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FAKE NEWS - "Times Square Car Attack" is psyop HOAX - to distract from what happened in SYRIA (US bombed Assad forces)

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FAKE NEWS - "Times Square Car Attack" is psyop HOAX - to distract from what happened in SYRIA


Meanwhile US Jets Strike Assad Military Convoy In Southern Syria







begin at 4:15 - https://youtu.be/ufuBcmV-OFs


A carefully constructed set of psyops were enacted THURS. In Syria US forces bombed ASSAD forces (obviously for no good reason at all). SIMULTANEOUSLY a big hoax was staged in TIMES SQUARE NYC. As a news distraction. HOW ARE THESE CONNECTED? Gov't is aware many ppl in US very angry about previous missiles on Syria and do not want war with Syria. But they want to know HOW MANY feel that way. Has % changed since 2013? Can they fog the public mind adequately with ANOTHER Syria psyop and have public accept US ground invasion of Syria? SO here is what was done. Bombing enacted but kept kinda low profile, yet they know anti war ppl would learn of it and spread it thru social media. For the low information part so the public they staged the Times Square hoax to distract. Now their AI bots will be monitoring social media reaction to bombing in Syria, to determine if public is sufficiently indifferent for them to get away with NEW PSYOP as predicate for ground invasion. THIS IS WHAT'S HAPPENING. Its part of the JADE HELM technology of psych warfare upon the public.