed.

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Hit pieces day after day all week, on TV networks in newspapers, magazines. Why is the snowflake media attacking the SETH story investigators so stridently? Is it just cattiness and an excuse to flash that catty streak at SOMEONE for venting-fun?... Or is there more to their agenda of anger at free speech and investigative reportage? Come on let's be honest people.... This is homosexual-emo. If the NYT, and CNN etc got anymore GAY, they could just flip to PURPLE font for all their text. Is anybody MISSING how ravishingly "bitch" so-called mainstream media has become? (Maybe that's why they didn't realize Hillary was a loser and Trump was coming up up in the left lane.) And folks that's not hate speech its just taunting satire. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. Hug a snowflake today and explain it to them..... Anyway let's move on...


There's a hit piece op ed - AGAIN in the NYT Friday. Its the usual nonsense blah blah blahs but a few points DO stand out. Lets read and react..... NYT:

A Republican lobbyist named Jack Burkman offered more reward money, walking through Washington neighborhoods with posters reading, "Do you know who murdered Seth Rich?"

====But nobody's come forward from that which is pretty weird, NOBODY

But the theories aren't going away.

===Why should that upset the snowflakes? Who are they to decide WHEN a topic in the public discourse should leave the news spotlight. Hmmmmm?

The ceaseless churn of increasingly unhinged theories -

===Oooooooooh somebody's really upset here. SNOWFLAKE.... take a pill!

and Fox News' willingness to put them on air, torments the Rich family.

===Well they can turn off the TV then. Its a free country. The saturatingly-gay brand name media sure did not care if the wall to wall Jodi Arias trial TV coverage tortured her family, or if the OJ trial tortured his family. What makes the Nebraska Rich'ers so special for the snowflakes? OTHER THAN the fact the snowflakes emo-HATE hate hate emo-HATE.... Trump. Let's be very honest here people, as to what's going on in the media blather. And let's also note its been OUTED that the rather boldly-gay DAVID BROCK is coordinating all this (acutely UN-AMERICAN) media blather trying to CENSOR FREE SPEECH and stop news coverage of the SETH case.... Back to the NYT now:

Aaron Rich, Seth's brother, wrote in a letter to Mr. Hannity's producers, "It is a travesty that you would prompt false conspiracy theories and other people's agendas, rather than work with the family to learn the truth."

====THAT is a really effin suspicious commentary. Sounds just exactly exactly exactly like the FAKE Sandy Hook family members. Doesn't it? The Sandy Hookers preach gun grab. And the Nebraska Rich'ers preach NEWS CENSORSHIP.... Do you smell a rather suspect agenda behind all this ranting?

REPORT -- DNC's Donna Brazile is said to be "running" the DC Police coverup of SETH RICH case

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Sources say millionaire DEM celebrity DONNA BRAZILE is directing the DC police coverup of the SETH RICH case. This is why she was installed as DNC chair in late July 2016, just days after SETH RICH was felled on the street. And immediately after scandal forced Debbie Wasserman out of the chair. IN HER ROLE AS DNC CHAIR she had complete power to run the entire political machinery of the Washington DC government.... WHAT? you say-- How is that possible?

The governance body of the Distinct of Columbia (not a state but a special district under federal control) the governance body of DC...is a 13 member council. And guess who CONTROLS THAT COUNCIL?......... take a deep breath and take a guess..... Not the White House nor the Executive Branch...The GOVERNING COUNCIL CONTROLLING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA is currently under full control ...of THE DNC.... the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE. How and why? Simple mathematics..of the 13 member council, 11 are DEMOCRATS, 2 are independents, NONE are GOP. So the DNC has full control of the city. A POLITICAL PARTY has full control of the city. THIS IS HOW they are suppressing and blunting and preventing a proper and REAL investigation of the SETH RICH CASE. Nothing more is needed than a call from the likes of Donna Brazile and the mayor or police chief will do whatever. AND YOU CAN BE SURE that brave TV reporter MARINA MARRACO was silenced by political pressure applied to her TV station manager IN DC. So there you have it. There's no big mystery as to WHY the big mystery of SETH RICH is not being solved by DC police. THEY ARE UNDER ORDERS not to solve it. Any questions?


