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The dirt hits the fan - THE ENEMIES WITHIN - Powell & McMaster named as CFR/Mossad/NWO moles who SUBVERT TRUMP

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Stunning investigative report by GOT-NEWS declares the following...

* HR McMaster & Dina Powell are SUBVERSIVE AGENTS within the WH, working on behalf of NWO/CFR/Mossad. And they ARE SPECIFICALLY among the DeepState LEAKERS of classified information which has been causing hysterical over-reaction in the press. (Of course they are not the only leakers there are others too in the executive branch).

* Report also says DINA POWELL is devious conniving "honey trap" spy who has slept her way up the political ladder, including having had an affair with Gary Cohn. Report further declares she is unqualified for her present position and gets her prestige jobs..due to personal politicking and social connections. Dina is also, BTW, close friends with Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

* How Trump would NOT know all this is staggering to consider.