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INTEL ANALYST says - The CYBER HACK of 74 nations was done by CIA+Mossad.... its part of psyop narrative.

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A noted international INTEL ANALYST tells us confidentially - The CYBER HACK of 74 nations was a false flag done by CIA+Mossad "black ops teams" at behest of the NWO/Council of 33.... Its part of psyop narrative. They are BUILDING a psyop narrative to set the USA public up to believe "foreign hackers did it" when the NWO soon intentionally SHUTS DOWN much of the USA power grid (sometime within the next 18 months). The false flag dramatic trauma SHUTDOWN will be blamed on foreign hackers but it will really be an inside job, to ---crash the economy, start a new currency, and impose a national layer of martial law. Also to get UN forces inserted into USA. The "coincidence" of this Friday false flag of 74 COUNTRIES attacked -- coming just one day after DTRI exposed the POWER GRID PLOT, is rather staggering.

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