And word is that even though she exited DNC chair role a couple months ago, DONNA is still "managing" the DC police COVERUP of the case.


BTW here is the ORIGINAL tv report of Ms. Marraco from MAY 16th. Note she promises much more detail with 24 hours ...but it was squashed.




Oh and yes, here's an ironic footnote. THE MSM in a frenzy of overdrive trying to counterspin, trivialize, and neuter the scandal.... are in rampage trying to tell you that enquiries into the SETH STORY are so far far fetched and looney as to be preposterous. Well now, get a taste of this rhetoric, read this juicy paragraph from the ---


"The consequences of the allegation [DNC emails were leaked by SETH not Russians]-- are staggering to contemplate. For the theory to be true, it means .....Seth Rich leaked to WikiLeaks, that someone in the DNC (or the Clinton camp) in turn had Rich murdered, that the D.C. police are intentionally slow-walking the investigation, that the major intelligence agencies (namely the CIA, FBI, and NSA) are together either deliberately concocting a story about Russian interference or too stupid to recognize an inside job, and finally, that the remainder of official Washington is either oblivious to or colluding with conspirators who've damaged relations with Russia in hopes of bringing down a president. Oh, and did I mention that the family of the slain young man is also either in on the conspiracy or unaware of its existence? But, sure, I suppose it's the New York Times that has a problem with compulsively spreading fake news."

They are trying to be sarcastic but guess what..THAT'S IT, they got it right. THAT's at least 90-98% accurate. THANKS NATIONAL REVIEW you just summed it up succinctly. Good job!

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"Mainstream (brand name 'news') media" -- IS LYING THEIR ASS OFF.... and most of the public finally KNOWS IT... MSM credibility is TOAST

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MSM credbility has ...JUMPED THE SHARK !!!!

HEAR THIS-- 66% of the USA public do NOT, repeat DO NOT, believe the gossip hype MSM has been peddling for 8 months alleging TRUMP - RUSSIA. (Yeah you can disregard those fake polls telling you otherwise)...

**Hallelujah!** --A coming to the senses in the broad public.

BUT WAIT there's more good news too...

SIXTY FIVE percent of the public, repeat 65%.... realize and say.... FAKE NEWS is *primarily* coming from MSM, not from alt / indy sites.

YESSSSSSSSSS! Thank you for waking up America.


Special Intel Report declares - EVIDENCE now hints the "shooting of SETH" was done by hit team from CIA or FBI

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INTEL REPORT -- Source says fierce COVERUP of HRC crimes + "shooting of SETH" is tied to an impending USA invasion of SYRIA --


One noted intel source says EVIDENCE EXISTS which suggests a possible answer to WHO WAS THE HIT TEAM in the SETH RICH incident. Source says... it was very possibly "DarkSide" operatives from either a section of the CIA, or from the 'section 5'/COINTELPRO sector of the FBI. Because, in aftermath "they had and have coverup being done at the highest possible levels of covert power and highest levels of government". And the coverup operatives are able to muzzle news media, politicians, the DC Mayor, and DC police department. THIS IS EXTREME POWER, so the hit team could not have just been some ad hoc team of hired hand contractors. It implies the Clintons got a section of a government agency to do the hit for them, on the put forth "grounds" that Hillary secrets must be preserved because "sensitive national security matters" are involved. MOST NOTABLY - Hillary's work in organizing the ISIS/Al Qaeda/Al Nusra proxy war ...against Assad in Syria.


Editor's note - A video is said to exist INCRIMINATING Hillary vis a vis her covert efforts for organizing operations + funding of the proxy war against Assad/Syria. She was the NWO's coordinator who coalesced the funding group, and political cooperative cabal involving... USA, Israel, Germany, UK, Turkey, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. FURTHER, this video MAY have been in Anthony Weiner's laptop under the section labeled "INSURANCE POLICY"..... because... the video had been recorded by Huma, and was Hillary mentioning names who would "assist" in the effort. The video reportedly was made by Huma, as a private communique from Hillary to the Saudi Royals. Huma, as we know, is a Saudi government "asset" embedded in the Clinton crime family.

