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Everything about this weeks-long "stir" with North Korea is BS, a total Psyop. North Korea is controlled by the Rothschild-NWO, as is the USA

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KURT NIMMO - https://twitter.com/kurt_nimmo/status/895054877230981121

Everything about this weeks-long "stir" with North Korea is BS, a total Psyop [** RUN BY THE CFR **].. Its utter fabricated ludicrous nonsense, fake news for only a moronic mind to believe. HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY BELIEVE THIS ABJECT NONSENSE. Tiny North Korea threatening war upon the USA? Do you actually believe that? Are you daft or juvenile? Get serious. Please! Are you out of your mind not to realize this is just an absurd global war mongering psyop of the military industrial complex ON BOTH SIDES, always seeking more money to feed the greedy military industry worldwide. ITS A HOAX TO SELL WEAPONS ON BOTH SIDES!


The whole script Laura read in this above clip was supplied by the CFR. Its nothing but fabricated propaganda.

HERE's A WAKE UP CALL... North Korea is controlled by the Rothschild-NWO, as is the USA. Did you know that?

But of course, as usual, the "in-denial" CONSPIRACY-DOUBTING HEAD-IN-THE-SAND, msm-addicted, "can't believe my government's evil and run by an international banking cartel", normalcy-biased, ignorant sheeple -will buy these lies and this sick nonsense again, just like they bought Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Charlie Hebdo-- etc etc.. They are already swallowing this fabricated nonsense one more time. because.. that's what sheeple do. Baaaa ! They relentlessly STILL do not want to accept the proven fact that every war is fabricated by the international bankers, for profit, political realignment, control and advanced international power. BECAUSE THEY PREFER THE FAUX "COMFORT" OF NAIVE ILLUSIONS AND, SLEEPWALKING THRU LIFE BASED ON SUCH- NAIVE ILLUSIONS. They still want to believe countries are independent, "leaders" are independent and things just "happen" according to the decisions of "independent" personalities. Baaa ! But its been voluminously proven --THAT IS *NOT* THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS.



JAPAN WEIGHS IN? What a joke, ever since end of WW-2 Japan has been a controlled vassal-puppet state of the NWO.