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Reposting news most don't know- OBAMA is actually ASIAN from Thailand

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GET READY FOR AN INTENSELY STUNNING TRIP-- "DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE".....FIRST LET US INTRODUCE YOU TO "BARACK OBAMA"s REAL brother ....His name is NOT Sotero/Soetero......LOOK !!!! --Here is the fake USA president's -- REAL actual BROTHER -- Take a look: THE ACTUAL REAL BROTHER-------** IS THE PRINCE OF THAILAND**.... "Barack" is not 'half-black-half white' -- HE'S ASIAN -- This is "Barack"s ACTUAL REAL B R O T H E R -----







AND THIS ---- is "Barack Obama"-s REAL FATHER



Obama's REAL father & mother when young - http://www.samuiholiday.com/archives/samuiholidaymagazine-nov2013/images/thepeoplesking2-01.jpg

A google images search finds NO PHOTOS of Barack with his real BROTHER The Prince -- https://www.google.com/search?q=prince+Vajiralongkorn+barack+obama&;;

"BARACK"s social security number is FAKE



** Steve Seagal -- "If the truth came out, 'Obama' would be impeached" **



Courageous INVESTIGATOR Stephen Sindoni brought out the info over FOUR YEARS ago about WHO the supposed "Barack Obama" really IS. But he was called loco by trolls at the time, and his outing was suppressed, pushed aside, discarded or called rantings of a kook. HOWEVER an INTEL analyst of a very senior caliber and former TOP GOV'T AGENCY CONTRACTOR has just confirmed to us confidentially and declared that SINDONI's conclusion about who BARACK really IS --- is 100% correct. "Barack" is the SECOND SON of the King of Thailand. And as to WHY the King voluntarily GAVE UP his second son to the CIA for the CIA to groom him as a long-controlled asset destined to eventually become USA PRESIDENT, is simple---- ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND POWER. The King's OTHER son will be heir to the THAI throne. But THE KING and the government of THAILAND have for decades been making a scoundrels' MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR fortune - by engaging in ILLEGAL DRUG TRADE WITH THE CIA. In order to not only preserve this illegal drug trade but ALSO TO PROTECT it from detection and investigation, the King decided in concert with GHW BUSH and the CIA to give his SECOND SON to a long form CIA psy-op project which would eventually place "BARACK" in the White House, and thus "Barack" would run a good eight years of intense and effective cover-up of the ILLICIT Thai-CIA DRUG TRADE SECRETS.

Of course its well known the BUSH FAMILY is deeply involved in the illegal CIA drug network, and its now known that the CLINTONS via connection to the MENA ARKANSAS AIRPORT DRUG drops by CIA planes, are up to their ears thick in it also.





"Syriana" director talks about Washington orchestrating coups --- https://youtu.be/Jve46iSX6-8

Field McConnell discusses the Criminal Cabal --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSxPYMtSak0



HERE IS THE SHOCKING AND TELLING FORENSIC REVELATION of *WHO Obama is*. THE FIRST PART OF THIS INTERVIEW with courageous Investigator Stephen Sindoni outs some further secrets about the 9/11 FALSE FLAG. If you want to jump directly to the section outing "BARACK OBAMA"s true identity - jump to-- 20:25 inward -- (listen and watch to then end)........ AND.... FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT THIS IS VERY WILD RIDE---




Investigator STEPHEN SINDONI is clearly not inaccurate in his conclusion of WHO "Barack" really is...

But as if the shocking news of "BARACK"S TRUE identity were not stunning enough, wait till you see how the Bush family and the NWO have been mocking your naivete and laughing at you.... "BARACK OBAMA" was the "actor" used to create the recent years' (photoshopped photos and videos) of the CIA-promulgated "character" who was called - OSAMA BIN LADEN...

If you think that's absurd and loco, yes it is, but only because --IT WAS DONE, not because its untrue -- LOOK HERE:



OSAMA hoax -- In the supposed RAID on Osama's home (see next link), a helicopter crashed, and there was supposedly much gunfire, but its claimed the police didn't show up ***for 40 minutes***, in the area's most upscale neighborhood. Sound fishy? From the RAID the US gov't claims to have found DOCUMENTS in which Osama "CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY for many terrorist acts".... Sound fishy?


WAS THERE really A CIA ASSET named TIM OSMAN playing Bin Laden for part of the time? Was he Barack? Were they two different people? DID OBAMA LATER PLAY THE PART? -Could be two of those ideas are true. Or even numerous other complexities of CIA deception- including facial makeup, stuck on beard, morphed voice-dubbing. and videoshopping. RUSSIAN INTEL said many times the TAPES of 'BIN LADEN' in recent years were complex VIDEOSHOPPED FORGERIES.

AND OF COURSE AS YOU ALREADY KNOW, the "official" story of the 9/11 drama is complete... and obtusely implausible... fiction.

As many have outed- including AARON RUSSO -- https://youtu.be/SF-fi5BLrcY

Plus JAMES CORBETT -- https://youtu.be/hgrunnLcG9Q

And the former head of US ARMY INTELLIGENCE -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc1ql4TfCZw