ALSO to note, as we have reported more than once in recent days, the reason POTUS ....MADE A TRIP to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Italy ....was not for ceremonial diplomacy and document signing but rather for private talks about and impending invasion of of Syria. THIS IMPENDING INVASION OF SYRIA is what allows any and all coverup efforts protecting Hillary secrets, to have enormous [and generally succeeding]... power.



CHAOS in Philippine province of MINDANO as invading ISIS forces try to seize the region

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Editor's note - ISIS is a terrorizing proxy group run by and for a cabal comprised of NATO, UK, USA, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the NWO/Rothschild Cartel. Their ground war activities are REAL, but most "terror attacks" attributed to them are simply NWO staged hoaxes. Just psyop fakery.

WHY is ISIS attacking Philippines? HERE's WHY:


Pretty easy for a gov't to "know" a new terror attack is coming soon if THEY ARE FAKE hoaxes and YOU are staging them.

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Pretty easy for a gov't to "know" a new terror attack is coming soon if THEY ARE FAKE hoaxes and YOU are staging them. This is the story with UK, EU and USA "terror incidents" - since 2001 they are all FAKE inside job hoaxes. NO REAL CASUALTIES. Its all staged fearporn.


Now this morning THIS GOOFINESS


Oh please, stop, don't even. ANYONE WHO CANNOT SEE THIS IS ALL FAKERY needs to take a take cold shower. Its the same idiotic game over and over again. Just like the (also very fake) French psyops. Several days of faux hunting, taffy pull the fake drama. All these things are fake. Just drills presented as real. Silly stupid cartoonish nonsense narratives. DUMB DUMB nonsense. Do not take them seriously. These are NOT real events. Its fearporn staging. Nothing more. Mass brainwashing playing on naive emotions- and hence created to advance police state, ever more each time, layer by layer.

Problem, Reaction, Solution.

INTEL REPORT - Mossad + SERCO ran the FAKE "terror attack hoax" at Manchester - THERESA MAY deeply involved in the criminal fearporn terror conspiracy.

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begin at 1:20 -- https://youtu.be/GPaSb4EV86Y

MAY is guilty of treason for conspiring with Israel over the psyop

Plus -- William Mount reveals the USA gov't GSA is illegally funneling BIG $$$ USA money to SERCO to pay for staging fake terror psyps like MANCHESTER, BOSTON MARATHON etc... and there may be ANOTHER MACHESTER-like fake event coming up very quickly


UPDATE - Latest Reportage - NEW DETAILS - **The Seth Rich mystery** - team coverage - Crokin/Powe/Webb/Corsi/Hagmann/Marraco

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Crokin + Powe - begin at 40:00 -- https://youtu.be/xEBtGDH8tUE

George Webb + Jerry Corsi - begin at 2:07:15 - https://youtu.be/xEBtGDH8tUE








THE NWO/CFR/Rothschild-Cartel/DNC/Clintons/Podesta/Soros/et-al are PETRIFIED of the ongoing alt media enquiries into SETH RICH story..under direction of DAVID BROCK they are putting out a literal urine steam of nonstop FAKE NEWS pushback trying to defuse the ongoing scandal.... when WaPo and all the other brand name MSM are feverishly trying to say NOTHING TO SEE HERE, you know THERE's DIRT UNDER THE MATT... look at this nonsense


Another sample? Compulsive liar and NWO embed whore in media PETE WILLIAMS does his urine steam for NBC (but you know, all this fake new piss is not going to be enough to put out the fire of the scandal...sorry goons)


Obtusely LEFTIE media snowflakes are trying to conflate HANNITY coverage of SETH story with their obsessive meme that only WHITE SUPREMACIST RACISTS have anything negative to say about DEMS, Clinton, Obama

begin at 2:45 - https://youtu.be/9KqZnUpzG3Q

If you need an OVERVIEW summary of the scandal...here is a good clip for you


BTW its a LIE that ROD WHEELER walked back his claim that FBI sources verify SETH contact with wikileaks... he never did recant and say that's not so. His allegation stands....

