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SHOCKING vido clip hints WHY the NWO-run US gov't deployed tanks across the USA during JADE HELM

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IS POWER GRID FALSE FLAG, then MARTIAL LAW --coming by end of 2018?

(archives 2014 - clip about Petraeus) - https://youtu.be/pW-6_v0fuGc

Petraeus speech from 2014 implies "mind boggling" national pysop will be used to simultaneously CRASH the US ECONOMY, infuse UN TROOPS into USA, Melt & take down both northern & southern USA BORDERS, launch A NEW MONETARY CURRENCY, and install MARTIAL LAW in the USA... all at the same time, all based on a [hypothetically anticipated] MASSIVE PSYOP "event".

(Editor's note - Such MASSIVE SCALE PYSOP could be one of a handful of different possibilities in "type" but the MOST LIKELY SCENARIO is a broad scale false-flag *POWER GRID SHUTOFF* pysop, which would be [false flag style] fraudulently blamed on- "hacking by foreign agents")

REMEMBER ALSO FOLKS...the thousands and thousands of TANKS and MRAPS which were deployed to all 50 states, repeat TO ALL 50 STATES, during the Jade Helm deployment, are all still "out there". After the supposed "exercise" they were never returned to their origin points. They were DEPLOYED and left spread out across the CONUS, for the planned 'eventuality' of Nationwide Martial Law.




Now then, listen to THESE two (current) reports from X22 NEWS which suggest this PSYOP EVENT to put the US under martial law and crash the nations economy... will HAPPEN within the coming 18 months.....



These video reports are very intriguing, informative and provocative. However we as Editors at DTRI ---politely, respectfully disagree with Dave's theory that POTUS DJT is the good hearted Man in The White Hat who is doing his best to be on the side of WE THE PEOPLE. In recent months we have seen such numerous and devastating indications of Trump betrayal of WE THE PEOPLE, and collusion with ZioCon-NWO-DeepState that our current belief is, Trump was/is a Trojan Horse playing his role for the NWO, and will lead us into the martial law slaughter for them.