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DEVELOPING NEWS - Roger Stone has multi sources saying McMASTER is traitor in WH, under direct control of Soros

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begin next at 9:30 - https://youtu.be/RHQGFpdk7cU



National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has earned the ire of Trump's by firing the people who were inserted at the National Security Council by Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn before McMaster took over.

McMaster was once affiliated with a mainstream national security think tank called the International Institute for Strategic Studies, which received money thru George Soros groups. Roger Stone now reports intel agents have proof of frequent phone conversations between McMaster and Soros.



This whole thing Roger is reporting on comes from CFR. We can tell you that authoritatively; its all from Kissinger and Haas at CFR. Soros is just a buffer to create distance and dust the trail. Fiona Hill is CFR. It all from CFR. And as we hope you know -CFR is nothing but a mask for the Rothschild Cartel NWO --