NOTE THIS VIDEO REPORTAGE from brave FOX5 journo MARINA MARRACO -- dateline MAY 17


NEXT DAY Times Square CAR CROWD hoax was staged to distract from Marraco's SETH story, and to distract from NEW USA Bombing in SYRIA


NOTE THAT obviously FOX has threatened and told Marraco to PIPE DOWN because her twitter shows no follow up since MAY 17 on the SETH story


TEXAS CONGRESSMAN CALLS FOR FEDERAL INVESTIGATION INTO THE SETH STORY SCANDAL.. News anchors are dumbfounded anyone wants the truth on this mess....


Meanwhile DTRI news is pursuing a conjecture that the ENTIRE SETH story may be a grand psyop to hide the possibility that DNC leaked their own emails to obfuscate the severity of Hillary's TREASON crimes noted in her emails


DOUG HAGMANN on the blowback / pushback from DeepState agents, trying to halt the enquiries into SETH RICH story

begin at 1:08:00 - https://youtu.be/xEBtGDH8tUE

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RELATED OTHER -- John B. Wells -- "MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA has literally been TAKEN OVER gradually, fully TAKEN OVER" by the NWO... Wells on- HOW USA MEDIA has literally gone to hell


BULLETIN -- David Brock is running ALL OF the organized oppo to SETH RICH enquiries

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INTEL SOURCE tells us -- David Brock at MEDIA MATTERS is running the entire DEM/MSM project to squash the enquiries into the SETH RICH story. Brock is Soros backed/funded and is closely connected with Podesta.





"Problem, Reaction, Solution" - why there is increasing suspicion SETH RICH is an NWO psyop, not even a real person

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DTRI news analysis & commentary

KNOW THEM BY THE SOLUTIONS THEY OFFER! The best way to tell who's scamming you and why, is to take note of a social solution offered to an articulated social "problem". The fake MANCHESTER event brought out a move from Theresa May to basically effect a layer of martial law in UK, and France echoed by heightening its already red hot police state of martial law defacto. Those "solutions" are the reason the fake terror hoax was staged. OBVIOUSLY.

Over in the USA, the raging controversy of the past two weeks has been the scandal over the SETH RICH story. And within that mess, in the recent few days, a strong suspicion has risen that all political stripes are being played and the whole thing is a wicked NWO psyop.

Today arrived another brick on the side of BE SUSPICIOUS. The ever more dirty and diabolically run NEW YORK TIMES writes a propaganda opinion piece labeling the SETH RICH murder enquiry a silly fabrication of fake news. That's not itself a big standout because that's been the push back meme of all MSM in recent days. But what really pops out of the piece is this paragraph below. Fasten your seatbelt and read this section of the NYT piece. Its gonna grab ya, get ready

"If we can learn anything from the latest triple-bank-shot of a conspiracy theory coursing through the alt-reality media - this one involving the unsolved murder of a Democratic National Committee staff member named Seth Rich - it's this: Fake news dies hard. God knows people have tried. In the last few months, journalists, academics, technology experts, civic-minded foundations and well-intentioned politicos have devoted decades of collective brain hours to an all-hands effort to stanch the conspiracy theories and outright falsehoods roiling our democracy. Facebook and Google have worked up new computer formulas and dispatched dedicated teams of humans to push the corrosive stuff off their platforms or, at the very least, to let readers know when something doesn't look right. Ad makers are pulling their advertising from sites that run false items. And educators are working up "news literacy" programs to teach students how to tell the difference between real, corroborated journalism and naked lies dressed in the colors of veracity. But as the Seth Rich story shows, we're going to need a bigger algorithm."

WHAT ??? WHAAATTT ---????? ---- W-H-A-T ????.... The answer to a dirty political scandal is proposed as EVEN MORE DRACONIAN AND VICIOUS ONLINE NEWS CENSORSHIP than has already been wickedly rolled out in the last few months ??? WHAT ????--- Is this political correctness turning into a leftie online ISIS wanting to decapitate any news story identity-politics emo-leftie-snowflakes don't like hearing? APPARENTLY YES!

You know what folks....

We are increasingly increasingly increasingly hour by hour rather rather rather SUSPICIOUS... that maybe everyone is being played -on all parts of the political spectrum- on this SETH RICH STORY. Clues mount by the hour suggesting the conjecture that SETH RICH was *not a real person*. Was maybe created fiction like ADAM LANZA. And a huge additional brick of weight just dropped in today to escalate the theorizing that SETH RICH may be a psyop fiction. But for now we will just say, start thinking in this direction and see how this possibly begins to shape a new theory. IT HAS TO DO WITH--- PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION. What is the left TODAY proposing as the solution to the SETH RICH curiosity???-- More and deeper **INTERNET CENSORSHIP** !!!!!!!!!. Get it? CENSORSHIP, deeper algorhythms to =censor= alleged "fake news" and "hate speech" (they are trying to equate looking into SETH murder story with hate speech against his 'poor grieving family'. Can you even stomach this social madness? This is statism to the extreme. Zionist stye "you can't talk about this sensitive topic" propagandizing against free speech... )


READ THIS NYT PROPAGANDA ON THE LINK AND BE DULY SHOCKED AND DISTURBED BY WHAT IT PROPOSES. This should be enough to trigger your HEY WAIT A MINUTE mental mechanism... to consider MAYBE THE WHOLE SETH RICH STORY is a psyop. Because LOOK AT THE SOLUTION being proposed to the curiosity about his "murder":--- DEEPER MORE WICKED CENSORSHIP. This should trigger major alarm bells in everyone's minds who are awake. Think PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION. When the solution proposed seems mega-bad and outrageous, start to ask if the "problem" may be a psyop.

Our multiple 1st + 2nd page CURRENT NEWS items on this topic at http://daretoreadit.com suggest OTHER ADDITIONAL REASONS why SETH may be a psyop, including that possibly the DNC dropped their own emails to cloud and obfuscate HRC's very heinous crimes-- and as misdirection of "who did it" they gave Russia to left- and Seth to the right, so nobody suspects the wild possibility THEY DROPPED THEIR OWN EMAILS. Remember KimDotcom never met SETH, he only knew him by email correspondence and a code name. SETH could be FICTION like ADMA LANZA. Just a created fictional identity for a psyop. And the MURDER ON THE STREET an enactment with 3 crisis actors... one playing Seth, and two playing the perps. George Webb says a bodega CCTV cam caught the "incident" but the footage is being suppressed by DC PD. But that does not automatically prove it was REAL. It could be crisis actors. So keep suspicion high, because too many things about this story are wild and illogical....



H.A. GOODMAN REPORT: (begin at 3:00)


ONE OF THE MOST ILLOGICAL things is that a guy who would be responsible and conscionable enough to want to protect his country with a courageous act ---would be stupid and irresponsible enough to meander home 2 miles of walking, 2-4am, half drunk. That does not add up logically at face value. ANOTHER very suspicious thing is an ER doc supposedly coming forth (anon) to comment on what happened. There were only a few docs on duty in ER that nite, even coming forth anon and SAYING YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE FEW would put your life in danger. WHY WOULD SOMEONE who is a doctor be stupid enough not to know that? If they were going to come forth with info they should not indicate how they got this info.... Not give enough ID of yourself that bad guys could easily find out who you are. Again stuff not adding up to logic here.

Other odd things in the story.....We have almost no images of SETH. No video. Nobody speaking out who knew him. No social media snapshots coming forth. No info on the GF he was supposedly talking with for 89 min before being assaulted. We don't know anybody who knew who him socially or worked with him at DNC (shades of the James Holmes story). No college mates coming forth to say sad he died. NOTHING. Also.... No comments from the bodega clerks at crime scene or bar patrons from the bar. There are contradictions riddled thru the official story just like a psyop. One version has an anon call summoning cops, Another has a DC PD GUNSHOT MICROPHONE on the street alerted cops. One version says SETH pronounced dead at 557am. Another guy is saying he had successful ER surgery and went to ICU to rest. Another version says he died 8 hours later. One version says he gave wrong address to ER as his home address. These kinds of things are typical in psyops. Wafting changing details all over the plate like jello. VERY stylistically like a psyop.

And then the parents--- First they want to find out, then they don't. They behave on video EXACTLY like Sandy Hook crisis actor parents, and say the same kind of cuckoo scripted style things. And inadvertently emit duping delight smiles, almost giggles, in an interview just few days after the "murder". NOBODY NORMAL WOULD BE LIKE THAT. These are the tell signs which immediately exposed Sandy Hook as hoax fakery. Now this week the PARENTS have a DNC crisis manager as their spokeser. IF the DNC does not even care about this enough to offer a reward, and wants nothing to do with the story, why is THEIR crisis manager now the spokeser for the parents ? And why would the parents want him? The closer you look the more contradictions are riddled thru the narrative. And that is classic psyop.

Even the PI is suspicious. If he thought he was close to cracking he case, WHY did he go on TV and let himself get attacked by MSM? If he thought he was close to cracking the case, keep your mouth shut and finish the job. BLABBING too soon simply incurred blowback propaganda calling the whole investigation of SETH story- "hateful, conniving fake news to discredit the Russia collusion probes, and it is hurtful to the grieving family". And this blowback propaganda put pressure on FoxNews to retract their coverage of what the PI said. And to quash Hannity. Makes no sense. THIS STUFF DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. The more you examine, the more the unfolded narrative MAKES NO SENSE from any ordinary perspective. And then you thus have to get to the point--- that you have to consider.... the whole thing may be a fabricated psyop. AND THAT'S WHAT IT IS SMELLING LIKE NOW. So beware... they may be pulling us into a quicksand with this psyop. A quicksand allowing them to advocate for MORE POWERFUL AND PERVASIVE CENSORSHIP ALGORHYTHMS AGAINST FAKE NEWS AND HATE SPEECH.

Problem Reaction Solution.

#sethrichhoax #sethrichpsyop #sethrichmurder





EDITOR's note -- These reddit items are "interesting" but largely unconfirmed, and NEITHER =if= confirmed would necessarily negate the possibility the "SETH RICH" identity is a psyop creation. Of course in truth seeking we are looking for any trail of evidence which concretely fetches out the true story here. For the moment though, we think it MORE THAN 50% possible SETH RICH is a "character" created for an NWO-left faction elaborate psyop. If someone can conclusively prove he is a REAL identity, or is NOT, we'll be interested in proof either way. We just want the real facts of the story to surface. ALSO note, it is NOT AT THIS TIME confirmed that it was "Seth Rich" who sent that guy to Bernie Sanders (reddit item #2)

SOROS now tries to get Hannity fired, with proxy pressure on advertisers. Will Fox cower or be stand up?

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Fox News may be seeing a repeat of the reactive hysteria from advertisers that drove out its former top anchor, Bill O'Reilly.

At least seven advertisers - Cars.com, Leesa Sleep, Casper, USAA, Peloton, the Crowne Plaza hotel chain and doorbell company Ring - have asked to be pulled from Sean Hannity's prime-time program.

The defections are in response to political pressure applied upon them by Soros funded group MEDIA MATTERS.... and the pressure is an attempt to gag the media reportage of the Seth Rich assassination scandal. Rich, purportedly a Democratic National Committee staffer, was allegedly slain after providing DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

A representative of Fox News would not comment on the pullout by advertisers and said Hannity is off the rest of the week on a scheduled vacation.

"Like the rest of the country, Sean Hannity is taking a vacation around Memorial Day weekend and will be back on Tuesday," a spokesperson for Fox News said. "Those who suggest otherwise are going to look foolish."

Hannity has always been the most outspoken voice on Fox News Channel. But after Fox News received "key phone calls" Hannity was told to pipe down about the scandal.

Hannity insists that it was his decision to stop discussing Rich's death out of 'respect for the family'.

But the talk within Fox News is that Hannity was asked to back off the matter, which comes at a delicate time as Fox News parent 21st Century Fox is attempting to get British regulators to approve its acquisition of European pay TV giant Sky.

Advertisers asking Fox News to take their commercials out of the program in response to the controversy - the same thing that led to O'Reilly's undoing - will be a test for Fox News.

Fox News stood by O'Reilly in the early weeks of the advertiser defection. But later caved.

If Fox News severs its ties with Hannity, it would be a statement of cowardice. It could also raise questions about whether advertisers have undue influence in what political ideas can be shared on cable news.

"Moving away from a news story suggests brands are now taking political positions," said Larry Chiagouris, a professor of marketing at Pace University's Lubin School of Business in New York. "It may cost them sales in the long run as some consumers push back."


Hannity has himself been a supporter of free speech for other TV and radio hosts who have run into controversies.

When "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert recently faced criticism over a lewd joke he told on the air, Hannity tweeted: "I will NOT support #FireColbert. I am vs ALL BOYCOTTS. He is a horrible human being, but if u don't like him change the channel."

(Some portions of this report derived from an LA Times dispatch)

While the USA domestic economy was imploding GUESS WHAT the fed gov't wasted HALF A BILLION DOLLARS of your money on?

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A former contractor for a UK-based public relations firm says that the Pentagon paid more than a half billion dollars --repeat MORE THAN A HALF BILLION DOLLARS-- was paid to them for the production and dissemination of--- fake Al-Qaeda videos... which would inferentially portray the group "in a somewhat negative light". (Meaning the videos were supposed to seem like they were AQ recruitment videos but at the same time make AQ seem like- not very nice people. As if some kind of help was really needed to convey that impression to people at large)...

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports that the British PR firm, Bell Pottinger, worked alongside top US military officials at Camp Victory in Baghdad Iraq producing FAKE AQ videos. Which, let us repeat, cost more than HALF A BILLION DOLLARS OF US TAXPAYER MONEY. The agency was tasked with crafting faked videos of purported Al-Qaeda bombings that appeared to be filmed by insurgents, bragging about their work.

Now check, this, the even further aggravating part of this story is, this info was actually released SEVERAL MONTHS AGO.... but hey, guess what, USA media was too busy telling you fake news about RUSSIA, to report REAL NEWS about how how absolutely wickedly the US government is wasting your money.



LATEST alt media NEWS REPORTAGE --- ongoing enquiry into SETH RICH story (Doug Hagmann/Liz Crokin)

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Hagmann / Crokin -- REPORTAGE

Must hear video: Crokin reportage is excellent...






UPDATE -- George Webb reportage

George says he was told that a convenience store camera CAUGHT THE "incident" of SETH murder, including two assailants - but footage was seized and suppressed by DC police...






If you have a brain, you easily realize the MAINSTREAM MEDIA are making utter fools of themselves by espousing self contradictory illogic.... Example: -- On CBS evening News NWO shill SCOTT PELLEY opens one segment saying..."without any evidence" and goes on to castigate the ongoing public enquiry into the SETH RICH murder story. Well this is creepily ironic because there actually IS PLENTY OF EVIDENCE, that the murder is being covered up. But a WORSE irony is that PELLEY and all the rest of MSM, have been promoting paranoid gossip about RUSSIA, for 8 months... with factually.. NO EVIDENCE.


Various Sources -- Intel chatter is strong that a FOLLOW UP terror psyop hoax - after UK hoax--- WILL HAPPEN IN THE USA SOON

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Various Sources -- Intel chatter is strong that a FOLLOW UP terror psyop hoax - after Manchester hoax, will soon be staged in USA: -- NY, DC, Phila, Bos ?

FAKE NEWS Islamic Terror Is Being Used As Excuse To Advance Police State. Are you surprised?

begin a 12:45 - https://youtu.be/OXTlMReLhTw

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